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  1. Clore Studio. Charlotte Edmonds

    I've booked!
  2. Nothing has been announced yet
  3. PR - National Dance Awards 2017 nominations

    But none of me...
  4. PR - National Dance Awards 2017 nominations

    Some of my pictures from the ceremony can be found here
  5. Flowers in Giselle

    Some clocks don't chime overnight. In Autumn, it's quite possible for dawn to be at 6 (bearing in mind it depends on longitude and latitude...)!
  6. Hi Ruth, did you not spot McNally amongst the Wilis in Giselle?
  7. Just to mention de la Parra conducted WT on the RB's tour to Australia, so not quite a debut.
  8. Other conductors for WT haven't been so high up (and the onstage band can look at the monitors, like wot the opera singers do).
  9. Really pleased to see a lady on the podium (doesn't happen enough at the ROH) but on Tuesday she did seem to be standing unusually high up in the pit, so much so that it was noticeable (and quite distracting) from the grand tier.
  10. First Operas

    There was an offer on fromtheboxoffice.com for ages (40% off most ticket prices IIRC) but that's no longer on. Given the ticket sales to date, I would imagine there will be plenty of tickets at TKTS.
  11. He's been at all of them, but then he is a trustee of the foundation.
  12. ENB - article in The Times

    I would expect that to be within the remit of the board of trustees, if they have any concerns in that regard.
  13. I'm sure I saw at least two critics there on Saturday afternoon.
  14. ENB - article in The Times

    Actually, it proves nothing. It may suggest something, but it doesn't prove it.
  15. Funny, we also rushed off to the V&A (Winnie the Pooh)!