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  1. In the forties and fifties they had ventriloquism on the radio in the form of Educating Archie (and others) which is even more bizarre. https://www.otrcat.com/ventriloquists-in-old-time-radio
  2. Sunday 16 December SkyArts are showing the 2016 RB Nutcracker at 4pm. Can't find a repeat during that week and recent experience has shown me that if you try and get it on Catch Up Sky want you to pay extra though that may not apply if you have Virgin or other ways of getting SkyArts. I suppose it may be repeated over the Christmas period but my Radio Times only goes us to 21st December. I think the Christmas double issue is due out next week. I think the casting was Cuthbertson/Kish/Hayward/Campbell with Naghdi as the Waltz of the Flowers lead. Perhaps someone else could confirm if this is definite.
  3. Thank you FrankH for encapsulating perfectly what I felt when watching the Nutcracker cinema broadcast. I loved Anna Rose's dancing but for me at least she doesn't yet have the personality of other recent Claras, especially Hayward. However, she is only a soloist and not a principal and obviously Francesca has had much more experience in major roles so I'm sure it will develop over time. I wonder if I'm a bit ''Nutcrackered out' as it's been the RB Christmas broadcast for what seems like forever. Like you again I found even the amazing Nunez/Muntagirov partnership I always finds so magical didn't do a lot for me unlike their amazing Bayadere a few weeks ago. That might have been something to do with the (for me) unflattering character disguising blond wigs which I really hate. I'm hoping that the new or revised Cinderella Kevin O'Hare has talked about will be the Christmas ballet next year and give us all a break though I think it's a good idea to have a Christmassy double or triple bill also. This year's seems to have sold well which must be encouraging (as long as they don't increase prices for mixed bills next season!)
  4. An American In Paris is apparently also being shown on BBC2 over Christmas. Can't find any details as to date or production, but hopefully the new one Christopher Wheeldon choreographed as it was also filmed and shown at cinemas earlier this year.
  5. This looks to be the most unadventurous programming any Russian Company has done for years and strengthens my belief that the Hochhausers are not as personally involved in programme planning as they used to be and that the 'money making' , programmers (so familiar to all of us these days, alas) have had a large say in the programme. As I've said previously the Hochhausers used to present a balanced programme between previously seen, new to the UK, and popular audience pleasers such as Swan Lake. There was usually some sort of mixed bill as well. This programme doesn't bring us anything we haven't seen before (though Bright Stream hasn't been seen for about 10 years) and no mixed bill. If they do Swan Lake it usually is performed twice so no surprises there. Though a bit surprising to see Spartacus performed twice. is it really that popular? I suppose the politically correct brigade might have played a part in rejecting Shrew and Bayadere but if so that's a shame. it's just a form of censorship. It may also to do with the fact neither sold well at la Scala but can you judge the sales of one opera house with another? Russian companies usually sell well in London almost regardless of what they do (though very modern mixed bills might struggle). So for me it might be a cheap (ish) summer just seeing Bright Stream and perhaps a Don Q.
  6. I thought I couldn't see you anywhere Janet. Apologies as I think I took the last parking space! It was really awful. But if you go again for a long ballet make sure you get a voucher on your way out as they've installed parking machines and you're only allowed 3 hours and of course if the ballet lasts nearly 3 hours and you've parked early you'll go over this. I think they have these sneaky cameras to track how long you've been there. I took 2 ladies; one who saw it before on Tuesday at the cinema and one to whom it was new and they were both really impressed. The 3 leads were incredible (especially Vadream). His elegance and port de bras were out of this world. As Altynai Assylnuratova was born to play Nikia I think he was born to play Solor (mind you I think that for just about every role I see him in!) But I think his Solor was really special. All the corps and the Shades were sheer perfection. It was so wonderful all we need now is a dvd or better still on tv over Christmas.
  7. I too was at the Friday evening performance. I'd booked hoping to see Corralles whom I'd never seen but came away enraptured at a faultless, amazing indeed life-enhancing performance that was given by Osipova/Nunez/Muntagirov. They were just stunning together and I rather wish this was the performance that had been filmed. On a lighter note the lady next to me was reading out the plot summery to her friend and when she had finished the first act the friend said 'Oh I see; a bit like an episode of EastEnders then'!
  8. I think they must have 'freshened up' the tiger because from previous runs it was so awful (I always thought of it as an Oxfam reject) it always got a laugh from the audience whereas I haven't heard much laughter from the few performances I've attended this time. I still feel rather cheated that Solor doesn't make his betrothal entrance on an elephant. Walking under a curtain isn't very warrior like at all. I suppose all the budget went on the last act which doesn't seem to deliver much these days. A lot of dust isn't nearly as dramatic as when the Buddha used to break in half.
  9. Just had an email from the ROH to say Coralles is injured and won't be dancing this Friday and he was the main reason I was travelling from Lancashire as I haven't seen him yet. Vadim is dancing in his place. I didn't think I'd ever be disappointed in having Vadim as a cast change but I have seen him twice already (3 times if I go to Southport this Sunday) and was looking forward to seeing Coralles. Hope he isn't badly injured and will be back soon. Must be as disappointing for him as for us.
  10. Did Vadim do a different first solo in the betrothal act last night? I know it's not very likely but when I saw him at the theatre last Thursday I really got the wow factor from his solo then which I didn't get last night. I thought he did a succession of those spectacular turns in the air that yesterday he did in the Shades act but perhaps I remember wrong.
  11. I enjoyed last nights performance though I do agree with those who commented on the poor lighting. They were filming the live performance I was at last Thursday when I saw the same cast. You would have thought if they had played that through they would have seen the problems of poor lighting and made some sort of adjustment for the recording. I accept that is not easy to do during a run where the lighting is presumably set the same for every performance but it should have been obvious that some occasional adjustments were needed for the recording. Has anybody mentioned the snake or lack of? Because Marianella seemed to slightly have her back to the screen when she discovered it I didn't think it was visible at all either then or when she threw it to the floor (should the cameraman have been tracking it?) Also, possibly because of the lighting, I didn't even see it when the fakir picked it up and banged it on the ground. it looked as if he was miming something! So if you didn't know the plot and hadn't read the scenario you wouldn't know what was going on. We need a bigger snake!! Also agree about the temple at the end. You couldn't see any disintegration, just clouds of smoke. Didn't the Buddha statue used to break in half? That was very dramatic and gave a good indication as to what was happening. Anyway loved the performance. I thought the three leads were great in their interpretations as to how they saw their characters. it doesn't necessarily mean they are the only or the most valid interpretations. I too saw Takada and Naghdi last week and really enjoyed their performances and interpretations too. The Shades and all the corps variations were amazing and all credit to Samantha Raine for creating such strength and depth in these roles. Of course the 3 shades were exceptional in their interpretation. I could have watched them all night! Need a dvd to permanently capture this Bayadere and perhaps they could adjust the lighting on a dvd even though they didn't do it for the performance. Looking forward to seeing Coralles this Friday and hopefully the encore cinema performance this Sunday then nothing more until Dec 20th alas, though can't wait for this triple bill which sounds as if it's going to be really special.
  12. Might see you there Janet as I too hope to see it at Southport on Sunday despite seeing it yesterday too at Preston.
  13. jmhopton

    For sale Bayadere 17th Nov

    Ticket is now sold.
  14. Me too. She was the best. Clement Crisp said she was born to play Nikya and how right he was. At least we can re live it on dvd.