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  1. And one tends to get better seats that way than those of us premium 2 friends who book during our priority window!
  2. bangorballetboy

    Choral Ballets

    4 hours for the Ring is still overblown when you consider my first encounter with the Ring was the Reduced Shakespeare Company's version, which (being on Channel 4) came in at a little under 30 minutes, and Anna Russell manages it in 21.5! 😎
  3. bangorballetboy

    Fan Letters To Dancers

    Such wonderful and heart-warming news; thanks for sharing this John.
  4. Here's the official casting list winterballet2018-final.pdf
  5. They have - I remember wonderful performances by Ivan Putrov, Deirdre Chapman and Carlos Acosta.
  6. I was pleased to see at least one contributor to this thread say "step-sisters", not "ugly sisters". The former is correct, as per the original dramatis personae and programme note.
  7. You need to click through onto the individual show pages.
  8. Sorry, my misunderstanding
  9. It should be. Casting for full lengths is normally announced before patrons booking starts, though sometimes it's just before premium 2 friends booking.
  10. The easy to print casting for the Autumn season is here. No need to thank me, or for producing the list of the winter casting that has been announced so far, posted earlier in the thread.
  11. I have posted the available casting for the winter period shows on the winter period thread.
  12. See the second post on the thread... 😇
  13. Les Patineurs Blue Boy only 18 Dec, 4 Jan Sambé 19, 20(e) Dec Corrales 20(m) Dec, 2 Jan Hay Winter Dreams Masha/Vershinin/Irina/Olga 18 Dec, 4 Jan Nuñez/Soares/Hayward/Mendizabal 19 Dec, 20(e) Lamb/Muntagirov/Naghdi/Heap 20(m) Dec, 2 Jan Morera/Hirano/Takada/Calvert The Concert Solo lady only 18, 20(e) Dec Cuthbertson 19, 20(m) Dec Hamilton 2, 4 Jan Lamb Asphodel Meadows 18 Jan, 2(e), 13 Feb Nuñez/Hirano/Morera/Bracewell/Hinkis/Acri 19(m) Jan, 2(m), 5 Feb Kaneko/Richardson/Magri/Corrales/Maeda/Dyer The Two Pigeons Young Girl/Young Man/Gypsy Girl/Lover 18 Jan, 5 Feb Cuthbertson/Muntagirov/Morera/Mock 19(m) Jan Stix-Brunell/Clarke/Calvert/Bjørneboe Brændsrød 2(m), 14 Feb Choe/Campbell/Mendizabal/Edmonds 2(e), 13 Feb Takada/Hay/Magri/Montaño 12, 16(m) Feb Hayward/Bracewell/Kaneko/Zucchetti Don Quixote Kitri/Basilio 15, 20, 23 Feb Nuñez/Muntagirov 16, 19 Feb, 1 Mar Takada/McRae 22 Feb, 22 Mar, 1 Apr Cuthbertson/Ball 23(m), 27 Feb Kaneko/Corrales 2 Mar, 3 Apr Naghdi/Sambé 25, 30(e) Mar Osipova/Corrales 30(m) Mar, 4 Apr Magri/Campbell
  14. As mentioned above, if you click through to the individual show pages, you get more casting details (such as the principal couple in 2 Pigs).