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    Squadron Associations connected with my years as a RAF Navigator; choral singing; and ballet and dance after meeting the lady, now my wife, who had been a dancer with the Royal Ballet's Touring Company, and who still teaches and examines in the discipline. (Edited to say that in mid-2014 she resigned from examining after some 40+ years.)

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  1. Dave, good to see you behind a camera once again - I've been missing you on LInks recently.
  2. Dawnstar: I rather think you're right on the hooped skirts. I think it was in the first Acosta and Friends bill that Zenaida Yanowsky danced a solo to one of the Monteverdi 1610 Vespers motets, wearing just the hooped underpinning over a shift of some kind. All very odd, with the hoops having a life of their own, and not my favourite Yanowsky memory.
  3. I spy with my little eye a random sponsor breaking into a song and dance act!
  4. Well, as something of a Don Q sceptic, I have to say I really enjoyed last night's streamed showing. I'd somehow assumed we'd seen the Acosta version before but, as soon as the Prologue started, it became clear this was all new to me. A great improvement on the other productions I've endured, and certainly well put across by one and all, from Ms Takada and Mr Campbell down to the youngsters involved at times. The new sets, chaps actually playing guitars, and a Don Q who retained some dignity and was not entirely doddering - all most welcome.
  5. Many years ago I had to report indiscretions in an open rail carriage that indicated the speaker was working somewhere in No 10 Downing Street, close to the PM. I understand that the person concerned was subsequently removed. That old wartime poster about "Be like Dad - keep Mum" had much to commend it.
  6. Well, it's beyond me how system-sensitive the same original layout can be.
  7. Links – Monday 11 February, 2019 Review – New York City Ballet, Herman Schmerman, Principia, The Runaway, New York: Barnett Serchuk, BWW Dance Review – Sadler’s Wells Sampled 2019, London: Rachel Nouchi, BTG Review – Matthew Bourne/New Adventures, Cinderella, Los Angeles: Peter Debruge, Variety Review – Mark Morris Dance Company, Pepperland, Boston: Jeffrey Gantz, Boston Globe Review – West Australian Ballet, X-It, The Sofa, In-Synch, Reincarnation, Perth: Margaret Mercer, Dance Australia Tour Review – James Cousins & Dancers, Epilogues, Ipswich: Sanjoy Roy, Guardian Review – James Wilton Dance, The Storm, Blackpool: David Upton, BTG Feature – Elizabeth Cameron Dalman/Teac Damsa, Swan Lake, Perth: Simon Collins, West Australian Review – Camille A. Brown & Dancers, ink, New York: Deborah Jowitt, Arts Journal/DanceBeat
  8. I've been at a loss to understand the problem here. Like MJW, above, using Chrome on my desktop, nothing appears to have changed. For example:
  9. Links – Sunday 10 February, 2019 Review – New York City Ballet, Herman Schmerman, Principia, The Runaway, New York: Deborah Jowitt, ArtsJournal/DanceBeat News – Natalia Osipova joining Meryl Tankard for Adelaide Festival: Matthew Smith, ABC News Galleries – Sadler’s Wells Sampled 2019, London: Foteini Christofilopoulou, DanceTabs Roy Tan, BWW UK Preview – Martha Graham Dance Company, Mixed Bills, Sarasota: Susan L Rife, Sarasota Herald-Tribune Review – Ballet West, Swan Lake (Sklute), Salt Lake City: Sofia Sant’anna-Skites, Daily Utah Chronicle Review – Figs in Wigs, Often Onstage, London: Ka Bradley, The Observer
  10. Taste most certainly changes. Many (most?) today will recognise the Bach Passions as masterpieces of European art, but I was greatly taken aback to discover years ago that they had languished in near obscurity for a century or so until Felix Mendelssohn staged them and brought them back from the archives. Something similar must be happening with ballet - we may need to leave it to our grandchildren to find out exactly what.
  11. Well done, one and all - and if Johnny comes back and says that these are not the photos he mentioned, you may get to do it all again!!
  12. These by any chance? https://picclick.co.uk/Leslie-E-Spatt-noted-ballet-photographer-22-x-264142729039.html
  13. "Good music"? Aye, there's the rub, for we might well lack unanimity in our views of any particular piece.
  14. Links – Saturday 9 February, 2019 Obituaries: - Dame Libby Komaiko, Ensemble Espanol: Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times - Zsuzsa Kun, Hungarian State Ballet: Mia Nadasi, Independent Review – New York City Ballet, Interplay, In the Night, NY Export: Opus Jazz, New York: Carol Pardo, Danceviewtimes Interview – Javier Torres, Northern Ballet: Cecilia Crespo, On Cuba Review – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Lazarus, Revelations, Washington DC: Sam Abney, BWW DC Review – Angelin Preljocaj & Dancers, Gravité, Paris: Laura Cappelle, Financial Times Review – Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company, Mixed Bill, Gouda/Touring: Lambrecht Wessels, Bachtrack Matthew Bourne/New Adventures: Review - Cinderella, Los Angeles: Lewis Segal, LA Times Interview/Preview – Swan Lake, Dublin: Christie Seaver, Irish Times News – Pam Tanowitz commissioned for NYCB Spring Gala: Roslyn Sulcas, NY Times Previews – Akram Khan, XENOS; Polish National Ballet, Swan Lake (Pastor), Montreal: Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette Preview – Footnote New Zealand Dance & Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Hemispheres, Auckland/Touring: Eleanor Wenman, Stuff.co News – Pittsburgh Ballet, 2019-20 Programme: Mark Kanny, Tribune-Review Diaries: - UK, Next Week: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian (Scroll down …) - LA & Southern Cal: Matt Cooper, LA Times
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