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  1. Just to be clear, I intended no slight whatsoever on Vadim Muntagirov in my earlier post. I've seen a number of times how wonderful he is with those waiting for him at the stage door. Perhaps I should have used an emoticon in my last sentence to confirm this, but that's hindsight for you.
  2. I went to the ROH stage door last night as I had some photos I hoped to be autographed. Lovely chats with Bennet Gartside (who signed my Judas Tree curtain call pic) and Lara Turk and a few hellos and "lovely show" with some other dancers and stage management. But, I also had a Sylvia curtain call pic with Marianela Nuñez and Vadim Muntagirov and I was hoping they would come out sooner rather than later. About 2305, Marianela came down, still in her tights but with a dance cardigan and wonderful woolly salopettes and boots over her shoes. Even though she is still recovering from illness (which wasn't at all noticeable in her performance), she stayed for about 25 minutes. Everyone who wanted to see her, queuing as if to meet Santa Claus, got a hug, a picture and an autograph (or 2 or 4 or 5). Some children asked for advice and Marianela answered with humility and encouragement. She even took off her shoes and signed them for two young girls who were there (and went back to her room to get another for a third girl who was there). The whole experience was unforgettable and so very heart-warming; one of the true stars of our age giving so selflessly of her time and enthusiasm. Left just after 2330 (work night...) with no sign of Vadim (so I'll have to do it again another time)!
  3. Pictures of the nominees and award winners (and some random sponsors) by Elliott Franks
  4. I have SCS D26 available for Don Q on 22 March (e-ticket). Face value is £10, please PM if interested.
  5. But the house was open during the day before anyway so I don't think there's a significant increase there. There is, however, a bit more security, as there are more doors directly into the house.
  6. Catering is contracted-out, so I don't think there's a significant difference in cost by having an additional café/bar. If there is an increase in cost, it's from running the extra events, and that is surely a good thing.
  7. That's not the case. The Open Up project has been funded completely from donations for that purpose.
  8. European orchestras had a concert master before America even had an orchestra!
  9. I like swimming in the big river than runs through Paris. My friends think I’m insane.
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