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  1. I arrived at the ROH about 7.05 (having been to the stage door and learned of the cast changes there, but's that's another story). There were cast change notices at the programme points by the cloakroom and the main "red" foyer and the cast changes were on the ticker on the screens in the "new" foyer above the Linbury.
  2. It appears to be. Yes, the cast changes are shown on a ticker at the bottom of the screen (and this was the case yesterday evening). There will also be cast change notices at the programme sales points. I don't think so. The principal coaching has been by Darcey Bussell and Irek Mukhamedov.
  3. The running order is as advertised. Patineurs, Winter Dreams, Concert.
  4. From his instagram I see that he is indeed spending some quality time with his family and I'm very pleased he is able to do so.
  5. Just received an email confirming that Federico Bonelli will be replaced by William Bracewell as The Prince in the Nutcracker on 9 and 15 January.
  6. bangorballetboy

    RB Nutcracker tonight (12 Dec) SCS

    Ticket returned to box office (and sold)
  7. I tend to disagree with suggestions that there is markedly reduced information about casting. There is one bill where there's not a lot of info, and matters have been specifically disrupted by the Cats issues. Patineurs is very much an ensemble piece and, for me anyway, I don't go to see it for any particular performer or part. Historically, I think (but may be mistaken), advance casting was really only the blue boy and the white couple, but the casting doesn't really affect whether I want to go to see it or not. Casting of the principal parts for Winter Dreams is available, and for the Concert the female lead has been announced and that (IIRC) also follows historical precedent. For the Spring booking period, full standard casting is already announced (including the lead role in a new piece). This suggests that the issues identified are a blip relating to current circumstances. I'm, therefore, giving the RB the benefit of the doubt here and, as I noted, the RB is still well ahead of every other company I'm aware of worldwide as to advance casting information.
  8. I have SCS D26 available for tonight’s Nutcracker. Face value is £10, please PM if interested.
  9. When I went to Munich recently to see Jewels, the first casting announcement was when the cast was posted on the outside of the theatre on the day of the performance. Just saying...
  10. No idea. Not me (though I had thought about calling the development office and offering them money...). Wouldn't have been able to go anyway as work got in the way.
  11. You didn’t miss spotting it; like last year it wasn’t available for public booking.
  12. I have fixed this I assume this was a simple error by the poster in using the forum software.
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    Get Into London Theatre

    By typing "Get Into London Theatre" into google, I found this as the second result. The first result was a direct link to the sale page.