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  1. Vocational school at 16

    There are several students at Elmhurst in the current 1st year 6th form were older than 16 at entry
  2. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    "Having had a 'yes' for Manchester Y6, I've just received the info pack from RBS with the class timetable etc. I'm a little stunned to learn that the classes run on Fridays and Sundays across the academic year. How does that work then????" In response to above Congratulations Ispendl828 to your DD: My DD was a Manchester JA .School were delighted to support her and she was marked as being present but being educated elsewhere.In fact it suited us quite well as I was in the fortunate position to transport her on Fridays and proportionately less family weekends were disrupted by JAs as we were a 2 1/2 hour drive away from the JA centre.
  3. Royal Ballet School SS

    You should have received an email containing a summer school handbook on payment of the fees. There is information about ballet uniform within.Generally any classical style leotard in any colour is fine for classes during the week with a plain black one for the performance at the end of Summer school.My DD took a whole rainbow of different colours some of which had fancier details than her usual class leotards .
  4. Royal Ballet School SS

    Any character skirt and shoes are acceptable.The majority had the black one you describe with horizontal satin ribbons around the bottom but not everyone.I'm sure a plain black one would be fine .
  5. Amsterdam International Summer School

    Last year we applied in March and received an acceptance on 13th April then no further communication until 17 May when a new summer school coordinator took over - communication in general was quite sporadic in response to emails . I have no information on this year's summer school as DD has different plans this year.
  6. Academics at WL and Elmhurst

    Yes my DD did a mixture of GCSEs and iGCSEs at Elmhurst which is why they don't appear on academic league tables. They did whichever fits in best with the time constraints i.e. Less practical work
  7. Academics at WL and Elmhurst

    Most motivated children at Elmhurst can achieve excellent GCSE results with many achieving numerous A* and As in a limited number of subjects ( my DD achieved 10).Teaching is particularly good in Maths English and History.In Maths several children did further Maths in addition to GCSE Maths .In addition English Language and some French work was completed in Year 10 to reduce the workload in Year 11 .Achieving at A level is more difficult at present 6 options are available- Art Dance Drama English Maths and biology, only 2 may be chosen and only 5 hours per subject per week are timetabled.The options for 2017/18 are changing and I know that Dance isn't being offered.The days are very full in upper school and most students find it difficult to do justice to their A level studies and underachieve, as their first commitment is to dance in 6th form.
  8. Health Insurance for dance students

    I recently added my DD back onto the school BUPA scheme in place of AXA-PPP as 2 of my favoured physio providers no longer accept AXA - this is due to AXA-PPPs poor reimbursement of physios . Having said that if DD was referred by a consultant she was able to have unlimited physio on her AXA - PPP policy.
  9. Physio recommendations

    Nick Allen at the Jerwood Centre in Birmingham.BRB's medical director 01212453544.
  10. I Will have a few hours to pass on Sunday morning.Any suggestions for good coffee shops / relaxing near the RAD headquarters .I will be on public transport.
  11. Royal Ballet School SS

    Good news here also for my DD
  12. Are ballet competitions worth doing?

    My DDs first tutu was £19.99 off eBay crushed velvet stretchy lilac Lycra body comfy & forgiving - looked effective on stage & didn't stop her winning medals. Hanging in a corner in her bedroom as a memento now.
  13. Upper School Finals - pointe work

    DD said no pointe work at prelims last year but to take pointe shoes as it changes year on year, but she did do pointe at Tring as her solo was en pointe .Pointe was required in finals- fouettes were required at English National Ballet School and the Royal Ballet School. DD also said requirements also can vary between groups.
  14. Terry's Chocolate Oranges

    12/15 on my specialist subject !
  15. Parcels from home

    Absolutely down to a fine art! Had to sacrifice the gummy bears in post #21 to fit in a few strepsils