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  1. I'm about to make my way there
  2. Oklahoma! at the Proms

    I did! Standing!
  3. Still Problems!!

    Thank you. We are aware of the problem - it's a problem with the service provider. I don't know what your "contacts list" is, I assume it's what is normally referred to as favourites. As I said above, you may need to refresh this once the problem is completely sorted. In the meantime, you should be able to reach the site by typing www.balletcoforum.com into the URL bar.
  4. Still Problems!!

    There have been issues with the service provider this morning. They are generally fixed but there are intermittent problems which are usually remedied by refreshing the page. If you have a link to the site in your favourites, you may wish to reset it to www.balletcoforum.com.
  5. Still Problems!!

    I believe it's sorted now.
  6. Mariinsky Contrasts bill - 8 August SCS

    Ticket now spoken for.
  7. I have SCS D26 available for the Contrasts bill on 8 August - face value is £15 (eticket). Please PM if interested.
  8. Seems to be, as some of those seats are sold on the seating plan! Still have to pay the £1.50 booking fee too...
  9. 10 am 2 August (found by typing Project Polunin Coliseum into google)
  10. Audience Behaviour

    I thoroughly welcome relaxed or chilled performances; it's a wonderful idea and allows those who otherwise might not have access to a show to see it. Even the Proms had one this past weekend (and I hear it was very successful).
  11. Repeatedly logged out

    Just happened to me again
  12. I don't know where the 17% figure came from, but by my calculations the rise was somewhere between 9.5% and 20% depending on where within each band the relevant salary actually lay.
  13. Mariinsky Swan Lake 29 July (mat) SCS

    Ticket spoken for
  14. Xander Parish promoted to Principal

    This is already being discussed by a number of posters here so I've locked this thread.