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  1. Oh no! Devastated if true as my home city of Nottingham has been blessed to have BRB coming for last few years and their performances so appreciated.
  2. Just seen both matinee and evening shows. Truly emotional. Really stunning performances by Northern Ballet. Quite sensational. Will write more tomorrow. On a buzz.....
  3. Gasp and in my opinion, a magnificent show by BRB. Just exited from this, and in my view, it was a truly stunning and exceptional triple from BRB. Both Penguin and Elite Syncopations were stunning, in particular Brandon Lawrence and Celine Gittens leading together in Elite in a performance that was just show stopping! But I must focus my comments on which for me, was the utterly moving, beautiful and stunning Concerto. I'd never seen it before. How utterly sublime this was with BRB and the most gifted and incredible pianist Jonathan Higgins just lighting up the score. Celine Gittens & Brandon Lawrence danced the 2nd movement and had me in tears. For me, I thought this piece was genius. BRB will be dancing Concerto in London soon: I think you are lucky if you have a ticket!
  4. Sorry the heat and emotion addled my brain. Oops! Ashley Shaw as Vicky Paige! !....But quite a funny typo.....Apologies!!
  5. Just seen the penultimate performance of Red Shoes in Brum before they take it to USA. Incredibly emotional performance from the whole cast given it was the farewell performance by Chris Trenfield, who is leaving the company. He was Crastor, Ashley Page as Vicky, Sam Archer as Lermantov and Liam Mower as Ivan. Huge standing ovation and cheers for Chris at curtain call. Including from Sir Matthew Bourne who was in the audience and was quickly on his feet to applaud the dancers. I got the chance to speak to some of the dancers and Sir Matthew after the show: their sheer enthusiasm and dedication is shining. They have done over 300 performances of Red Shoes yet they are still so excited by it and every performance I've seen is like it was opening night, fresh and energetic. I know Bourne is not 'ballet' strictly speaking and not everyone likes it, but imho he has done a phenomenal job bringing new and diverse audiences to dance. So I'm off now to the evening show to conclude the season..! ?
  6. Gotta quote you Janet! I second your comments! Today I was at Red Shoes Lowry matinee, as you reviewed above, it was Cordelia Braithwaite as Vicky and Dominic North as Crastor. Again, both utterly superb! It was a total standing ovation and well deserved by all!! But I must talk about Chris Trenfield as Lermontov. It's been announced by New Adventures that Chris Trenfield is leaving the company after 8 years. His last performance with the company will be Red Shoes in Birmingham next Saturday matinee (22 July). Thank heavens I booked a ticket for this ages ago! I've long admired Chris Trenfield's superb dancing & acting, gonna miss him massively. I so wish him well in the future. Anyway, today's performance at The Lowry was poignant for me. This is where I first saw The Red Shoes just 2 weeks after the premiere, way back last autumn. Seeing it again today (with about erm oops about 10 other performances in between, heaven help my bank account.....!) It's become such an intensely well developed show imo. For me, it's just amazing. All the dancers have developed their characters brilliantly! Cordelia Braithwaite just was so powerfully emotional as Vicky, I was in tears. So intenseĺy dramatic in the role of Vicky. As for Dominic North, as Crastor. The pdd with Vicky was incredible and tear jearking. As Janet said, Dominic walks on stage, he breathes and he is wonderful! He is truly a very special dancer and performer. I'm booked to see the last 2 uk performances of The Red Shoes in Brum next week. I know it will be emotional. For me, multiple viewings of The Red Shoes has paid off. I've loved it all....
  7. Northern Ballet today released a press release today announcing they are doing two 'surprise' performances of Casanova at Manchester Palace Theatre on 4 and 5 August. Ticket are limited, as not all seats in the house will be on sale due to the production being filmed for broadcast!! Details of tickets on their website. Happy news!!!
  8. Couldn't agree more!
  9. I thought Tyrone Singleton & Celine Gittens were utterly fantastic last night as Franz & Swanilda. Technically brilliant and also superbly acted all the way through! I just love this Peter Wright version of Coppelia and glad I saw 3 different casts. It keeps up momentum all the way through with some showstopping and breathtaking pieces! I love the staging and think the dolls in Act 2 are amazing- no idea how the dancers stay that still for so long! The mime is so clear, anyone can follow the story. In last night's performance, as well as the leads, Michael O'Hare was a superb Dr Coppelius; Miki Mizutami a sparkling Dawn; and I loved the beautiful lyrical Prayer solo by Yijing Zhang. As for Call to Arms led by William Bracewell, I don't have sufficient adjectives!!! I just hope he achieves his full potential with the Royal Ballet that he so deserves. Having seen his debut as Romeo, I can easily see him in Manon and Onegin and more.....He's up on the casting to do a couple of Nutcrackers this year. Glad I made it to Bristol. Well worth the journey from Nottingham and overnight stay. Hope BRB are going again next year. Btw, audiences there for the BRB week were 60% of the house, according to the orchestra leader Robert Gibbs, who was chatting to a couple sitting next to me in one of the intervals.
  10. Utterly shocking prices for drinks etc. £9 for a glass of wine? I just had their free water.....?
  11. Will Bracewell in his last performance with BRB before joining RB. He was utterly stunning. I started crying after that bit and still too emotional to post...Obviously wish him well in new company but will miss him at BRB. Harder for me to get to London...
  12. Just seen today's matinee of Coppelia and gosh was it superb. Simply dazzling and brought tears of happiness to my eyes! Combination of the uplifting Delibes score, played superbly by RB Sinfonia, and the brilliant dancing from the whole cast made this really delightful. Swanilda & Franz were danced by Maureen Lebowitz and Lachlan Monaghan and wow, they were both fantastic in these roles!! Call to Arms lead was Tzu-Chao Chou & during the whole of that section I almost stopped breathing: thought he mught go into orbit at one point!! Audience pretty good in terms of numbers, good many in the stalls on their feet applauding at the end, me included! Magical, dazzling end to the BRB season. Not quite the end though: one more performance tonight!! I'm downing coffee in my hotel room ahead of that!!
  13. Agreed Janet: just such a joyous ballet isn't it? And BRB just make it an utter delight! I'm off to Bristol Saturday for both matinee and evening show. Can't wait!!
  14. Bristol Hippodrome

    Interesting topic.... I'm travelling down to Bristol from Nottingham this Saturday to see both matinee and evening shows of BRB's Coppelia, which will BRB's last this season. I fell in love with Bristol and its Hippodrome when I went last year to see the most amazing farewell performance in Taming of the Shrew by Elisha Willis. I get SO excited that there is no orchestra pit so RB Symphonia has to set up on the first few rows of the stalls! It's just fab!! I noted last year the poor ticket sales and now, looking at next year's schedule, it seems this year will be the last in a while that BRB bring a full length ballet for a whole week to Bristol. They tried it in Nottingham too and it didn't work & they abandoned it, but at leat we still get the mid scale.... But anyway, I'm digressing. ATG theatre charges: I try not to notice these but now it's been mentioned on this forum, I've now checked my Coppelia tickets for Bristol. The face price of my front row stalls seats has a nearly 20% charge on top of it for whatever it says is what they charge (for what exactly I know not...). Mega ouch!!!! I didn't notice at the time I booked but I'm such a BRB fan I had to book. That level of fees will certainly put people off booking and that is such a shame. It does kind of feel like a con. When I book with this particular theatre group, I feel uncomfortable with the added charges and in fact 'unsafe' when I am booking with them. Coupled with the fact they don't send out tickets immediately, sometime not until months after you have booked, making you stress that your booking didn't in fact go through...! It concerns me deeply that a theatre owner would rather have a half empty theatre than offer up cheap tickets to fill up the house; I know some theatres do this and offer up seats to school groups and charities, when they have lots of empty seats. Or at least have a local mailing list and offer discounts: I'm a friend of my local theatre in Nottingham and if the seats aren't selling for a particular show, they email everyone on their mailing list offering 2 for 1 or half price. I can't understand why this particular theatre group won't do offers! Anyway, whatever the ticket sales in Bristol, I'm sure BRB will have a warm reception! Last year they certainly did and I think ticket sales picked up last minute after local publicity drive. I know these shows will be fab! Obviously, it has already been announced that William Bracewell is moving to RB next year. It appears from cast list published on BRB website that he will dance as Call to Arms Lead in Saturday's evening's Coppelia in Bristol. So, without me saying anything that isn't already in the public domain.....that will be the last time we can get to see him with BRB. I wish him so many good wishes and happiness with RB but very much looking forward to that BRB show on Saturday!
  15. I saw the Ballet Black triple last Thursday in Nottingham and really enjoyed it. Every single one of the dancers in this small company contributes and as a whole, they produce superb dancing in fascinating short pieces. I adored the first piece by Michael Corder, set to beautiful piano pieces by Debussy. The movement created on the 2 couples was lyrical, flowing and gorgeous to watch. I was less taken with the second piece, Captured; although the choreography was good, I really struggle to sit through anything involving Shostakovitch!! So for me, Lopez Ochoa's version of Red Riding Hood was a sensational way to end the triple - jazzy and funny in parts, mix of sexy and scary as Janet said. And wow! Clever balloons! I guess they were on some kind of weighted magnets! Glad none of them accidentally burst Janet! Such a great evening, so glad Nottingham is on Black Black's tour schedule, and using our smaller theatre, the Playhouse, which has a very intimate feel, perfect for a small company such as Ballet Black.