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  1. Sim

    Dance on Sky Arts

    Oooo that’s very daring of them!
  2. Yes, the entertainment in Nevada is much more scandalous than La Bayadere!
  3. And Aida, Madam Butterfly, Coppélia, La Fille mal gardee, Don Q, The King and I, South Pacific...the list goes on and on.
  4. Yes, I am just going to turn up on the 20th and be grateful to see anyone dance!
  5. Sim

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    This whole thing just gets me more and more depressed. So many of us have been attending the ROH for years and decades (in my case, since 1978). I am just flabbergasted with how this current generation of "powers that be" seem to be disregarding more than 200 years of fine traditions and art. I have never, ever, found the ROH elitist. I remember as a newly-arrived student to London how excited I was to go there for the first time, and how wonderful I felt when I finally went (David Wall in Swan Lake....sigh). As a young girl, and a 'foreigner', I never felt out of place or unwelcome...and I was always in the cheap seats. I still am, and still feel valued. Well, until about a month ago, when I discovered the contempt that this arts institution seems to have for its regular customers (unless they are very wealthy, in which case they are very happy to take their money and welcome them). In the case of the rest of us, they seem to want to take our money with one hand, and push us out the door with the other. And for Mr Taylor to have said the things he said in the ES is, quite frankly, unbelievable. As I said on another thread, if the RB weren't in such great shape right now I wouldn't deign to darken their open doorsteps at all.
  6. How I found out who she was last season was that I saw her on the stage, didn't have my binocs as I usually do, spoke to Beatriz later and told her how good she had been that night. Then she told me she hadn't been dancing that night, so she was very pleased at how good she was!! A couple of days later there Leticia was again, so I asked someone and they told me who she was. I have been watching her ever since and am liking her more and more. And Beatriz too, of course!!
  7. Sigh. That would be lovely. If not, I suggested Bracewell as he has danced it before (I think), and was scheduled to be dancing with Naghdi in Unknown Soldier.
  8. Yes please again....the three most beautiful, naturally classical dancers in the company....Vadim should be partnering the two females in that threesome!
  9. Yes, I also mentioned earlier in the thread how happy she always looks, and what a good dancer she is. To me, she looks more like Beatriz Stix-Brunell than Yasmine Naghdi!!
  10. Just briefly: I think there was a bit of nervousness last night. A few little wobbles from Lauren, a slightly off kilter ending of Mayara's fouettes....but solid partnering from Matthew for both of his ballerinas. I really liked his characterisation, but I didn't feel any real emotional connection between him and Lauren. Again, this might be due to first-performance nerves. They were so lovely together in M&A that maybe it will come in the next show now that they have one under their belts. If Matthew's innate and natural passion were returned, it would be a wonderful and emotional pairing. I'm afraid Lauren's Nikiya didn't move me, and for me she wasn't ethereal enough. Maybe she still had Sylvia (which she had danced at the Maryinsky just four nights previously) in her bones and in her soul because this was more of a performance along those lines. I would absolutely love to see her as Gamzatti. Mayara Magri made a very impressive debut as Gamzatti, and with another couple of performances she will really get into the character...which she already did, but I know that there is even more to come. Marcellino Sambe was a wonderful Bronze Idol (my favourite of the run), and the Shades were as lovely as ever. Having now seen all the casts, my favourite Nikiya has been Akane Takada. For me, she just nailed every aspect of what I think Nikiya should be. I am still thinking about the Gamzattis; much more difficult for me to call as I really liked all of them.