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  1. I saw this too and was incredibly surprised anyone thought it was an appropriate photo to use.
  2. Hi Kate, is this ticket still available? How far around is the seat located?
  3. munchkin16

    Audience Behaviour

    I don’t live in London, so when I’m heading to the city I’m normally there for the day. Whilst I would love to dress up, not wearing comfortable clothes for walking round all day before the performance would be completely impractical. I always try to wear a skirt and nice top when I can but sometimes I am rushing around from somewhere else and end up wearing jeans and carrying a smallish backpack. I also tend to stand so wearing comfy shoes (even trainers) is sometimes necessary... I understand the desire to make an evening special and when I’m staying up I do try to dress up but to exclude an entire group of people who aren’t lucky enough to live close by to the theatre or have the free time to leisurely change before the show seems a little unfair. I’d much rather be next to a clean and quiet person in jeans than a noisy, rude person in a dress! Attending the theatre and ballet is a special experience but that isn’t only defined by how you dress, but also your attitude to the performance.
  4. munchkin16

    Wanted: Character Shoes

    Looking for character shoes, possibly size 3/3.5 (not sure what sizing is like, I wear a size 4 in canvas ballet shoes and have tried a 3 in Bloch split pro character shoes which were fine) if anyone has a cheap pair to sell? Thanks!
  5. munchkin16

    Adult Ballet - questions, answers, classes and info

    I agree, she’s very good at what she does and if I can combine it with another class in a weekend it’s very worth doing. Just on its own I miss the movement and artistry of ballet which is what makes class most enjoyable.
  6. munchkin16

    Adult Ballet - questions, answers, classes and info

    I tried Hannah’s beginners class on Saturday afternoon, it was a good back to basics but not my most enjoyable style of teaching. I also really missed doing anything across the floor, everything was very static. I also managed to get to David’s improvers plus class at Central and it was perfect. Really fun combinations but still breaking down the technique. Thanks for your advice everyone!
  7. munchkin16

    Adult Ballet - questions, answers, classes and info

    You are all so full of knowledge it’s incredibly helpful thank you! Hannah’s class at danceworks would be good as my technique is all over the place at the moment but I am tempted by Michael’s class at central. I’m originally Cechetti trained so it would be fun to get back to that. Is the beginner pointe part of the class and if so what the sort of level that is aimed at?
  8. munchkin16

    Adult Ballet - questions, answers, classes and info

    I didn’t make it this Sunday in the end, but I’m planning to try the improvers plus class next week with David so I’ll let you know how it goes! Does anyone have recommendations for a class any time on Friday in London which might be low intermediate level?
  9. munchkin16

    Adult Ballet - questions, answers, classes and info

    Thanks Nicola, the improvers plus is probably perfect then. Any idea how busy the Sunday class gets? Do I need to get there really early to get a space?
  10. munchkin16

    Adult Ballet - questions, answers, classes and info

    I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the levels of Central classes? I’m thinking of trying one of David’s classes on Sunday (tomorrow) but not sure what level they are aimed at. Either beginner improver or the improver plus one I think it is?
  11. munchkin16

    Ballet Retreat London

    Thanks to all the great recommendations I signed up for this but now as it’s next week I was just wondering if anyone who has been has any suggestions on what to bring? They suggest a yoga mat or towel for warm up, is this useful? Any other advice would be welcome, or if anyone going wants to say hi!
  12. munchkin16

    Auditions and away from home eating out

    Don’t know what mobile provider you use but Three has an app called Wuntu for customers and it has new offers each week you can claim. This week has a completely free pasta from Bella Italia or burger at Cafe Rouge! You literally just add your email and get a code to show in store on the app. Also had a free coffee last week at Costa and lots of other little discounts on there too. Of course only helpful if you are on Three...
  13. Does anyone have any lower end price tickets to sell for the Royal Ballet Alice in Wonderland (suitable for a short person!) on either of these dates? 2 tickets needed if it's for the matinee 30th September, just the one if it's 4th October. Stalls circle standing would be perfect but I know 2 might be a stretch... I'm trying to take my sister to her first ballet Thanks!
  14. munchkin16

    Restarting dance as an adult after a break !!

    If you search for arch exercises on YouTube I'm sure something might come up but the best thing I've found is lots and lots of tendus, really working through the feet. A theraband, the stretchy resistance band type things, are also really good for improving strength and you can carefully stretch the foot a little with them too. Again YouTube might have some good videos as examples. Good luck with your classes!
  15. munchkin16

    Ballet Retreat London

    Thanks for your replies, I did take a look at the other thread but MPH your answers to my questions were really helpful. I've been doing ballet for 6 years now so I'm sure I could do the steps it's just knowing whether I'd get a lot out of it or feel like I was trying to keep up. My November at work is super busy so I'll be only able to make 1 class a week leading up to it so I just wanted to check I wouldn't be risking injury or being out of my depth. My class is a pretty open adult one at the moment so I'm sure it'll be a great different challenge!