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  1. A lovely and dignified man, who had to put up with a lot of crap to be able to show the world what a special and talented artist he was. I am so glad that, with the help of people like Balanchine, he was able to rise above the nastiness and let his art speak for itself. He has left a wonderful legacy, both in DTH and the memory of very special dancer.
  2. There will probably be at least two younger Juliets who have never danced the role before....there is a first time for everything, no matter how old one is. I have always wanted to see Morera in this role, and she has inexplicably been passed over time and time again. She is a fine MacMillan dance actress: her Anastasia was incredibly moving, her Manon is wonderful (she is one of my favourite ever Manons), her Mary Vetsera was astonishing and left me open-mouthed and unable to speak at the end. She has also been superlative in some of MacMillan's shorter ballets. So, I would love to see her tackle Juliet to complete the circle. She has done so much justice to MacMillan's choreography through the years; I hope she gets some justice in return and is given the chance to dance this role.....with Bonelli or Muntagirov.
  3. I sure hope so....I have long been a big fan of Mayara's.
  4. Morera and Bonelli. An extremely enticing prospect!
  5. Osipova did mention in her interview in The Times last week that she is hoping that Hallberg will be back at the ROH 'next year'. I am sure hoping that that will be in R&J!! I will be very surprised if Bonelli isn't cast, probably with Cuthbertson. He was wonderful in the recent run of SL, and he and Lauren have always been a beautiful couple in this ballet. Although Cuthbertson/Muntagirov also floats my boat. I would be very happy to see Hayward cast with either Campbell or Bracewell, and debuts from Takada and Ella (having seen how lovely they were together in Giselle). I can't see Heap as Juliet, but I am sure she would have a whale of a time as the lead Harlot. So many interesting possibilities......our cup runneth over!
  6. Sim

    Room 101

    I saw that too Alison and was hoping it was a joke. I can’t believe that in a time when the police are so strapped for cash that they are wasting their money and time on this rubbish. So if anyone says “whitewash” , “blackballed “, “blacklisted “ etc are they going to get investigated? The world has really gone mad, and freedom of speech is the main casualty of this ridiculous situation. 😢
  7. I have never seen The Bright Stream live so am really looking forward to that, as I am to Maillot's Shrew which, much to my surprise, I loved! I will be giving those other old chestnuts a miss....especially since we will have had SL and Bayadere so recently at the RB.
  8. Thanks Bridie. I wonder if his sister Alice is involved as she is a photographer? She does loads of dance photography.
  9. Omg I can’t believe Rupert Pennefather is going to dance this (or anything) again. No one seems to know where he’s been since he left the RB. I had no idea he was still dancing! Can anyone fill in the gaps of what he’s been doing?
  10. We didn’t get a pdd. We got SL Act 2, the Merce Cunningham spoof (hilarious), La Troviatiara, Dying Swan and Little Humpbacked Horse.
  11. I was there tonight and it was almost full downstairs. Great show, great dancing and a very appreciative audience.
  12. Sim

    Ballet photography books

    Fabulous! Thanks so much for posting, Richard.
  13. Sim

    Social Media

    Which of course it shouldn't....but these days, we no longer have freedom of speech, so people have been keeping quiet if they differ from socially acceptable opinions imposed on us by the thought police. People just don't want to be ripped apart on social media by morons who don't understand that the whole point of a 'free' society is allowing people to have differing opinions, and more importantly, being able to express those opinions without the fear of being called an 'ist' of some description. And don't start me on 'cultural appropriation'.....another wonderful trend on social media that only works in one direction and has spoiled things for many people. "I may disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it" no longer holds any sway. More's the pity.