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  1. Elmhurst uniform for sale

    Just bumping this up as I see there has been a bit of interest on other threads recently!
  2. Elmhurst uniform for sale

    These are still available - would someone like to make me an offer?
  3. I have three Elmhurst polo shirts and one v neck sweatshirt for sale all XS and in good worn condition. £25 for all four items, including postage. paypal preferred.
  4. FS: Bloch warm up onesie - p

    This is still available and I would reduce it to £8 to include postage!
  5. Dance Fitness survey

    Thank you so much to everyone who has completed this for my daughter so far. If anyone else can spare a moment to pass this on it would be very much appreciated, as the more responses she gets the better! It really does only take a minute!
  6. I have a Bloch warm up onesie for sale in size P. It is in good condition and the same as this: http://uk.blochworld.com/product/U1207 The size guide on the website isn't particularly helpful but it is the smallest size available and probably about UK size 6/8. I think they are designed to be quite roomy! £10 to include postage
  7. Dance Fitness survey

    Thank you so much!
  8. Dance Fitness survey

    My daughter is in her final year of vocational training and has devised a short survey about dance fitness to help with her dissertation. I would be really grateful if any vocational, serious non-vocational or professional dancers aged 16 and above could complete it for her - it only takes a couple of minutes. Thank you! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/F55QFQR
  9. For sale: New Grishko 2007 size 3

    The medium shank pair is now sold.
  10. For sale: New Grishko 2007 size 3

    I have sent you a message, swanprincess!
  11. I have two pairs of unworn Grishko 2007s for sale. One pair is size 3 xxxx M - unsewn The other is 3 xxxx H - unsewn but has been lightly calamined £15 each to include postage - PayPal preferred. I can send photos by email if required.
  12. Just bumping up to say that the room is still available!
  13. A room for next year has become available in a Twickenham flat share with three current Rambert students. The flat is in a great area, 15/20 minutes walk from school and two minutes from the station, river and shops. Please contact me by private message for further information if you know of anyone who may be interested!
  14. Wanted: Character shoes

    Munchkin, I have sent you a message!
  15. For sale: Bloch practice tutu

    Tutu now sold!