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  1. Ex-Trocks dancer Chase Johnsey is joining ENB as a First Artist as from now. I believe he is transitioning so it appears he will be dancing in pointe shoes and tutus. That's what he won his Olivier Award for last year, and he was great! I wish Chase the very best of luck at ENB. Announcement here: https://www.gramilano.com/2018/04/ex-trocks-dancer-chase-johnsey-join-english-national-ballet-first-artist/
  2. I really loved this programme, and was lucky enough to see both casts. I thought that the melding of the three companies worked really well. I hope that all the good reviews from critics and audiences will encourage Kevin O'Hare to revive these ballets for the Linbury stage soon after it opens again. What a treat it was to see these very rare pieces performed so well. On another issue, I have written to complain to the box office manager about the whole seating debacle; I will let you know the response I get. I can almost see it now: "we are very sorry your visit to the Barbican didn't live up to expectations. We strive to ensure that all of our customers enjoy a happy experience during their visit here.....blah blah blah." I am sure there won't be anything done or any compensation offered. I bought Row A so that my view wouldn't be impeded; I then had a whole new row put in front of me and my view was impeded by someone's head, which meant that I had to move from side to side which probably meant I was disturbing the person behind me (who was too polite to say anything if so). This wasn't cheap at £18 for an hour. I know that many other people were unhappy, so maybe if they receive complaints they will ensure this doesn't happen in future. I am sure it is the theatre department who are probably to blame for this; if that's the case, I hope the complaints are passed to them.
  3. I think that the ABT performance at Sadlers Wells is the only time I have seen Tudor performed here (sadly I missed the RBS one). Why are his works so 'ballets non grata' in this country? Have they still not forgiven him for having gone to the States?!!
  4. No indication anywhere of who the other two participating dancers are? How nice to see some Tudor being danced in the UK!
  5. Today we had Deborah MacMillan, Viviana, Ricardo Cervera, Megan Grace Hinkis, Cassa Pancho, Mayumi Hotta and a young male dancer from Ballet Black whose name I am afraid I can't remember.
  6. And as I advertised a couple of days ago, I also have a matinee ticket for sale. However, it's going back to the BO tonight.
  7. I am going to the live stream tonight. Maybe the lighting will be better. We don't get the talk afterwards, apparently.
  8. And we'd better forget The Taming of the Shrew altogether...! The word 'misogynistic' keeps being used in regard to Manon, but let's face it, the men don't exactly come off well in this ballet either (with the exception of Des Grieux, of course). They are either evil, or silly pathetic fops, or thieving beggars. The story is simply presenting the low life at all levels of society. It helps to make us understand why there was a revolution in France 57 years after the book was written.
  9. It doesn't appear that the poor staff at the box office have been given any concrete information whatsoever, about this performance (judging by the variety of answers we are all getting when we phone up), about who is actually dancing on the night, about why the whole ticket debacle happened.....I feel very sorry for them because they are the ones who have to deal with angry members of the public. This seems to be a bit of a PR disaster; how hard can it be to just disseminate the facts to those who are public-facing?? This lack of knowledge isn't fair to the public, the dancers or the box office staff.
  10. Bumping this up as it's for tonight.....
  11. Thanks, Mimi'sMom! Looks very interesting.