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Found 133 results

  1. Associate Auditions 17th of June 2018 Introducing Our NEW Programme for the Discerning Dancer A fully encompassing training programme to give todays generation of dancers knowledge and understanding combined with a pure fundamental classical technique delivered by a professional faculty. We produce "Young Artists of Tomorrow" and fully ensure a musical and artistic dancer, encouraging a "True Love Of Dance". Applications are open and will close on the 30th of May 2018 2 Scholarships are on offer 1 Female and 1 Male will be awarded on the day. Online application forms and full details are now available through Our website www.southeast-balletscholars.org
  2. KS Dance Audition at Pineapple Monday 26th Feb 10am

    KS Dance are holding a Vocational Audition at Pineapple tomorrow for all of their courses. You can simply turn up and class will begin at 10 30am in London. If you are still undecided or want to audition for another Classical Ballet Vocational School that offer Bursaries then simply reply to this message or just turn up tomorrow ready for a Class with Kate Simmons and a member of their faculty who is a current Dancer at one of the UK's most prestigious companies. 10 00am Pineapple Dance Studios www.ksd-online.co.uk
  3. Hi, DS has decided he will audition for vocational school after all even though he knows his chances are very slim. One thing that is flummoxing us though is a one minute solo! One, music is really difficult to source. DS would like something slow but funky. Then two, choreography. Now in my time I’ve danced a fair bit but not sure what they are looking for in this part. Obviously you’d want to show off your best moves, but what if he goes blank mid way through?? My house is tiny, may have to choreograph in the garden! Any words of wisdom?? The thingy reasoning test looks like a Mensa IQ test too! 🙈🙈 Lol!! long road ahead, me thinks!! 🤞🤞🤞 xx
  4. Does anyone have any experience of the sixth form final audition day? What does it involve etc? Also approx time the day finishes? Many thanks!
  5. Has anyone received any information regarding the prelimary audition this Saturday 9th December at London we haven’t heard any info about times etc they are leaving it a bit late!
  6. Audition disaster!

    DD has just had her first Lower School audition today at Hammond. She woke up with a runny nose and sore throat, and even though she had a fantastic day, burst into tears after I collected her. She's distraught as she feels she messed up most of the dance audition. In the ballet she couldn't spot properly in turns as her nose was running and she fluffed some basic steps😔. In the modern section she froze and forgot a sequence of steps too. She's used to auditions, and has had both positive and negative outcomes, and taken the 'nos' well, but I think this is the first time she's felt she's not done her best. I've never seen her like this, she's heartbroken. The school and teachers seemed so lovely which made it worse. Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you x
  7. I thought it would be handy to be able to share any special offers/codes for eating out etc. The cost of food soon adds up on these trips. Unfortunately I don't have one to kick off with but am in Glasgow in half term if anyone has any ideas?
  8. Audition Courses

    Hello! Last year I attended the RBS audition insight day and really got a lot out of it, as well as a lovely class and day out! I have also heard of the Ballet Boost course, which sounds wonderful. Really, I just wanted to know all of the options out there? My half term is very weirdly late (from 30th October) and I expect I will have to take a day off school! At the moment I am thinking Ballet Boost because of the feedback etc, but am nervous that I would be the youngest and worst there, as I would be in the Upper School audition category. Good luck everyone with the coming year, and thank you in advance
  9. Another audition leotard post

    So we thought that dd's first audition would be January, and its been brought forward to November. I havn't a clue what to look for in an audition leotard. She is going to be auditioning for mostly musical theatre type courses although the first audition will be a ballet class. I know camisole leotards are often recommended for classical auditions. Dd has never ever worn a camisole leotard. She hates anything with a racer style back too. Any ideas where to look?
  10. Hi All If you are looking to dust away the summer cobwebs before the start of the new school term. We have 2 places left on our Live-in all inclusive 3 day ballet intensive starting 31st August to 2nd September. £395 includes all classes, training, accommodation, food etc. We will work on all the key parts to get you fighting fit for the new school term, and for many the important Audition term!! Message for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Regards Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat
  11. Dear Ballet Mum's / Dad's and Students We are offering a lovely 3 day or 6 day Ballet intensive course at the end of the summer to get your ballet technique in check, your fitness back up and iron out all those little niggles just in time for the new school term and the looming auditions. Price is £395 all inclusive and live-in for 3 days, £695 for 6 days. We have 3 places left on our 1st course and 4 left on our second course. We only take 12 so the care and personal correction/attention is great. We are seeing some incredible results with our guests. Please email me nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details, and to talk about your needs, worries or concerns. We are here to help. Kindest regards Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat
  12. My daughter auditioned for the Ballet West Associates program yesterday. She said it was a lot of fun, and the girls and teachers were nice. She said it was really easy, and they barely asked her to do anything. (it's for the age 8 group) So now we wait. I thought all the dancers looked great (I couldn't watch them dance, but they were all over the place, warming up). A bit daunting, maybe more for me than for her, although she's very sure that she's going to go (I'm not sure she entirely realised the point of "audition"). Fingers crossed
  13. 4th May RBS Ass Any boys??

    Hiya guys, Quick question on behalf of the little fella! Any more boys coming to the JA's audition in Manchester on 4th May @10am? He's very excited, mostly about having a day off "boring school" as he calls it! ?? Will be travelling up from North Wales...? S xx
  14. Cecchetti Assosciates

    By the recommendation of my dance teacher, I am off to audition for Cecchetti Associates in the next couple of months. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what these auditions entail? Is it just a normal ballet class? I will be auditioning at Senior level, is there any Pointework? Also, just some general information about the scheme. What are the faculty like? The quality of the classes etc. and approximately how many people get places? Just looking for someone with experience really, as I had no idea about it until recently!
  15. Just saw some dancers started sharing on social media about this new summer coaching programme. Sounds very good! “Prague Ballet Intensive (PBI) provides a high quality pre-professional and professional international ballet coaching program, coached by the experienced principal dancers, teachers and choreographers, from the top European, Russian and North American ballet companies. PBI participants will spend 11 working days and over 80 intensive hours of gyrokinesis, ballet classes, variations, pas de deux and contemporary concluded with yoga class each evening. PBI is specially created for (pre)professional and professional dancers aged 17 – 35 years old. A full schedule of training for all participants ensures individual attention and intensive training for every participant. You will receive corrections and coaching to raise your technique and artistry to the next level and prepare you for the world stage of ballet performances. By the end of PBI pas de deux and variations will be filmed (upon request) and later on given to our attendees for the purpose of future auditions or self-critique. Our goal is to spend an even amount of time with each attendee during all our classes, therefore places in our course will be LIMITED. We are also excited to introduce to you Marianna Khidirova as our pianist for PBI 2017. Join us this summer and be prepared work with a passionate team.. we look forward to meeting you! Jiří Jelínek and PBI Team” http://www.pragueballetintensive.com/
  16. RBS Upper School Finals 2017

    Does anyone know how many girls are called back to the final audition for RBS Upper school ? Thank you x
  17. CYBC AUDITIONS ON SUNDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 2017 The Cambridgeshire Youth Ballet Company (CYBC) is calling on talented dancers age between 8 and 18 years to audition to join the company. CYBC is managed by Stageworks Events and has been running for three years. It brings together the best young ballet dancers from across the region to establish a unique youth ballet company. Company members get the chance to receive exceptional dance training and performance opportunities while working towards a bespoke ballet production. This year’s ballet will be The Stories of Beatrix Potter and Friends and has been choreographed specifically for CYBC by company director, Saskia Lockey, who joins CYBC with an impressive CV. Having trained with The Royal Ballet, Saskia has performed with The Royal Ballet in London and The Birmingham Royal Ballet, as well as starring in a number of West End productions. The Stories of Beatrix Potter and Friends features parts for ensemble members, as well as male and female soloists for roles such as Jeremey Fisher, Mr Fox, Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddleduck, Peter Rabbit to name a few. Strong classical ballet technique and an ability to act is a must for all those auditioning. Auditions will take place on Sunday 19th at Stageworks Studios in St Neots. Booking is essential and students can apply via the CYBC website www.cybcompany.co.uk or by calling 01480 223331. Saskia comments: “I feel very privileged to be joining CYBC and have the chance to lead this wonderful company. Together we will have an amazing journey through the world of ballet, and I know it will be such a magical experience for all the dancers involved. “I have chosen to create ‘The Stories of Beatrix Potter and Friends’ as I felt it would bring fond childhood memories to all who grew up with her novels. As a mum to two young boys, reading them a bedtime story of Peter Rabbit never fails to captivate their imaginations and transcend them into another world. This is a ballet that will appeal to both adults and children alike, and I look forward to sharing this experience with all involved and working with the cast as a team to create a beautiful piece.”
  18. WL auditions for 2017

    Am I right in thinking all the initial auditions are done for WL now? Does anyone know how many they saw? DD was at audition yesterday and there seemed to be a fairly equal split of JA leotards, and (presumably) JAs, but that might have just been our group. I was in a bit of a daze (too early for me) - think they said we will hear by email in 2 - 3 weeks. does that sound right to people hearing last year? Good luck to all the DC, they all looked beautiful in our group. Admin: I didn't see a post for WL auditions for this year so please merge if I missed it.
  19. Results are in from Saturday's auditions. Heard of a DD with a yes for finals.
  20. 'Getting Over It'

    On Tuesday I had my RBS audition... I cried myself to sleep that night. has there been anyone at all who bought their audition went awfully but actually succeeded or 'got in' as such? I just felt like I didn't push myself enough or try my very best. My muscles weren't aching at all! And I forgot to enjoy it as much as I should, I was so nervous! I had also had two really good classes on the previous two days, so was probably due for a bad day. As soon as I was in the room, the excited feeling vanished, seeing the already MAs in the room with their perfect feet and stretchy legs! And I made a mistake in an exercise! I'm praying and praying they saw something in me or I did better than I thought, but I don't know.. I'm just so annoyed with myself... After all those months of hard daily practice! And they were all so skinny! I thought I was, but compared to those girls! Albeit some did look miserable, and I'm sure I smiled. But we will just have to wait and see... Sorry this is a bit of a gloom and doom post, I just needed some reassurance! Good luck for all other auditions to everybody!
  21. Happy Album 2017

    I know it's early in the year, but I thought that it would be nice to have a thread that followed the dancing successes of 2017, be it successful auditions or medals in competitions etc. It would be like a photo album of happy results! Good luck for everyone ????
  22. RBS JA Auditions

    Hello all, I am totally new to the forum and was hoping you may be able to help me... My daughter is 8 years old and has been dancing in a local ballet school since she was 3,5. Her teacher approached me some time ago and recommended that the auditions for JAs at RBS when she turns 8. She said that my daughter has the right physique to be successful - she is slim and long limbed. On the not so positive side, her feet arches are rather low and I am wondering what chances she has given how very competitive the auditions are. Does she stand a chance given how important feet are for ballet? Are there any mums out there whose girls have been successful at auditions despite low arches? I have read up on the topic and it doesn't seem like much can be done to correct low flexible arches so I am wondering if I might be setting her up for failure? Thank you!
  23. Appearance at Auditions

    Hello, I'm completely new to the forum! I have applied for the Royal Ballet School (the school of my deepest dreams!) for Senior Associates and White Lodge (I thought there was nothing to lose by ticking that box!). Apart from the anxieties I have about me not being good enough (I only started dancing at 12 and went en Pointe literally a few weeks ago- I'm now on the late side of 13- but I do work as hard as possible and practise everyday) I am currently stressed about what to wear. On the confirmation audition email, it just states a leotard. Could anyone advise a leotard that would suit certain physiques? I am very small and slim for my age, so anything that would make my lines longer would be great. I currently have 2 (standard strap) leotards. I really don't know whether to pick the classical in black choice or the dark magenta-pink one (which also comes with a waistband). I do want to draw attention of course, but for the right reasons! Secondly are the topic of shoes. I have three pairs: my usual class shoes (full sole and leather, but quite old now). My problem with these shoes is they make my arches seem flatter and the sole is in a really weird place that makes me look like I'm rolling in! My second pair is a satin split sole, very pretty in terms of foot definition, but a wee bit big for me. My third pair is my favourite pair which I use in festivals - my satin full soles with ribbons. I have a very narrow foot and ankle, so the ribbons fit the nicest. However, when I attended the Audition Insight Day (which was the best day of my life! I definitely recommend signing up!) only one dancer had ribbons. I wouldn't want them to fall out and look messy! What a stress! But it's all worth it on the way to becoming a dancer! With love, thanks and an arabesque P.S is anyone else going to be at the Manchester auditions 17/01/17 ?
  24. Audition timings

    DD is auditioning for largely Contemporary courses to start age 18. Her main applications for this are LSC, Laban, London Contemporary and Northern Contemporary. Some seem to let you choose dates and some allocate them, first come first served. At present she has ended up with 2 December dates, which I'm not sure if that's wise or whether she's best waiting until February when she's had more tuition, time to prepare solo and for interviews etc. DD feels it's terrible to ask to move a date, but I've got the impression at open days that it's no issue, and certainly won't count against you! Does anyone have any experience/opinions about if it's best to audition in the beginning/middle/end of the audition season. In general places seem to be allocated in batches. She did also have a December date for LSC but because she does associates there they moved it saying it was better to take advantage of more tuition, which really makes me concerned about December auditions when they go through to March! Thanks.
  25. In 2017 Woodside Dance Retreat will be opening its gates once a month to Ballet enthusiasts aged 8-12 years old with its new Sunday Associates Programme . This is an opportunity for only 14 guests to be taught by our ex RBS and ex Classical dancer Nicola Moriarty. With nearly 20years of experience teaching Ballet, guests will be in safe hands. Nicola will work to compliment your existing training by covering all aspects of Classical Ballet technique, alignment, artistry, posture, musicality, strength and flexibility. The course will be two, 2 hour classes, (10am to 12pm) and (1pm-3pm). We will provide a locally sourced organic lunch and all sit for an hour to rest, share stories and discuss our art form in a lovely social environment Course dates are on the following Sunday’s:- 22nd January / 26th February / 19th March / 23rd April / 21st May / 25th June/ 16th July Course fee’s - £35 per day, or £210 for all 7 days. To book your place, or for more information please email nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com or telephone Nicola on 07818 453 006. Woodside Dance Retreat, TN15 6EY. http://www.woodsidedanceretreat.com/extra-events/wdr-associates-programme/