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  1. Dance bags

    Why not take a look at some sports type bags. I used one for a while, plenty of pockets and lots more choice of colours.
  2. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    I'm currently in a very relaxed adult ballet class with a wonderful teacher who's main aim is for us to dance and relax so she wouldn't mind what I wore. I haven't quite broken my habit of years of syllabus class so I tend to wear pink tights, black leotard and a short black skirt next to all the adults in leggings and t shirts... I was hoping something longer might help me blend in with the older adults without breaking out of the classical mode, so they don't see me so much as a student, although now you mention it I actually like making sure all my lines are visible so the teacher can still correct me. She knows I want her to critique me though so I'm sure if I rotated something longer she could still see any mistakes no matter what I try to hide them under! I'm still not sure if a longer skirt might be better suited to someone taller, I have a feeling it may make me look even shorter, they always look beautiful on pointe
  3. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Thank you everyone, I think I'll be taking a look at Love Lily! I've just seen someone in my class wearing a knee length chiffon circle skirt and it looks so floaty and lovely on her I want one! It's the type professionals wear in rehearsal though so I'm not sure if it'll look a little too pretentious to wear one. ... Now if anyone had a second hand skirt for sale that would be even better, if not I'll be taking a look at all these suggestions!
  4. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    I'm thinking of getting a slightly longer rehearsal length skirt, only there's an option of mesh or chiffon fabric. Any opinions on which would be nicer, especially on someone short? Or any other suggestions for a flattering skirt for class?
  5. Wanted: ROH Dream Triple 3rd June

    Thanks Alison, a lovely forum member actually messaged me so I'm sorted. I'll be standing in stalls circle if anyone around wants to say hi!
  6. Anyone have a ticket spare to sell for tomorrow's performance 3rd June of The Dream Triple at the ROH?
  7. Long sleeved leotards

    Not a long sleeve leotard but for a short term fix that can be worn with existing leotards, chop up an old pair of tights. You can turn them into a top to wear over a leotard or into a shrug type cardigan that just covers the upper back and arms. Might be lighter than a leotard with full sleeves too as it's pretty hot at the moment!
  8. Different length legs

    Definitely see someone as it can have a knock on effect on other parts of the body. My modern teacher noticed a difference in my legs lengths at 14 but I ignored it as we thought it was them growing at different rates. At 21 I started to get pain and tightness in my right hamstring. Thought I'd pulled it and went to the chiropractor hoping they might be able to sort it. Turns out I had pseudo leg length discrepancy so one side of my pelvis was tipped forwards, the other back, which was making my legs rather different lengths! It had put a lot of pressure on the surrounding muscles as obviously I was walking and dancing wonky. He's straightened them out but I still have pain in my hamstring and have to be careful. It also meant I was weak in certain muscles supporting my legs so he gave me strengthening exercises which actually improved my dancing. Whatever it turns out to be, better to get it checked early as the long term effects if you leave it are harder to correct.
  9. Belgrade Ballet

    Anyone know anything about ballet in Belgrade, Serbia? I'm in the city and there's supposedly a performance of La Bayadere tonight. I'm thinking of going to see it but does anyone know if the company is any good? I might be reading wrong but the ticket seems to only be 1000 RSD which is £6. Is that right?!
  10. Thanks, it looks like the cheaper tickets are at the back of the stalls or the back of the circle, not sure which to go for?
  11. What about a tinted moisturiser? Will give a little bit of coverage and colour but still show the freckles and not be too heavy.
  12. I'm hoping to go and see this on Friday night but I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone might be able to help with. Do they do day tickets or last minute seats? Also is the stalls raked well or is there a best place to sit for someone short?
  13. A question about thetrainline.com

    The terms and conditions of each ticket should be somewhere on your booking. It depends on the type of tickets you've booked.
  14. Move Dancewear sizing

    I need to order some stuff off move dancewear and they have free postage until midnight but I'm not sure on their sizing. How does their stuff come up? I'm looking at the seamless Vittoria brief but do they come up small? Also how is the sizing and quality of their tights? For reference I normally wear s/m in capezio tights and small leotards but I'm a size 8/10 in jeans.
  15. Exaggerating Festival Results on Facebook!

    It's worth researching the facilities the university provide for international students as these will be useful for anyone flying to university. Many universities have a box with all the essentials you can buy and it will be at your halls when you arrive, not the cheapest option but saves shipping or rushing around to buy bedding ect. Poundland, TK Maxx and similar bargain stores will all have kitchen and bedding that will be reasonable to buy, although I warn against buying the cheapest things as sometimes they'll only last a few weeks. TK Maxx has some really good quality frying pans for example at the same price as tescos, but lasted much much longer (I speak from experience on that one!) I flew to university in Belfast and shipping a large cardboard box was around £35. Then you have additional costs for each suitcase you take on a plane. It does add up. It may be cheaper to find storage than ship things home for the summer, it's again worth researching any suggestions the university give international students. I suggest he has a look at the university website, they will have a lot of guidance for students in terms of budgeting and finding jobs I'm sure. There will be people he can talk to in person once he gets there as well who will be able to help and if there is an issue with finances whilst he is there, talk to the university. I know certainly at Belfast they had a hardship fund that gave small amount of cash to applicants to tide them over. Good luck to both of you!