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  1. It's part of a triple bill with The Dream and Marguerite and Armand. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ashton-Ballets-Various-Opus-OA1264D/dp/B07DSJ666F/ref=sr_1_16?keywords=the+dream+ballet&qid=1555577413&s=dvd&sr=1-16
  2. This is an interesting point, especially as I think I myself consult the Links section less than I used to but I'm not sure why. I log on the the Forum once or twice a day to check the Performance and Information pages but unless there has been the first night of a production I don't often bother with the Links. The restrictions imposed by certain newspapers are a nuisance but I tend to think if there aren't any relevant reviews there's nothing there for me; which is probably wrong. I wonder if it would make a difference if the links were put daily in the Information section with the days date at the top then people could click on that and see what's new. it may be better used this way if people don't have to come out of the 2 main topics and into another one.
  3. Alina is the only dancer I can remember whom (I think) played both Olga and Tatiana in the same run when she was still very young. I think it was the Ross Stretton period. Both were amazing but I have a particular fondness for her Olga to Ivan Putrov's Lensky and Rojo's Tatiana and Adam Cooper's Onegin; fabulous casting and performances all round.
  4. Yes I thought that too. Also like, O'sullivan and Sambe didn't they do the school matinee as well? The only slight consolation is that when they came to perform it again they were given the cinema broadcast so perhaps this will also happen to Marcellino and Anna Rose in a couple of years or so (not that I want to wait that long!)
  5. I'm on the train going home still completely blown away by this afternoons amazing performance. It was indeed an 'I was there' performance, sensational in every way. Anna Rose and Marcellino weren't just dancing or acting the roles they WERE Romeo and Juliet. They set the bar very high for anyone coming after them. For some reason I've never been a huge fan of Romeo and Juliet, especially the Macmillan version but once again the Royal Ballet has shown that the dancers themselves can alter my whole perception of a ballet. Bravo Royal Ballet, especially Marcellino and Anna Rose!
  6. Lucky you to have seen their Corsaire which is fabulous and (in my opinion) far better than the Bolshoi's. I first saw the Kirov's (as they were then) Corsaire in 1990 at the Birmingham Hippodrome and was just blown away by the colour, athleticism, artistry and spectacle of it. I'd never seen anything like it before and I've loved it ever since. I didn't recover for at least a week! Do they still have the fabulous fountains that no other company has? Sadly the Mariinsky haven't brought it to the UK for nearly 20 years; every visit I've been disappointed. last time I saw it (about 2000/2001) Margaret and Denis Thatcher were in the audience. I keep hoping that next time...
  7. Me too for Brandon Lawrence!! Any chance of it coming to the Lowry or does that complicated set make it too expensive to tour?
  8. Just checked now and there are 29 stalls circle seats left for all of the Firebird triple 6 performances and little availability in low amphi. However the 7 performances of the Flight pattern triple which have been open for booking for several months have 70 SC tickets for one performance alone; 14th May, and quite a few available for other performances and this when tickets are cheaper than Firebird triple. Why more performances of this than the Firebird triple when it is obvious which is going to be more popular? Just the opening night seems sold out everywhere except amphi and there are still 100+ tickets available here. Looks as if the students may be benefitting again unless sales pick up. I hope this doesn't lead to more price rises next season for more popular ballets. It seems wrong genuine ballet lovers who want to see different casts should be literally made to pay for poor performance planning. I can appreciate the need for modern ballets even though I probably won't see them myself but why have so many performances when management must know they don't sell well?
  9. Loved the photos Don Q Fan, especially the one mentioned of Magri and the last 2 of Muntagirov/Osipova. Just thought it a disappointment that Laura didn't get any flowers.
  10. At 09.10 this morning I too found the queue paused but not for long; I was in in about 3 minutes. Finding affordable tickets was another matter. Like some previous posters I prefer side stalls circle as my eyesight isn't as good for amphi as it used to be. I have arranged a house swap specifically for the second week of the triple bill so I could see Vadim in both roles (please keep him injury free!!). Wed 12th June was the main date I wanted decent tickets, to see Naghdi's Firebird as well as Vadim in Month in the Country. I think I got possibly the last 2 £68 tickets together which was considerably more than I wanted to pay but at least I'm not paying for accommodation. Thursday I went for amphi anyway and Friday 2 more stalls circle tickets that were close together and one slightly cheaper than the other though still more than I wanted to pay. I've never seen a triple so sold out at the start of public booking. Regarding the actual booking logistics I had the Seasons calendar saved as a favourite so used this and avoided the new 'booking experience' altogether. I didn't realise until half way through that I could select 2 (or more) seats together for the same performance and not add them to basket until I'd finish making my selection. That did save time in coming out of booking and going back in again. Also, is it my computer or has it got slower after you click on 'Buy'? It seems to egg-time for quite a while before it gets to the area select option, not just today but any day. On my computer it does this both on the new buy ticket option or the old seasons buying option. Had to wait a while (about 40 minutes) for the confirmation email. Tried the Fonteyn gala but sold out. I do think it is disgraceful that our prima ballerina assoluta has been treated so badly; hardly a celebration of her life and achievements when the programme still doesn't seem to be announced and genuine enthusiasts can't get tickets. But silly me, of course we're not really wanted anyway.
  11. Yes, I can only echo what has been said by previous posts about the two performances yesterday. Both were really excellent and you wouldn't think it was Mayara Magri's debut. She ran on the stage full of confidence and seemed to be having a ball which is what you want from Kitri. Alex Campbell's partnering and soles were wonderful as always and he has a great cheeky persona and always times his 'death' perfectly which isn't easy to do. I think I too prefer Christopher Saunders/Philip Moseley Don/Sancho Panza. I thought Christopher in particular gave a very nuanced performance and is the only person I've seen who makes me believe in the Don as a credible character not just a stage eccentric - and yes the horse is very good and a lot less messy than the real thing. But Vadim and Osipova in the evening were just sensational! I'm so glad this is the last Don Q I'll see in this run as I just want to remember it forever. My husband, Terry, came with me (he enjoys ballet but doesn't come as much as he used to) and he thought it fabulous too. I'm so glad he saw this performance. We both enjoy seeing Vadim and have seen him in two Pigeons and Winter Dreams and he never disappoints. An audible gasp ran round the auditorium both times he did his split cabriolets and the audience nearly raised the roof at the end of the performance. I've never heard so much noise and as Terry is noise sensitive he had to leave during the curtain calls (fortunately we were at the end of a row) Everyone was really good especially Fumi Kaneko as Queen of the dryads but the night really belonged to Osipova and Muntagirov for their very special performance. we are so lucky to have them (especially Vadim!) Roll on Romeo; can't wait!!
  12. I owe my love of ballet, and especially Russian ballet, to the Hochhauser Kirov and Bolshoi tours starting in the early 1990s and continuing to the present day. So many great memories such as the Kirov Corsaire with Farouk ruzimatov and the fabulous Altynai Assulyratova and the amazing debuts of Osipova and Vasiliev in Don Q. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and commitment of Victor and Lillian Hochhauser. They were the best, and leave a tremendous legacy of artistic memories and a passionate commitment to the arts which is sadly lacking today. My thoughts are with Lillian at this very sad time but I also hope that their great work in bringing Russian opera and ballet to the UK can continue as I'm sure Victor would want.
  13. Me too though I can still access the seasonal link posted previously. http://www.roh.org.uk/seasons/2018-19 I'm keeping everything crossed this will still be available come April 3rd!
  14. I had a reply to my second email about website design today (the one where I suggested they replace the links at the bottom of the new Homepage). it is just a general reply from Graham Boland, Customer Services manager. So at least it was a person not an automated reply. 'Thank you for your email in relation to our redesigned website. I will be passing your feedback to our Digital team. I do know they are issuing new pages over the coming weeks and months and will be endeavouring to make the user experience as smooth as possible. '
  15. Yes I do see the News page is still there and does have some of the old features. My comments relate to when I clicked on it at the weekend and the links at the bottom were not there on my computer at the time. it was just the meaningless logos you get at the bottom of the current home page. I do see that some links are there now (though not the seasons one I usually use to book tickets with). Also it still isn't used to give current casting changes though they do seem to be using it more to publicise actual events such as the Romeo live streaming and the Jette Parker Young Artists. So it's good to know it is still being used and perhaps casting will be returned eventually. However, it's not easy to find unlike previously. I just found it now to give this information but I don't know how to find it again from the Homepage. it is the Homepage that is so awkward to use for regular users who usually know what they want and want to get there quickly. I can see the superficial attraction of the new layout perhaps to people who want to browse the website, so my suggestion would be (and I will email it to the website people like I did my letter) to possibly keep the Homepage at least for now but have the old links restored at the bottom of the page. Surely that will please most people? Like most people using the Forum my definite preference would be for the website to revert to what it was but presumably they have spent a lot of time and money 'updating' it and are not going to abandon it yet so if they can make it more user friendly for us that might have to suffice at least for now. Ironically, the News page layout is a lot more user friendly than the Homepage; could have something to do with the fact it hasn't been altered though of course the links at the top (Tickets and Events; Your Visit and Eat and Drink) take you to the new style pages which aren't good.
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