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Found 107 results

  1. Hi I wonder if anyone can clarify the diversion into Classical Dance and Dance after the 1st sixth form year? Do the students choose which option they take or do school? Essentially if you wanted to do the Classical Dance course could that be declined? Thanks
  2. Hi dd is keen to audition for sixth form ballet courses at the major schools such as central, ENB, Elmhurst etc, I know with a degree course there are maintenance loans, but how does it work with dada funding? Thanks
  3. Can anyone please give us an insight into what the classical ballet course at London Studio Centre involves ....some people have told us its not actually ballet as it says
  4. Hi my daughter starting Hammond 6th form in September and wondered if any one can pass on any information regards Accomadation , not had a list from Hammond as yet but sure it won't be long before we do , if anyone has been through the process of having to sort out Accomadation for Hammond any info will be great thanks
  5. Does anyone no how many dadas northern ballet school have to give out this year and also if they give scholarships. My daughter has been offered a place for September and just wondering what the odds are on getting a dada at 16. She wouldn't be able to accept a place without this.
  6. My first time on here! I keep try to find articles on your child wants to be a dancer? and nothing seems to help me. My daughter has been dancing for a few years and really loved jazz and contemporary and was told by her old MT school to take up ballet as this was the core of all dance. I am not a pushy mum and to be honest I am out of my comfort zone around ballet schools. Anyway she loved ballet after years of saying" no way" to classes to "I love it". She's a late starter (started at 11/12 at ballet) and is now 14. She is with a good school and other teachers say she has the potential to get into a small company? but I am now thinking really? I don't want her heartbroken and should she look at maybe a dancer rather than a ballet dancer? and even then she may not get into a full time vocational dance school at 16. She has been wanting to just concentrate on her ballet of late and get the strength and tech strong. I know she only wants this, and really lives for dance. Is it best to start up again other types of dance? or should I just let her do what she wants? Tips please as I am lost at this business!!
  7. Does anyone know how many girls are called back to the final audition for RBS Upper school ? Thank you x
  8. Can anyone advise me how many hours of actual dance per week (as oppose to academic studies) upper school students have at Tring, Hammond, Laines, Ballet West, Rambert and KS Dance? Thanks!
  9. Please can someone explain this to me? I have been on the website, looked at past threads but I am struggling with something that is probably so basic! On the income scales on the official website, is the amount shown under "student contribution to fees" the figure the student pays to the school? Is this termly or annually? So, just choosing a completely made up school fee as an example, the school charges £9,000 per term and the pupil pays for example £1275 depending on family income. Dada pays the rest to th school? Is this the student's entire contribution to tuition and boarding? Obviously I understand there are loads of extras too so I am just thinking fees at the moment. Or am I misunderstanding this completely? So what does the second column mean-Dada maintenance rates? We are a non boarding or vocational school family so it's all a mystery. Feeling confused....and hoping someone can explain it to me. Thank you.
  10. Good Afternoon, Does any one have any knowledge or first hand experience of the training for a BA(Hons) Theatre Dance, (Classical Ballet) at the LSC? Thank you.
  11. Nestled nicely between the eating extravaganza of Christmas and the merriments of New Year. This course is designed to get you audition ready. Wake the muscles, regain strength and stamina before 2017 begins 28th/29th/30th December 2016 Fee’s £395.00pp (12 places ONLY) . Included in the fees are 2 nights accommodation, all locally sourced organic meals, drinks and snacks. 3 full days of classes with Nicola Moriarty and special guest Teacher Anita Young of the Royal Ballet School will be joining us for one afternoon. The course is designed to regain focus, alignment, strength and fitness so Guests can return to school/college ready to prepare for auditions and assessments and the year ahead. Email nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com for more details
  12. Hi, Has anyone have any hints, tips, dos and don't's when it comes to applying and auditioning for post 16 Ballet Schools. On the List is Elmhurst, Central, RBS, ENBS and Ballet West. Timeline amongst other things. Thank you
  13. Does anyone know please how many hours of classical ballet Yr 1 upper school students do at Northern Ballet School, Tring, Ballet West and Central? Many thanks
  14. Hello, First proper post, so if in the wrong place, please do move me! Does anyone know how much pointe work will be done in final auditions for ballet upper schools, in particular, what level they need to be working at? My dd has heard rumours of 16 fouettés on pointe but her dance teacher has said she doesn't think that will be the case. Given other posts that I have read especially re foreign students and their amazing abilities, I am wondering if it is more truth than myth? In general, we have also been told to expect the final to be a much harder class than the preliminary, any tips or sharing of your DD's experiences would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Does anyone have any actual statistics on this? For any specific upper schools does anyone know the percentage of applicants who don’t come from vocational lower schools, and/or the percentage of successful applicants? For research purposes I’m curious if non-vocational applicants have a better chance at some upper schools than at others.
  16. Hello. Does anyone know if you can apply for tring sixth form if you didn't get in first time, my ds was unsuccessful for entry this year but will obviously be a year older than the sixth form starting age this time round. Thank you
  17. Hi all, Dd would love a career in ballet and our present plan is to try for vocational school at 16. DD's local ballet teacher has mentioned that waiting until 16 could possibly reduce the chances of getting into a top school and also of having a strong ballet career after training. She was unsure of how many 16 year olds get offers who are not already at vocational school. I was under the naive impression that everyone had an equal shot at 16 (slight lack of experience here!) Is this generally thought to be the case and is there any way of finding out how many get places at 16 who do not already attend vocational schools? Any opinions greatly appreciated!
  18. Please could I have your opinions on whether it's best to audition early or late for full time post 16 vocational dance courses. I'm unsure of the pros and cons of this, with the choice to audition from December through to March for most courses. Any advice would be welcome please.
  19. Hi, just after a bit of advice.My DD is starting the course in September and I wondered if anyone had any practical advice for parents new to residential schools?
  20. Hi when filling in audition forms for ballet schools does it help,let, s say if my daughter came from the hammond On her form, than her locaL dance school,do you think this is looked at. Or does it look bad only doing one year at a school then applying for another.
  21. Has anybody in the UK started their application for student finance yet for the third year for Ballet West? We just started and it is saying that because DD "lives in Scotland" she cannot get student finance from the UK? Aaaaaaah WHAT? Help! DRSC
  22. Hi could anyone give me some advice, my dd hates make up, but wears it for show, s. Do you no if audition, s for 16+ require you to have it,or is that just for the musical theatre school, s. Will she be assessed on it for scoring
  23. Could anyone tell me the timetable for all these school, s for 16 + dance Course, so I can see what each day would be like
  24. I have a question for people who have been through the audition process for Upper School. How important is having the right body in the assessment for US and how much is it about technical standard/musicality/artistry or is it too subjective to say? If you don't have beautiful banana feet and a long line but have nice artistry, are you ruled out for one of the more competitive schools? My impression at LS level is that the body is everything and that quite a weak and unattractive dancer to the lay person - perhaps rather gangly and uncoordinated and not much sense of musicality- could still be snapped up by a top school. Thanks
  25. My dd is currently in Year 10 and is thinking of auditioning for full time training at 16. I am a bit clueless about the various schools and the process and hope to get some advice on here from you knowledgeable people! Ok so firstly when should she start looking at schools and when are the auditions? Do the schools have open days? She has done ballet since the age of 3 but has also added in modern, tap and jazz in recent years and enjoys these as much so she would like a school which teaches dance other than ballet. She is thinking of Ballet Theatre UK and Northern Ballet but I have no idea about these schools and what they offer. Where else should she look? Do schools offer A levels alongside dance training? What is the quality of education like? She's a bright girl currently in at an academic school and I would like her to get some A levels too. How competitive is the process at this stage and is there anything special she should be doing now to prepare? And finally if it doesn't work out and she doesn't get in anywhere, are there opportunities for full time training post 18? And would Dance A Level be useful?
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