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    Squadron Associations connected with my years as a RAF Navigator; choral singing; and ballet and dance after meeting the lady, now my wife, who had been a dancer with the Royal Ballet's Touring Company, and who still teaches and examines in the discipline. (Edited to say that in mid-2014 she resigned from examining after some 40+ years.)

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  1. The Times' chief Arts Writer, Richard Morrison, has published a piece to day in which he's pretty critical of the powers that heirs continue to wield over performance and interpretation of a forebear's work: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/richard-morrison-artists-heirs-shouldnt-be-allowed-the-power-to-censor-their-work-trg5fgj36?shareToken=ce4a16491f0e27b579ffb15eea65e66b That link should take you behind the paywall. Reactions?
  2. Ian Macmillan

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    Colman: In that case, you'd easily find a place in Koschei's evil crew in Firebird.
  3. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 12 August, 2018

    Links – Wednesday 15 August, 2018 Feature – Replacing Peter Martins: NYCB’s Job Description Explained: Michael Cooper, NY TImes Review – Drive East Festival, Odissi Dancer Arushi Mudgal, New York: Alastair Macaulay, NY Times Preview – Stars gather for the International Ballet Festival of Miami: Olga Connor, Miami Herald News – Bay Area Fall Dance Preview: Janice Berman, SF Classical Voice Review – Netta Yerushalmy, Paramodernities, Jacob’s Pillow: Gay Morris, Danceviewtimes Preview – “Stars of American Ballet” to close Jacob’s Pillow Season: Staff, BWW Review – Barak Ballet, Cypher, Desert Transport, E/SPACE, New York: Leigh Witchel, dancelog.nyc Review – Jo Lloyd & Dancers, Overture, Melbourne: Jordan Beth Vincent, The Age Edinburgh Festival and Fringe: Review – Company Wayne McGregor, Autobiography: Kirsty Morgan, Bachtrack Review – L-E-V Dance Company, Love Chapter 2: Claire Sawers, The List Review – Recirquel Company, My Land: Mary Brennan, Herald Preview – Akram Khan Company + Local Dancers, Kadamati, Xenos: Kelly Apter, The List
  4. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 12 August, 2018

    Links – Tuesday 14 August, 2018 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe: Review – Company Wayne McGregor, Autobiography: Claire Sawers, The List Review – Burn the Floor, Rebels of Ballroom: Claire Sawers, The List Review – Chang Dance Theatre, Bon 4 Bon: David Mead, SeeingDance Review – Tjimur Dance Theatre, Varhung – Heart to Heart: David Mead, SeeingDance Toronto Fringe Festival, July: Review - Breakaway Entertainment, Anatomy of a Dancer: Grace Wells-Smith, Dance Current Reviews – Alison Daley & Others, In Threes; Colleen Snell, The Fall: Molly Johnson, Dance Current Meanwhile, more generally: Feature – ENB’s Dance for Parkinson’s programme: Judith Potts, Telegraph Review – 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival, New York: Rachel Stone, Fjord Review (Late?) Feature – Stars of the American Ballet, Santa Fe, NM: Michael Wade Simpson, Culture Vulture News – RAD Genée International Ballet Competition, Hong Kong: Natasha Rogai, SCMP News – Australian Lifetime Achievement Award nominee, Athol Willoughby: Michelle Potter, .... on dancing Feature/Gallery – Australian Ballet dancers in Underwater Dance photoshoot: Nicholas Carolan, Grazia Australia
  5. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 12 August, 2018

    Links – Monday 13 August, 2018 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe: Reviews – Company Wayne McGregor, Autobiography: Mary Brennan, Herald David Mead, SeeingDance Review – L-E-V Dance Company, OCD Love: Mary Brennan, Herald Review – Compagnie Philippe Saire, Hocus Pocus: Mary Brennan, Herald Review – Le Patin Libre, Vertical Influences: Eve Allin, Exeunt And elsewhere: Review – Boston Contemporary Dance Festival: Karen Campbell, Boston Globe Review – Lucy Guerin Inc., Split, Sydney: Michelle Potter, ... on dancing News – Results: RAD Genée International Ballet Competition, Hong Kong: Dance Australia
  6. Links – Sunday 12 August, 2018 Review – Natalia Osipova & Others, ISADORA: A Tribute to Isadora Duncan in Two Acts, Costa Mesa, CA: Claudia Bauer, DanceTabs Review – Mark Morris Dance Group, The Trout, Love Song Watzes, I Don’t Want to Love, New York: Gay Morris, Danceviewtimes Feature – A Dance Critic’s look at Parisian Cabarets: Laura Cappelle, NY Times Feature – Chi Cao, on leaving Birmingham Royal Ballet: David Mead, SeeingDance Review – Carmen La Cubana, London: David Jays, Observer Lookback Reviews, Hong Kong: Kevin Ng, Dance Journal HK - Hong Kong Ballet, A Day in the Life, Rush, Carnaval des Animaux - English National Ballet, Giselle (Khan) Meanwhile, in the eclectic corner: Feature – Shuffling and Swing Dancing: Robert Everett-Green, Globe and Mail Feature – An original Lindy Hopper blooms in Sweden: Renata Sago, NY Times Edinburgh Festival and Fringe: Review – L-E-V Dance Company, OCD Love: David Mead, SeeingDance Review – Compagnie Philippe Saire, Hocus Pocus: David Mead, SeeingDance
  7. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 05 August, 2018

    Links – Saturday 11 August, 2018 Feature – Natalia Osipova, preparing for Pure Dance: Peter Aspden, Financial Times Reviews – Mark Morris Dance Group, The Trout, Love Song Waltzes, I Don’t Want to Love, New York: Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times Alastair Macaulay, NY Times Elizabeth Zimmer, Village Voice Interview – Raffaele Morra, The Trocks’ Ballet Master: Diane Parkes, DanceTabs Review – Quantum Leap, Two Zero, Canberra: Michelle Potter, ... on dancing Feature – Dance crazes changing the world: Lior Phillips, Guardian Boston Ballet News – Mischa Santora named as Music Director: Zoë Madonna, Boston Globe - Robbins Program to open season: Ruthie Fierberg, Playbill Review – Lucy Guerin & Dancers, Split, Sydney: Jill Sykes, SMH Diary – New York, Next Week: Gia Kourlas, NY Times (Scroll down!) And: Dancing Dads, the new darlings of social media? Sarah L. Kaufman, Washington Post Edinburgh Festival and Fringe: Preview – Company Wayne McGregor, Autobiography: Kelly Apter, Scotsman Review – L-E-V Dance Company, OCD Love: Claire Sawers, The List Review – Helene Weinzierl, As Far As We Are, Bluff: Alexandra Gray: The List Review – Gandini Juggling, 8 Songs: Alexandra Gray, The List Review – Recirquel, My Land: Claire Sawers, The List Review – Boaz Barkan, May I Speak About Dance?: Anna Winter, The Stage Review – Alba Flamenca: Suzanne Hawkes, BTG
  8. Ballet Ireland's Wilis are loose on Edinburgh's Calton Hill in the 3rd picture here: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/news-in-pictures-wednesday-august8-2018-wmd3qh35x?shareToken=f48cfcaa6c5e50b65869797b41a6f414
  9. Might we perhaps agree to get back to RB 18/19 Winter Casting?
  10. Not, I fear, quite on a par with the Fringe show back in 1959 in which I first heard the late Duncan McCrae do "The Wee Cock Sparra." At that time, it was still possible to walk the Royal Mile without difficulty, I doubt there was more than one "'venue" (if that term was then in use) over in The Pleasance area, and I can't recall that anyone had yet invented "Standup." I've not been back in Edinburgh at Festival time since my sister died in 2002 and I'd by then found it all too much like hard work. I'm very happy to leave the 'Buzz' etc nowadays for others to enjoy.
  11. Ian Macmillan

    Choral Ballets

    Somewhere up above, Lizbie wondered about wordless choral ballets - well, Ravel's Daphnis and Chloe score has large tracts of wordless choral effects. But one way or another, Richard should by now be better informed on the topic than when he started this thread.
  12. Ian Macmillan

    New Linbury Theatre seating plan

    Lin: My recollection when the work was announced is that the Linbury would become more of a 'proper' theatre. My Seat-naming missive arrived today and, in that regard, the word 'Studio' is dropped - it will henceforth be simply the Linbury Theatre, "a wonderful new theatre to improve the experience for staff, performers and for you, our audience." It will also be "much more flexible, enhancing the viewpoint and audience experience for different types of productions and we have improved the acoustics to make performances even more enjoyable aurally." How can anyone resist paying £1000, £2500 or even £5000 for naming a seat in such a place? And not for evermore, be it noted, but simply "for a generation: 25 years." And for whatever its worth in terms of likely future usage of the enhanced facility, the letter is signed by a "Creative Producer, The Royal Ballet." Does that portend the RB as the theatre's main user, or is there simply a parallel mailing with a Royal Opera signature Block? Oops, just noticed, the first 5 rows of Stalls seats may be removed where a production requires an orchestra, so who knows?
  13. Ian Macmillan

    Carmen La Cubana

    There was a piece in yesterday's Times on this;; https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/carmen-la-cubana-at-sadlers-wells-the-habanera-comes-back-to-havana-for-cubas-first-musical-xbbcsjlhn?shareToken=dd1162711f537548c9e9304c5e6214ad
  14. Ian Macmillan

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Melody: Thank you, some 4 minutes or so of the spellbinding Mme Yanowsky to start the day. Wonderful, wonderful.
  15. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 29 July, 2018

    Links – Tuesday 31 July, 2018 Review – Company Wayne McGregor, Autobiography, London: Jessica Wilson, SeeingDance Review – Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Ulysses Awakes, Noumena, Between Two Fires, Tisbury, Wilts: Alison Gunn, Financial Times Feature – Michelle Potter’s July Diary: ..... on dancing Edinburgh Festival and Fringe: Feature – A new Giselle and more at Dance Base: Mary Brennan, Herald