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  1. windover60

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    While I agree with your above comment Anna C, I think this thread is very important as people are speaking out in a situation in which they do not feel threatened. I'm not planning to say any more as we are no longer associated with the ballet world. However, we did have issues regarding fees following a medical letter so if anyone wants advice re that I'm happy for them to message me. Wishing everyone all the best in whatever you do - mental health and happiness is the most important thing and life is long ! That's my pearls of wisdom !!!
  2. windover60

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Dancermum2003 - we understand completely - I sincerely hope your niece gets the help she needs and a new future emerges for her. We were also too broken and exhausted to go in all guns blazing at the time. A lot of comments have been about upper schools so I just wanted to add that I was talking about a lower school (WL) where children are 12/13 when this is happening to them. Totally unacceptable and seemingly untouchable ( even with the strength of balletdadblog) . It is hard to imagine the effects of this until it happens to you. My advice would be do not be afraid to remove your child immediately if you feel it is necessary. Cost implications can be dealt with legally.
  3. windover60

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Sadly, from personal experience, I have to agree and sympathise with the comments in this thread by Sadielou, ribbons, taxi to name a few. I haven't followed this thread for a while, as we have now left the ballet world, but feel very strongly about these issues. The issue for us was not that the school chose to replace British students with those from overseas, but the lack of duty of care before, during and after the process. Many aspects of the 'balletdadblog' resonated strongly with us - same place, different time. My Dd was treated in an appalling manner - I understand that I cannot be specific on this forum - but generally, immoral assessments ( different rules for different students, no standardised assessment criteria or evidence), no reasons given, no emotional or physical support during injury, emotional bullying - being shouted at and belittled in class as well as inadequate pastoral care to name a few. 'Whistleblowing' made things worse for her. This all resulted in post traumatic illness and several years of support from mental health professionals. This high profile lower school is responsible for this and seem to be untouchable. However, away from the ballet world, things are finally moving forward for us - there is another world out there where happiness and self belief can be found once more. I do not plan to comment any more but wanted to support the other stories that have been told. We were very niave year 7 parents and I would have welcomed some insight when making our decision - the British girls in our year who had successful, positive experiences ( about 4 in total) were those who had parents in the profession or who were very knowledgable about it, outside Physio support and teaching to supplement and strengthen ( frowned upon but essential ) and unlimited financial support to attend everything and anything that is out there ! Such is the reality of the British system, in my opinion !
  4. windover60

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Absolutely correct. I am waiting to see what the moderators decide to do as I also have comments to add but do not wish to do so simply to have them removed.
  5. Yes I have messaged you x
  6. Two pairs of freed pointe shoes from special order - new and unused. £15 each or £25 for both pairs. Other ballet clothing md equipment for sale also including high leg strappy leotards, ballet wrap skirts, the-footstretcher, pirouette master, Bloch ballet bag. Please message for details and for pictures. ,
  7. windover60

    Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    Dd has received an offer of a day place, invitation to scholarship audition and waiting list for boarding for tring sixth form. We know of others with similar offers. Obviously circumstances for funding are different this year with no Dadas available. I wondered if anyone knows of anyone with an offer of a boarding place for sixth form with scholarship audition ? Also any information about home stays ( costings, availability) would be welcome as we live too far from the school for a day place to be an option. Many thanks in advance x
  8. Looking for a pair of new Bloch Amelie 103 pointe shoes size 5.5 xx. Out of stock at suppliers til November and dd needs a new pair for a festival end oct.
  9. Bloch serenade SO 131 pointe shoes brand new, unworn, spare pair, selling due to change in size. Bought for £40, selling for £20 plus postage. Can e mail photo.
  10. Unworn pointe shoes with ribbons sewn on, immaculate, unwanted spare pair due to changing size. £49 new, selling for £25 plus postage, can e mail photo.
  11. Like lisadebs I can confirm there is no problem with staying at WL at weekends. My daughter stays most weekends as do many others. Only 2 or 3 girls in her year go home every weekend. We wouldn't be able to get her home every week due to distance and finances x
  12. It was an amazing opportunity to see so many wonderful dancers in the same programme. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it - Zenaida and Emma were two highlights for us, and we were sorry not to see Lauren, although Helen Crawford was magnificent.
  13. windover60

    YBSS 2014

    Hi there I didn't see the link for photos after week one so if someone could message it to me or put it on here that would be great x
  14. windover60

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    I just want to support others thoughts that unofficial speculation about places is not helpful. Once you have a child at vocational school, you realise how immensely stressful appraisal time is for them and their friends. I sincerely hope that no current year 7s read the post regarding three potential spaces in year 8 as this would heighten their stress levels totally unnecessarily for their appraisals next week. Whilst the number of places seem to increase further up the school, due to boarding constraints, this is not the case in the lower years, although they do tend to audition some extras in case of unforeseen circumstances, as pictures mentions. I have always found this forum very supportive but do feel it is important to remember the feelings of both those auditioning and those being appraised. Good luck to every one in all those cases - and if you are at finals, enjoy it, it is a very special day and you have done amazingly well.