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  1. Any thoughts on the Osipova/Muntagirov pairing please?
  2. Audience Behaviour

    That's awful, Geoff. Another example of how the world is declining around us.
  3. As long as she doesn't try to recreate his dances.....😱
  4. John, thanks so much for downloading this. It saved me having to download the BBC Radio iPlayer (which, I have discovered, is separate from the TV one, although my password/user name for the TV one worked for the radio one....). This was a fascinating programme and made my horrible commute this morning go much, much better. The balcony scene from R&J played by the Kirov Orchestra under Gergiev brought a lump to my throat. Such lush strings, such emotional playing. I think I need to add that to my list! And you are right....Monica Mason's description of how it felt to dance the last few minutes of Song of the Earth is incredibly moving as well. I will remember it next time I watch the ballet.
  5. And to you, Kathy! Please keep the posts coming.
  6. We may well do, and my original question was about dancers, not ballets. The responses have broadened to include ballets or moments in ballets as well as dancers, and that's fine by me....I am just interested to know what/how/why dancers and ballet move so many of us in so many different ways!
  7. Welcome to the forum, Myddle! Please keep the posts coming. ☺
  8. So beautiful, even in rehearsal. Marianela always personifies the joy of dance.
  9. Audience Behaviour

    And of course, it's not only the people onstage who are disturbed. No-one has mentioned the fact that many audience members are also distracted and disturbed by the sound of rustling and the smell of food when they are trying to immerse themselves in the play, ballet, opera or whatever. I want to enter the world onstage and not come back until it's finished: I don't want to be brought back to reality by the sound of rustling sweet packets or the stink of various flavoured crisps, salami sarnies, or whatever. I agree with the Times editorial, but then I guess these days I'd just be considered as a conservative old fud as it seems that we have to make concessions to today's younger audiences who are apparently incapable of going for an hour or two without eating. That is certainly not true of many young people I know.
  10. Welcome to the Naghdi fan club, Mary...I have been a signed up member since she was at school! 😛
  11. A great list, TTP; how could I have forgotten Thiago Soares as Rudolf? The first time I saw him I cried at the end and I was astonished; he was the first Rudolf who had that effect on me! Thanks for describing why you feel like you do; very interesting!
  12. I thought this might be an interesting topic. On another thread, a few people have said that they love Marianela Nunez's dancing, but that she has never moved them, or elicited an emotional response from the depths of their souls. I have also seen many dancers who are wonderful technicians, or who can make me laugh but not cry; rare is the artist who has it all. So.....who are the dancers that really move you? Who makes you cry at the end of Giselle, Manon, Mayerling....or any other ballet???? What is that extra something, in addition to being able to do the choreography? Jumping straight into my head without me having to think very much, the following have reduced to me to tears at the end: Alina Cojocaru/Johan Kobborg in Giselle (even my husband cried!), Onegin and the MacMillan Big Three Natalia Osipova in Giselle and as Natalia Petrovna in Month in the Country Brandon Lawrence and Delia Mathews in Swan Lake (and, for some reason, Nutcracker!) Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball in Romeo & Juliet James Hay and Francesca Hayward in Rhapsody Mara Galeazzi as Juliet Lauren Cuthbertson as Juliet Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli in Mayerling Vladimir Shklyarov and Natalia Osipova in Marguerite and Armand Vadim Muntagirov as Des Grieux in Manon Vadim Muntagirov and Marianela Nunez in Giselle Australian Ballet Theatre's Swan Lake (cheating on this one as it's not a particular dancer, but the whole) There are many more over the years, but my memory is such that going further back I will have to think a bit more!! So while I'm doing that....over to you all!!
  13. I'm right with you Capybara; I had decided not to go for the same reasons, but now......???