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  1. The Chosen One for Le Sacre first night is Francesca Velicu
  2. I heard there is a tradition in Bausch Sacre to choose "the Chosen one" on the day of the performance (among few already chosen of course)
  3. wasn't Josè Carreno in UK before Acosta? I saw Carreno dancing several times in Italy (with La Scala and other companies) and I don't remember anybody mentioning his skin color. His dancing was more relevant than that, I suppose.
  4. Do you mean Lucia Lacarra? I would be proud to say that this wonderful ballerina is Italian, but she is from Spain (a school mate of Tamara Rojo and Angel Corella); her partner (and husband) Marlon Dino is Albanian.
  5. I don't know where they arrived from (it took me 20 minutes by bike :-D ), but when he danced in La Scala, at stage door there was a crowd that Bolle has never seen...
  6. Yesterday Tamara said again that they cannot afford it, because it's too costly: they have to pay rights to everybody involved and also the theatre, having not their own. What a pity: the release of Leeds Corsaire looks even more a miracle...
  7. In Manchester I asked Tamara Rojo why they scheduled so few shows in London and she replied: "We couldn't run the risk to have more shows: we weren't sure of how it would have been received" To have to be sure to produce something of value to survive having no money to waste, probably stimulates thinking and evaluation, and care and attention in the creative process. A leader as Rojo and a choreographer a Khan also help of course.
  8. and James Streeter as Albrecht, another combination not available in London: he is the one making the greater difference, IMO
  9. If you have a friend or a child crazy for ballet, consider bidding for Alina Cojocaru's signed point shoes: the auction is open until 01DEC on BalletNews and includes also 4 ENB Nutcracker tickets. The shoes will be consigned to the "winner" personally by Alina. Here the page and the link to send your bid http://balletnews.co.uk/alina-cojocaru-auctions-signed-pointe-shoes-4-nutcracker-tickets/ The auction is in favor of Hospice of Hope and its project in Copaceni, Romania. http://www.hospicesofhope.co.uk/campaign-for-copaceni/ As already reported in Afternoon Tea event post, Alina has supported Hospice of Hope over the years, especially with successful ballet galas: the funds raised at those events helped to build the Hospice Casa Sperantei in Bucharest, as it can be seen in this video
  10. Support to Hospice of Hope expands now also to an auction (via BalletNews): you can bid for Alina's signed point shoes and tickets for ENB Nutcracker http://balletnews.co.uk/alina-cojocaru-auctions-signed-pointe-shoes-4-nutcracker-tickets/
  11. On The 20th of November (15:00-17:00), Alina Cojocaru invites you for an afternoon tea at the Millenium Hotel Mayfair. In this charity event, she will talk of her life as a ballerina. What a great Christmas present, just a little bit in advance, can this be for a ballet lover and for those thinking to donate to a charity organization at Christmas time! The event has been organized by Hospice of Hope and will raise fund in support of a new hospice in the nearby of Bucharest, Romania. http://www.hospicesofhope.co.uk/afternoon-tea-alina/ http://www.hospicesofhope.co.uk/campaign-for-copaceni/ Alina has been supporting Hospice of Hope for several years, organizing ballet galas in London: the funds raised gave an great help in building Hospice Casa Sperantei in Bucharest. Here a video with Alina filmed by Johan Kobborg visiting the building site and patients and the final result http://www.alinacojocaru.com/page9.htm
  12. You were also fortunate to see James Streeter as Albrecht: he enhances the story more than the 3 viewings, IMO.Streeter is my reason to fly to Southampton: I want to see Cojocaru dancing with him. Both Cojocaru and Rojo are wonderful, very different of course and even more interesting for this reason. The same can be said for Corrales and Chacon.
  13. I would love one day to see Cojocaru-Bellussi...
  14. Re Giselle death: at a second view and from the circle, it's evident that when she lies behind the Landlord and between the two attendants, Hilarion is called to do the dirty job. Obviously they don't want the rebel and her bastard around. Another interesting point: when Giselle and Albrecht are Alne for the first time, he mimes the hat but she has already moved to another direction and doesn't notice it. So he tried to tell her, but too blandly
  15. annamicro

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    In my opinion, no. I think Manon pdd was particularly bad (but not the worst), in a modest gala overall. I think there are some clips of the gala on youtube: maybe you can try to check there if it's the case to buy it for your collection.