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  1. Willow

    FS: red and black circular stretch band

    Yes, of course! I’ve sent you a pm.
  2. For sale: turquoise Wear Moi sleeveless tank leotard - child size 2. Fully lined and very good worn condition with a very few bobbles at the back where the waist band sits. This is an old style Elmhurst leotard, but as they have changed the uniform it would not be recognised as such. Please pm with an email address if you would like a photo as I can’t make a file small enough to upload! £10 including postage
  3. For sale: red and black circular Deuserband for stretching. Very good used condition £10 plus postage
  4. Willow

    FS: turnboard

    For sale: Balletisfun.com turnboard. There are a few dents in the top foam that you stand on but this does not affect the performance of the board in any way. £15 plus postage
  5. Willow

    Sansha Pro 1C split sole shoes for sale

    Anyone? These shoes might be suitable for some associate programmes!
  6. I have four pairs of Sansha Pro 1C canvas split sole ballet shoes for sale. All pairs are brand new with packaging and labels. Long story but they sent the wrong size and cannot now be changed. Those who followed the thread about the Sansha sale will know what I mean. 😉 Sansha size 3 which is UK size 1 - 1.5 medium width. The shoes are flesh coloured, i.e. not standard ballet pink but look absolutely lovely on. Cross over elastics, pre-sewn at the back. I would like £7.50 per pair plus postage.
  7. I have a copy of the The Arts Good Study Guide by Ellie Chambers and Andrew Northedge for sale. Published by The Open University, this was recommended reading for my daughter’s degree course a few years ago - not sure if it is still on the list but it is useful reading regardless and especially helpful when thinking about essays and dissertations etc. Good condition. £5 plus p&p, which should be £3 - £3.50.
  8. My daughter is pretty sure she has one of these. She will be home at the weekend so she will look for it and let you know then.
  9. Willow

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Thank you, Tatasmum. I’ll try calling again today but I’m not holding out much hope!
  10. Willow

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    My first parcel has arrived and they sent the wrong size.... They’re still not answering the phone - has as anyone tried to do a return? I’m thinking that I may be selling a few pairs of shoes on here, soon!!
  11. Willow

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Nothing here, but then I didn’t get an order confirmation email, either. I wonder if the system was so overloaded that some went through and some didn’t?
  12. Willow

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Thanks. I’ll try calling again but it sounds like my orders might have gone through after all!
  13. Willow

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I also placed an order - twice - and got the same message. I have not had an email confirmation and cannot check payment as I do not do online banking. I called but got an answer machine and emailed and have had no reply.... Did anyone who got this message and knows their order went through go on to get an order confirmation? I was assuming I was unlucky but maybe I will suddenly end up with more shoes than I bargained for....
  14. Willow

    Elmhurst uniform for sale

    Just bumping this up as I see there has been a bit of interest on other threads recently!