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  1. Royal Ballet keep fit videos

    Yes, it's called Royal Ballet Fit. There was a piece about it (with Tara Bhavnani) during the RB's World Ballet Day braodcast.
  2. Royal Ballet Spring 2018 Casting

    Because booking for the season is front loaded. There were 3 full lengths in the "autumn" period that run through to the middle of January!
  3. Bravo/brava/bravi/brave??

    From the Oxford English Dictionary: brava: A term of approbation addressed to a woman: excellent! well done! No entry in the OED for "bravi". First recorded use of "bravo" is 1761 and for "brava" it's 1803.
  4. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    For someone accusing another of arrogance, there are a number of inaccuracies in your post. The encore was Tosca, not Turandot. It's Aldeburgh. The comment about Pears was that "he had a particular type of voice" not that he had a high vocal register. Kaufmann is most certainly a tenor; his range is higher than that ascribed to the tenor range by the usual academic sources (Harvard, Yale, Grove, etc.) - there are recordings and videos that confirm this. Whilst Kaufmann has a darker sound and quality, that doesn't make him a baritone. I've heard Kaufmann sing bits of Grimes and it's perfectly fine, with no stretch or breaking. His voice is also darker than Pears, but then so is Stuart Skelton's and his Grimes is one of the most fantastic things I have heard recently. And just to note, I'm not a superfan (I usually let Mrs. BBB have my share of the ticket allocation is there is a limit).
  5. Bravo/brava/bravi/brave??

    I don't really mind what people shout in adulation, so long as they don't whistle!
  6. This ticket is available on a "pay what you want" basis.
  7. Categories of Friends at the ROH

    Insiders are the 16-30 category (was Overture in my day) - see here. No idea about Senior...
  8. I have a spare ticket for the 8.30 p.m. performance tonight at the Printworks, Surrey Quays (unreserved, face value £15). Please PM if interested.
  9. Only so many nuts to crack.....

    I looked into spending Christmas this year in NYC, Chicago, Miami or San Francisco. The only ballet I could find in any of those places was the Nutcracker (though admittedly in Sarasota, it's a circus Nutcracker).
  10. The girls were doing gymnastic exercises; the boys were doing ballet exercises. IIRC