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  1. Those of you who wait at ROH, how long generally do you wait? My 11yr old daughter is desperate to wait after we see DQ next week, but I have visions of her falling asleep standing up!! I've been several times to the stage door recently and my experience has been it does depend very much on both the dancer and if dancers have backstage visits from family or friends. Also, for example a first night can generate family/friends visits resulting in delays. Just speaking generally Vadim is usually fairly quick (within half an hour of me arriving at stage door) whereas others such as Marianella can take much longer.
  2. I have the ROH News page saved as a Favourite on my pc. It still has the 'old' format of seasons at the bottom of the page and all the 'old' options such as seating plan. I never bother with the new Homepage at all as it is just too confusing and uninformative. The only time I use it is if I want to find out about things like the rehearsals in the Hamlyn Hall. There I use the new homepage. Click on What's On and below the calendar, under 'Functions' (?!) there they are under Ballet Studio Live. Having said that, at the bottom of this page (What's On) the old seasons are there. The thing is, I want to know what's on and am prepared to take the time and trouble to find out. If you weren't committed and just wanted to browse generally you might well give up. How are the ROH going to get these new customers to replace us if they can't easily find out what's on and can't find a box office in the building itself? I know most people may want to book online these days (I do myself but I don't live near London). However, I still think it's very bad there isn't a box office on site and (as far as I could see) no directions in the new Open Up area as to where there is one.
  3. Yes you are right Ruth. I was rather bemoaning the fact generally that insights are streamed but discussions aren't. However, I do take the points made by John Mallinson and bangorballetboy that if you're prepared to pay for a ticket it may be annoying to find it live streamed where anyone can watch for free. Also that the questions and answers may not be suitable for live transmission and people may not be as keen to participate if they knew their answers are being broadcast worldwide. Anyone can make a slip in a live transmission and regret it afterwards. However, I suppose if they were filmed they could be edited later and eventually transmitted subject to the interviewees approval.
  4. I have fond memories of the Bayadere and Onegin Insight days I attended. Sorry to keep going on about it but when you're travelling 200 miles and need an overnight hotel stay for anything in the evening, the idea of coming just for something that may last just over an hour isn't affordable. I would LOVE to attend the Gary Avis talk but can't justify the expense. That is why it's so great the Insight evenings are being filmed and can be enjoyed by everyone. Would be fabulous if the discussions could be filmed too but I suppose I mustn't get greedy! I assume the powers that be think there isn't enough interest for them (or the 'right' young audience wouldn't be interested; only us pesky regulars).
  5. Much as I enjoyed seeing Naghdi and Sambe in rehearsal together the height problem or potential problem came across to me too. It seemed she was possibly taller than him when she was on pointe. Didn't he partner Hayward in La Fille? I always thought she would be a better partner for him especially for the classics for just this reason as she is so small. Obviously she's not available at the moment so this option isn't possible. I'm sure they'll sort it before the performance and am really looking forward to seeing them. Judging by the rehearsal they will be amazing together; can't wait!
  6. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but I've just seen that the film with the Ranulph Fiennes Q and A session is being shown at about 25 Odeon cinemas on Tuesday 12 March (or at least it is at my local Odeon, Preston on this date). I thought the docu/drama made by (I think) the BBC a couple of Christmas' ago dealing with Nureyev' defection was excellent as was Artem Ovcharenko as Nureyev. it will be interesting to see how this compares.
  7. Me for example as I previously posted in the Don Q Insight thread. it's great if someone posts it here as the ROH seem incapable of putting such important information on their own website.
  8. It's a good job we have the Ballet Forum or else I would probably have missed this great piece of news. Despite all evidence to the contrary I still have the ROH News website page saved as a favourite and am naïve enough to believe they will post important information such as this on it. Well now I know better. However, as I have closed my Facebook and Twitter account they probably wouldn't be interested in me anyway.
  9. You might have been disappointed Alison. I certainly was. I saw it at the Grand, Blackpool with Terry and we both thought the first act was very poor with virtually no dancing. More of a pantomime than ballet. When the second act opened with hideous costumes and uninspired movements at the ballroom scene (usually a highlight for me) my spirits plummeted even more. Then the prince arrived in a perfect classical costume and did a very passable variation. I could have kissed him! After that things improved somewhat but I wouldn't be tempted to go again (at least to see Cinderella). having said that we were possibly in the minority as most people leaving seem to be saying they'd enjoyed it to the management saying good night. Later, I filled in a questionnaire and asked for the Grand to show La Fille again as we saw it there several years ago and it was nearly a sellout.
  10. I thought they'd done a later version though I don't know why they needed to as I really liked the earlier version. I've still got my Northern Ballet Dracula garlic box and a chocolate coffin! I'll certainly be going to see it though.
  11. Very exciting news. I often wondered why Dracula wasn't filmed and shown on tv for Hallowee'n. Is it the version I remembered from the late 1990s which I thought was really splendid?
  12. Thanks very much to everyone who has taken the trouble to reply to my query (especially Alison who sent me a personal message). Now all I have to do is to decide which date to attend! Given that one rehearsal date is 15th March and the other 10th May could those who have attended previously give any idea which ballets may be rehearsed. Is it ballets that are currently being performed at the time or ones more in the future?
  13. I just placed a query in the ROH Public Spring Booking thread but perhaps it would be more appropriate here. I just want to know if it is better to book for the stage or balcony area for the Paul Hamlyn Hall rehearsals or if it doesn't really matter. Are the stage seats level with the dancers and so could the view be obscured? Are the acoustics more problematic in the balcony? Any feedback welcome as I fancy booking for them. they seem good value and 2 events mean a good days ballet watching and no overnight stay.
  14. So why can't the ROH stagger the public booking for ballet and opera like they used to do? I too struggled to get online just after 9am. it took at least 15 minutes before I could even get as far as the queue and then the queue was paused. However, when it did start moving I was through in a couple of minutes and it was relatively stress free though I don't think 30 minutes is very long when you're trying to weigh up seat options for several seats. Also I'm sure one of the seats I purchased was priced in the next price band as on other days it was cheaper. I have emailed the box office so I'll have to see what they say. I'm tempted to book for a couple of the rehearsals in the Paul Hamlyn hall but don't know whether to go for stage or balcony. can anyone advise, please?
  15. I've been going to the stage door on and off since the 1990s and have never met with anything but friendliness and politeness from those I have met. They sign and pose for photographs and nothing seems to be too much trouble. I do try and gauge whether or not they are in a hurry and not delay them if they are obviously rushed but usually they seem happy to spend a bit of time with people who have taken the trouble to say how much they enjoyed their performance. I don't usually approach anyone who hasn't been dancing that night as I'm not sure what the etiquette is in that situation.
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