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    Squadron Associations connected with my years as a RAF Navigator; choral singing; and ballet and dance after meeting the lady, now my wife, who had been a dancer with the Royal Ballet's Touring Company, and who still teaches and examines in the discipline. (Edited to say that in mid-2014 she resigned from examining after some 40+ years.)

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  1. Dance links w/b Sunday August 13, 2017

    Links – Wednesday 16 August, 2017 Review – Mariinsky Ballet, La Bayadère, London: Rachel Elderkin, The Stage Gemma Bond & American Ballet Theatre Dancers: - Review: Then and Again, The Giving, Impressions, New York: Leigh Witchel, dancelog.nyc - Preview: eight/twenty-one/seventeen, Sun Valley: Gia Kourlas, NY Times --- Includes an interview with Isabella Boylston Feature – Chicago’s Dance for Life seeks new directions: Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Tribune Review – Wayne McGregor & Random International, +/- Human, London: Staff, Londondance News – Boston Ballet’s 2017-18 Personnel: Jeffrey Gantz, Boston Globe Preview – Dance: Made in Canada, Ottawa: Michael Crabb, The Star News – Misty Copeland to guest as Aurora with Australian Ballet: Staff, Dance Australia Review – Victoria State Ballet, Cinderella, Melbourne: Susan Bendall, Dance Australia Review – DanceBourne, Godai Mixed Bill, Melbourne: Susan Bendall, Dance Australia Edinburgh International Festival & Fringe: Review – Aracaladanza, Vuelos: Kelly Apter, Scotsman Preview – Boy Blue Entertainment, Blak Whyte Gray: Kelly Apter, Scotsman Review – Velocity, Rising: Kelly Apter, Scotsman Review – Sun Son Theatre, Heart of Darkness: Lucy Ribchester, The List Review – Joan Cleville & Others, The North: Anna Winter, The Stage
  2. Still Problems!!

    Day 3, and 123 is still there, I fear. Another Invision-hosted site that I frequent is not thus affected, by the way. Ho hum.
  3. Still Problems!!

    No change here on the 123 business, so that's 48 hours more or less now and it's increasingly clear that the problem lies upstream of us users. I was unaware of 'ISP caching' until Lizbie's post, above, and have had a quick Google on the topic. I don't pretend to any depth of IT infrastructure knowledge, but some of what I've seen suggests that such caching is generally short-term, measured in hours rather than days, and if that's what's going on here then the limits are being severely pushed.
  4. Still Problems!!

    John: Before seeing your last, I cleared everything from my Chrome browser ... and still that 123 page returns using our basic URL. I seem to be stuck with it.
  5. Still Problems!!

    Other than now seeing that I'm not alone, I can see no change this morning. Firefox and Safari are fine with the Home page and beyond but on Chrome, my working browser, I can't get beyond that 123 page unless I use www.balletcoforum.com with an extension. Trying to reset my Forum Bookmark on Chrome is proving hopeless thus far - putting the basic URL into the search line always resolves to the 123 page.
  6. Still Problems!!

    I've managed to get here in a most roundabout fashion and am still seeing the 123 Reg page from my Bookmark and, once there, can make no progress. I got here by playing with the various icons at the top of the page and, given my experience today, am very surprised that many users appear to have posted throughout the day without difficulty. Could it really be the case that the Mods are worst affected by whatever has been going on back at the Host servers? Now to see if I can submit this post successfully ...... Edit: Well that went OK. It seems to me that it's the Home page that's affected - using my browser's History file, I've bookmarked the Forums page and I appear to get in from there. Further edit: I've now moved to Firefox and found the Home page OK, so is it a Chrome issue? And it's also OK on Safari.
  7. Still Problems!!

    John: In addition to that 'Apache' page I emailed to you, I've been getting random "Internal Server Error" messages when clicking on various areas of the Forum in the past 5 minutes. But they go away and return - all most odd. Sample attached.
  8. Word

    Links – Monday 7 August, 2017 Review – Mariinsky Ballet, Anna Karenina, London: Debra Craine, The Times Today is not proving better, I fear. After variable results in the list that emerged in today's Links section, and that refused all attempts at cleaning up the format, what's here is a fresh start from a blank page that has transferred OK, apart from the usual Font size change that I have to use. And the Toolbar permits a change to Bold, something that would not change in posting today's Links. All very irritating!
  9. Dance Links w/b Sunday 06 August, 2017

    Links - Monday 07 August, 2017 Review - Mariinsky Ballet, Anna Karenina, London: Debra Craine, Times Review - Mariinsky Ballet, Swan Lake; English National Ballet, Romeo and Juliet, London: David Dougill, Times Review - English National Ballet, Romeo and Juliet, London: Gerard Davis, Dancing Review Review - Vail Dance Festival, 2 mixed programmes, Vail: Alastair Macaulay, NY Times Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe: Review - Gandini Juggling, Sigma: Anna Winter, Stage Review - Djuki Mala: Claire Sawers, The List Review - Lenka Vagnerova, Gossip: Lucy Ribchester, The List Review - Margaret McAuliffe, The Humours of Bandon: Lucy Ribchester, The List Review - Gecko & Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, The Dream: Lucy Ribchester, The List Review - Arab Arts Focus, dance double bill: Donald Hutera, The List Review - Vanessa Cook Dance, Creature: Donald Hutera, The List Review - Northern Ballet, Casanova, Manchester: Staff, Arts Shelf Review - Marie Chouinard, Soft virtuosity, still humid, on the edge; Emanuel Gat, TENWORKS (for Jean-Paul), Montpelier: Pawit Mahasarinand, The Nation Featurette - The dancer as brand ambassador, then and now: Valerie Lawson, Dancelines Feature - Alice Reyes, AD Emerita Ballet Philippines: Cathy Canares-Yamsuan, Philippines Inquirer Feature - Leadership lessons from a ballet teacher: Shellie Karabell, Forbes Posted with apologies - the formatting tools are still not working properly. Links trawl completed by Janet McNulty.
  10. Word

    For anyone wondering about all of the above, your Links team has had an interesting day and hopes fervently that tomorrow will be better.
  11. Word

    Title Goes Here Text and text and text and text and text. Text and text and text and text and text. Text and text and text and text and text. Text and text and text and text and text. Text and text and text and text and text. Text and text and text and text and text. Text and text and text and text and text. Text and text and text and text and text. So pasting from Pages looks OK, save that the original title was in Bold. And where has the Indent icon gone?
  12. How else is he going to pay all his dancers the equivalent of substantially more than £1800 per month?
  13. Dance links w/b Sunday July 30, 2017

    Links – Saturday 5 August, 2017 Reviews – Mariinsky Ballet, Anna Karenina, London: Mark Monahan, Telegraph Louise Levene, Financial Times Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack Edinburgh International Festival & Fringe: Feature – No Miracles Here: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Preview - Requiem for Aleppo: Kelly Apter, The List Preview – Aracaladanza, Vuelos: Kelly Apter, The List Preview – Maria Pagés, Yo, Carmen: Kelly Apter, The List News – Should the EIF dates change (again)? Brian Ferguson, Scotsman News – Ballet and the sweet smell of success: Jack Malvern, The Times Feature – Renegades & Radical Bodies in 3 New York Exhibitions: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Feature – AileyCamp Miami, boosting confidence through dance: Brooke Henderson, Miami Herald Review – NOW Festival, 2017, Los Angeles: Jeff Slayton, SeeDance Diary – Edinburgh & London: Judith Mackrell, Guardian Book – Katherine Dunham: Dance and the African Diaspora/Joanna Dee Das: Siobhan Burke, NY Times Review – Yvette Nolan, Michael Greyeyes & Others, Bearing, Toronto: Emma Doran, Dance Current Review – Mudra Dance Company, Kartikeya, Wellington: Donna Banicevich Gera, Theatreview
  14. Dance links w/b Sunday July 30, 2017

    Links – Friday 4 August, 2017 Reviews – English National Ballet, Romeo and Juliet (Nureyev), London: Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard Margaret Willis, Bachtrack Gerald Dowler, Classical Source Siobhan Murphy, DanceTabs Vera Liber, BTG Gallery – Mariinsky Ballet, Anna Karenina, London: Dave Morgan, DanceTabs Review – San Francisco Ballet, Annual Outdoors Program at Stern Grove: Toba Singer, Culture Vulture Review – Rome Opera Ballet, Parade, Pulcinella, Pompeii: Martina Angioloni, Bachtrack Feature – David Hallberg returning to Australian Ballet: Hannah Francis, Sydney Morning Herald Review – Trajal Harrell, Hoochie Koochie, London: Siobhan Murphy, DanceTabs Review – Cirio Collective, Mixed Bill, New York: Leigh Witchel, dancelog.nyc Preview – Dance at Wilderness 2017: Rachel Elderkin, Exeunt Preview – Ballet B.C., Babylon (+ Flowers), Vancouver: Dana Gee, Vancouver Sun Diaries: - New York This Week: Siobhan Burke, NY Times - Around Portland : Jamuna Chiarini, Oregon Artswatch Documentary – Step: Glenn Kenny, NY Times Joe Morgenstern, Wall St Journal
  15. July 2017 software update

    John: The discs look so much less intimidating - thanks!