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  1. Could I see photos of the warm up suit and leotards please?
  2. I’m still interested so if that changes please PM me!
  3. I’m interested in these, what’s the sizing like compared to Capezio or Bloch?
  4. Made my train at Waterloo in 13 minutes! Onto my thoughts about the ballet. Les Patineurs was pretty, felt festive and nicely upbeat. The dancing was really good, but nothing really stood out to me other than the blue boy? I was distracted by the lady seated in front of me (I was standing) who had the most perfectly styled hair but such a strong amount of hairspray and perfume I started to get a headache. Lovely ROH staff helped me move to a different spare standing place for the remainder of the ballets. Winter Dreams. I don’t believe I’ve been that bored in a ballet before. Maybe I was tired? The dancing was beautiful, Naghdi always draws my eye she makes everything look effortless. But the ballet just felt flat with repetitive music, a lot of distressed walking and holding on to people. When Muntagirov leapt it was as always stunning, I just wish there was more choreography to show some contrast. The whole piece felt so bitty, from one painful couple to the next. I love Russian plays, but I’m not sure they translate well to dance... The Concert was a delight. Funny and light it flew by. Maybe not as sharp as I’d liked it to have been but I laughed a lot and the characterisation was brilliant. Overall I enjoyed the evening but with the exception of The Concert definitely wouldn’t be rushing back to book anything any time soon.
  5. I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered this kind of pain, mostly when on Demi pointe or during petite allegro? It’s in both feet across all the toes in the joints before they meet the ball of the foot and goes between an ache and a sharp pain? I spoke to a dr and they seemed unconcerned as at the time it coincided with general joint aches and a change in the cold weather. As it’s persisting (the other aches have faded away) before I go and bother my dr again, has anyone else experienced anything similar? Thanks!
  6. Hi is this still available? What number is the ticket? Thanks!
  7. Sadly I woke up feeling really ill so am spending my excitingly planned day stuck in bed instead I’ll have to try and make it to his class another time because it sounds so much fun!
  8. Thank you so much for all your replies, it’s so helpful having personal experiences of the classes as every teacher and description on levels is different. Think I’m going to give Adam’s class at danceworks a try as the timings work better for me but I’m definitely going to try and make it to the London Russian at some point because it sounds amazing!
  9. Would anyone be able to recommend a daytime class in London on Monday? I’m there next week and hoping to drop in somewhere as my classes have a full week off! Roughly around low intermediate level, similar to David Kierce’s improvers plus class that he does at central? I’m getting better at picking up combinations but not incredibly fast at it quite yet so someone who doesn’t do anything insanely complicated! I spotted possibly either a beginner or intermediate class at London Russian ballet school, or an afternoon class I think it was with Adam at Danceworks if anyone has any first hand experience with these? Thanks!
  10. There’s a really helpful calculator if you google salary calculator UK. You can put in earnings and it will roughly work out the tax and take home pay per day, month, year, etc. Not an exact figure but can be useful if you want a rough idea and don’t want to do the maths!
  11. I saw this too and was incredibly surprised anyone thought it was an appropriate photo to use.
  12. Hi Kate, is this ticket still available? How far around is the seat located?
  13. I don’t live in London, so when I’m heading to the city I’m normally there for the day. Whilst I would love to dress up, not wearing comfortable clothes for walking round all day before the performance would be completely impractical. I always try to wear a skirt and nice top when I can but sometimes I am rushing around from somewhere else and end up wearing jeans and carrying a smallish backpack. I also tend to stand so wearing comfy shoes (even trainers) is sometimes necessary... I understand the desire to make an evening special and when I’m staying up I do try to dress up but to exclude an entire group of people who aren’t lucky enough to live close by to the theatre or have the free time to leisurely change before the show seems a little unfair. I’d much rather be next to a clean and quiet person in jeans than a noisy, rude person in a dress! Attending the theatre and ballet is a special experience but that isn’t only defined by how you dress, but also your attitude to the performance.
  14. Looking for character shoes, possibly size 3/3.5 (not sure what sizing is like, I wear a size 4 in canvas ballet shoes and have tried a 3 in Bloch split pro character shoes which were fine) if anyone has a cheap pair to sell? Thanks!
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