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  1. No....he said on Facebook that he will be pursuing other interests and commitments and will keep us informed. I wish him well. Who can possibly replace him as The Caterpillar in the upcoming run of Alice?! 😢😢
  2. Yes, the RB destroys the temple, which makes much more narrative sense and makes the ballet a bit less anodyne from the perspective of plot.
  3. So interesting, the different perceptions of the same dancer/performance! So sorry I missed Kondaurova. Yermakov was average at best in DonQ so am glad he got his mojo back after that.
  4. Any thoughts on last night's performance please?
  5. I really enjoyed the matinee today. Of the three Nikiyas I've seen, Ekaterina Chebykina is my favourite. She perhaps doesn't yet possess the technical strength of Tereshkina and Matvienko, but she is the one who really talked to me through her body, and those oh-so-expressive eyes. Her wedding solo was heartbreaking, thus making me feel very sorry for her when she rejects the antidote and dies. She has beautiful long limbs, which float and curl with the music, and this adds to the perception of Nikiya's vulnerability. She isn't a physical toughie; she is a delicate flower who is very convincing when she breaks. A definite star of the future, if she isn't already. I echo my comments about Batoeva from Thursday night. She was wonderful, and the contrast and conflict between her and Nikiya was played out perfectly here. I don't think I have seen Timur Askerov dance before. Of course, after Kim and Shklyarov, playing Solor was going to be a tall order, but he acquitted himself very well. Whilst he doesn't have the height or speed of either of those two, he has a lovely line, with beautiful long legs that carry him across the stage most impressively. He did seven assemblees and ended with a double tour en l'air. A lean, handsome and technically accomplished dancer, I think he has good potential as a danseur noble for the company. As this was my last viewing, a word of praise also for Grigory Popov as the fakir, who danced at all three performances. What a good dancer and actor he is. Same for Soslan Kulaev as the High Bramin (again, at all three shows). No dancing involved, but he made the most of this role, and you really felt his anguish when he was rejected by Nikiya, realising he was never going to have her. The corps were beautiful once again, the icing on a delicious, freshly-baked cake. Very sad that I probably won't be seeing the company again for another three years; I look forward to seeing what all these wonderful dancers have achieved by then.
  6. Shklyarov was wonderful tonight. Amazing dancing of the highest standard, commanding presence onstage, acted the part so very convincingly, tore my heartstrings, is gorgeous....I think I'm in love! Seriously, he is a top world class artist, and I hope it won't be long before I can see him dance again. A friend of mine who can't pronounce his name calls him Skylark. That is very apt, as tonight he gave a soaring performance. Matvienko was a fine Nikita, but once again it was Evseyeva who blew me away. She danced Gamzatti with the same easy, assured and astonishing technique as she did as Kitri. Spot-on characterisation as well, making the whole a truly delightful package. The Shades were even better tonight. For my money, this should have been the opening night cast. A huge bravo and spasibo to them all.
  7. He is magnificent! The technical fireworks are totally in context, and in addition he is elegant, graceful, has a lovely line and is utterly compelling as Solor.
  8. A great opening night in many ways. The dancing from all three leads was excellent, with special mention to Kimin Kim. I can't remember the last time I saw a dancer with such height in his jumps, such a natural ballon, such speed of turn, such coverage of the stage. Truly incredible and breathtaking technique. Victoria Tereshkina as Nikiya was at her usual high standard, and Nadezhda Batoeva was a fine and haughty Gamzatti. The corps, as the Shades, were simply magnificent. 32 dancing as one, flooding the stage with beauty and lyrical dancing. Shakirova, Selina and Nagahisa all gave very impressive accounts of themselves in their Shades solos. All this having been said, I found myself strangely unmoved by the end. I think the RB version makes more narrative sense and I can therefore engage with it on a more emotional level. When I saw Tereshkina and Shklyarov dance it I was gutted at the end. Just goes to show the difference a partner can make, even if the production itself doesn't jibe with me. What did move me was the beauty of the Shades. Seeing such pure perfection can't fail to bring a lump to my throat. A very enjoyable evening, and I really look forward to the other casts.
  9. My ticket for a bench seat near the stage, very restricted view, cost £20....!
  10. I loved the film of Gades' Carmen. As I am not able to attend the triple bill, I am really enjoying all your thoughts on it. However, I am seeing three out of four Bayaderes so I'm not too hard done by! 😀
  11. Glen Campbell RIP

    RIP, Rhinestone Cowboy. Glen had played as a session musician with everyone from Sinatra to the Beach Boys (with whom he toured). Not only did he have a wonderful voice and play a mean guitar, but he was a prolific and incredibly accomplished songwriter.
  12. Hello Fashionista, and welcome to the Forum!! So glad you enjoyed Elena as much as we all did. What a revelation she was. I am really looking forward to her Gamzatti.