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  1. bangorballetboy

    Queen's Birthday Honours 2018

    Possible, if highly improbable - if ZY's father or mother were raised to the peerage at the level of Earl or above! Strange that you suggest Baroness Keenlyside, rather than Baroness Yanowsky. There is a dancer in the Royal who is married to the heir apparent to a barony... And let's not forget Anya Linden is a baroness and Moira Shearer was a lady!
  2. bangorballetboy

    Queen's Birthday Honours 2018

    By being elevated to the peerage!
  3. bangorballetboy

    Audience Behaviour

    Lighten up people! 😈
  4. How close to the show can you wait to find out?
  5. bangorballetboy

    Audience Behaviour

    See here for descriptive seating plans of London theatres (but not ROH or Coli)
  6. MAB, do you know that Hernandez was nominated by someone in a relationship with him? Maybe you should tell Ms Rojo about it... 😉
  7. bangorballetboy

    RB Swan Lake 15 June (eve) SCS

    Ticket has gone.
  8. I have SCS D26 available for Friday evening, fave value is £11. Please PM if you're interested. L
  9. bangorballetboy

    Queen's Birthday Honours 2018

    Probably worth noting that Hofesh Shechter has been made an honorary OBE.
  10. And this is why we ask people to put the date of the performance in the title of the thread.
  11. bangorballetboy

    RB Principal Pipeline

    Yes, but forum rules (rightly) prohibit me from posting anything on here.
  12. Has been for many years. Same with Madge.
  13. bangorballetboy

    RB Principal Pipeline

    I don't think Choe would be promoted to principal even if Mason were still director.