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  1. Hambleton

    Buying ballet shoes for boys.

    Capezio Hanami’s from the Capezio shop. 100% recommended by my professional (at last ! Yay) dancer DS. Other dancers often ask him where he got them. And pre-sewn elastics (double Yay). Dancia are a great shop too if the Capezios aren’t liked for any reason.
  2. The quote from Christopher Powney was from a dancing times interview before he joined the school. Hopefully now he has met many more British students in person at the school, he may have had his mind changed? Matthew Ball’s father wrote a brilliant letter printed in Dancing Times as a response. I can’t find it now ... I have a DS who graduated last year from RBS Upper School, and I personally know of zero British students resting on their laurels at RBS or other schools. The reverse actually, as they’re usually playing catchup with international students, who’ve often been homeschooled for years to concentrate on their dancing (rightly or wrongly).
  3. Men usually seem to be 5’10” minimum for a lot of European corps
  4. Hambleton

    Goodbye - but only as a moderator

    Thanks so much Julie for everything you have done for the forum. Please do keep popping in!
  5. Hambleton

    Rambert Pre Vocational Course 17/18

    My friend ‘s daughter is starting this september. Does anyone have any feedback on how it’s first year went?
  6. Hambleton

    For sale: Floor Barre dvd

    Intermediate level. Highly recommended for teenagers or adults. Stephane Dalle with students of the John Cranko School. £10 including postage.
  7. £10 including postage
  8. £30 I will be there and give it to you.
  9. Hambleton

    RBS ROH 8th July tickets for sale

    Just for info, no time to start another thread - there are 2 Balcony seats available now midday, Friday, if anyone is still looking. They are on the ROH site.
  10. I thought the men were really strong - I really liked the US dancer Julian Amir Lacey - and Gareth Haw (Brit!)
  11. I have two e-tickets for La Boheme at ROH, which I now cannot use. Anyone like one or both as a freebie? Amphi Row W tall seats/slightly restricted view. PM me or reply to this post
  12. My friend can’t go so if anyone would like a freebie you are welcome. I can meet outside Clore 6pm and hand it over. 6.25pm start for 30 minute show.
  13. Hambleton

    Overseas summer schools 2019

    The teachers speak English, I believe, and the woman who runs it is bi-lingual. But good chance for DD to practice her French (at the shops, for example)?
  14. Hambleton

    Overseas summer schools 2019

    Pont L'Abbe International Summer School in Brittany has been recommended to us in the past