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  1. For sale - Romeo and Juliet - Ball and Cuthbertson - 23 Mar 7.30 SCS D3 and D4 £11.00 each. I can email the tickets or hand over on the night. Please send a PM as well as posting here if you are interested.
  2. I have just had a fairly up-against-a-brick-wall phone conversation with someone in ENB marketing about the post on their site which has great pictures of all sorts of enticing things - ALL the dancers pictured are name-checked except Matthew Golding and Ana Tsyganova who are there sort of "generically" advertising the upcoming Cinderella. All I got was that, as they are not members of the company, (neither is Brooklyn Mack - duly name-checked) they don't have to be credited. I think this is a bit off!
  3. No John - not difficult. Our tortoises waken after 5 months of quasi-death in the fridge and immediately make a) meaningful eye-contact and b) for the nearest dandelion flower.... We like to think this is insight....! Hmm, not sure how relevant this is after all. Sorry!
  4. A1 and A2 for sale (first circle left side, ie over the piano keyboard) in the Linbury for 7.45 on Thurs 24th Jan - £25.00 each. I have e-tickets so could email . Please send a PM as well as a note here if you are interested.
  5. We'd love any 2 (not necessarily together) SCS places for this performance. Thanks ....
  6. Thank you, both! ... I also remember a slightly earlier booking date for the last Bolshoi season than the various Friends/General dates on the ROH site.
  7. I can't track down the booking dates for this Bolshoi season - can anyone point me in the right direction, please? There doesn't seem to be any mention of it on the ROH website, I don't think.
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