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  1. Not quite right. Kaneko replaced Heap as an attendant in acts 1 and 3; Buvoli & Dias replaced Crawford and Turk as attendants in act 3. Turk and Donnelly replaced Kaneko and Ella as Terpsichore and Apollo. The cast change slip said Kaneko and Donnelly replaced Turk and Ella, which was the error as the cast sheet said Kaneko & Ella (see above). It also omitted Dias replacing Turk.
  2. Prince Harry engagement

    Yes there was, see here. There was also a bank holiday when Princess Anne was married (the first time).
  3. RB Sylvia - SCS Dec 6

    Ticket spoken for.
  4. I have SCS D26 available for Sylvia on 6 December (work getting in the way again...). It's an eticket and face value is £9. Please PM if interested.
  5. "Filming" ballet

    Not wanting to be too much of a spoilsport, but it might have been even funnier if it were: in the middle, somewhat elevated
  6. Prince Harry engagement

    The wedding will be in Windsor.
  7. Dave has a spare ticket for the matinée
  8. I have SCS D26 available for Sylvia on 30 November. Face value is £9. Please PM if interested.
  9. RB Spring Insights date and venue changes

    That sort of info is easy to find on the interwebby. It feels like there should be significantly more seats in the Linden in comparison to the Clore, but the seats are bigger (and more comfortable) and the studio is not as wide.
  10. RB Spring Insights date and venue changes

    Clore Studio - 170 seats Linden Studio - 180 seats
  11. He conducted Anastasia last year. Nice chap (spoke to us in the front row) and not too bad with the stick.
  12. I believe Jansons will be presented with the RPS Gold Medal at this concert.
  13. I'm sure the trustees are perfectly aware of their legal responsibilities.