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  1. Oh me too. I saw her with Bonelli and it was wonderful. I can only imagine what it will be like with Ball. If I weren't already on holiday in Italy I would have tried to go....but the fact that the ticket prices are more expensive than the flights would have made it difficult to do!
  2. Errr....I think they need to correct the date in La Sylphide......😛 Sounds like a lovely programme. If only my lottery win would happen!!
  3. Sim

    Does anyone know who the "World Cup" Ballerina is?

    I've been wondering that too, Lisa, regarding the name of the ballerina.
  4. And a lovely review from ToThePointe: http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2018/06/27/Birmingham-Royal-Ballets-Romeo-and-Juliet
  5. Oh gosh I hope this isn't starting in opera now, too.
  6. Thanks so much for your review, jmb. It sounds like a fascinating and very moving piece. Please keep the reviews coming; I love reading them. ☺
  7. I can understand that from a ticket sales point of view, but what a shame that Japanese audiences miss out on so many wonderful dancers who aren't quite there yet.
  8. I think an exception to the 'skipping a level when promoted' rule is surely Brandon Lawrence of BRB. He is a Soloist and IMHO should have been promoted to First Soloist last year. He has danced most of the Principal roles, and is about to debut as Romeo. He has just had a ballet (Embrace) created on him, and regularly partners two Principal dancers (Delia Mathews and Celine Gittens). He should definitely be up there with them, so come on Mr Bintley, please do the right thing this time!
  9. I have never heard of anywhere charging £4.00 for exchanges and returns.
  10. Yet again, a newspaper puts a photo of a ballet at the head of an article and labels it incorrectly. This time, The Telegraph has written an article about the missing harpist in Swan Lake on June 8th. At the top of the article there is a photo, and it is accompanied by the words: "Koen Kessels after another performance of Swan Lake." Except that it's Giselle. This sloppiness is happening more and more, it would seem. Doesn't anybody ever check these things? You'd think that at least The Telegraph would be a bit more punctilious, but I guess not. Hey, let's just grab the nearest photo of a ballet, no-one will know the difference. Sorry, I'm feeling particularly grumpy today because I now have the prospect of four ballet-free months ahead of me!!
  11. Sim

    News of non-dancing children.....

    Fabulous news Julie! Many congratulations to your daughter and to the wonderful family and friends who have supported her all the way! Xx
  12. One particular audience member, who also very generously provides the corps with roses at the end of each Giselle run. It is a lovely gesture, and I am always very moved to see the corps honoured in this way. Lord knows they deserve it!