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  1. bangorballetboy

    Lack of Royal Ballet news (cast changes)

    There were apparently very few cast change slips for the cast change in tonight’s Rhinegold (and a shortage of actual programmes too).
  2. bangorballetboy

    Lack of Royal Ballet news (cast changes)

    Maybe you do need to get out more if you think I’m Welsh. If you think I am brusque and discourteous in response to your posts, it is simply because that’s the response that they deserve.
  3. bangorballetboy

    Lack of Royal Ballet news (cast changes)

    Sorry, but you're the one who said that champagne was cheaper in the Savoy than at the ROH (and by proper, I meant the rest of the hotel other than the Savoy Grill, which is a concession). You were wrong, so maybe just admit it.
  4. bangorballetboy

    Lack of Royal Ballet news (cast changes)

    The cheapest glass of champers in the Savoy proper (American Bar, Kaspar's etc.) is £20 and it's a poorer champagne than Ruinart. In the Savoy Grill (which is actually Gordon Ramsey), the cheapest champers is £15, but Ruinart (which is what you get at ROH) is £26 a glass.
  5. bangorballetboy

    RB Mayerling 19 Oct

    I have stalls A16 available, face value £95 (marked restricted view as being behind the conductor but unless Kessels has grown, it's not a problem). Please PM if you're interested.
  6. It was open when I went through it yesterday.
  7. bangorballetboy

    The Royal Ballet: Mayerling, Autumn 2018

    Plenty! See here.
  8. bangorballetboy

    Ok, can someone explain what a 20% Tax Rate means?

    There is a personal allowance that means, in most cases, that the first £11,850 is tax free. You would pay 20% tax on anything over that. You would probably be on PAYE (Pay as you earn) so the tax would be taken off by your employer when you get paid, so if you get paid monthly, the first £987.50 would be tax free and there would be a deduction of 20% above that. You may be on an emergency tax code for the first month or so whilst the tax office sorts out your affairs, so the deductions may be a bit larger, but it gets worked out in the end. National Insurance would be 12% on your monthly earnings above £702. So, if you earn £1,200 a month, you would pay £42,50 income tax and £59.76 NI for that month.
  9. bangorballetboy

    The Royal Ballet: Mayerling, Autumn 2018

    Indeed. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve arrived at my stalls seat to find it occupied by someone with the same seat number but for the stalls circle! I think the new door numbers are very helpful.
  10. bangorballetboy

    "New posts" notification vanished?

    I had it this morning on my phone