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  1. Questions about Upper School auditions

    What a great position to be in! Where has she auditioned?
  2. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Anyone received results from last week’s Elmhurst preliminary Upper School auditions yet?
  3. The School of Ballet Theatre UK

    Does anyone have any first hand experience of post 16 vocational training at The School of BTUK? As it’s relatively new, there seem to be less views available on this forum compared to the more established schools. Would welcome any information available please?
  4. Tring sixth form dance course

    Also interested in the replies as my dd also auditioning there.
  5. Tring 6th Form Dance Course - academic tests

    Did your dd enjoy the Tring audition last year? Is she there this year or did she choose an alternative vocational school?
  6. Tring 6th Form Dance Course - academic tests

    I think my dd will be tweaking one of her competition solos but she won’t be doing a ballet piece. I’m really not sure what they’re expecting though!
  7. Can anyone give me some information on the academic tests to be taken at audition for the Sixth Form Dance Course? My dd is auditioning there but doesn’t plan to do A’levels too. Thanks
  8. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I’m bracing myself for it!! Dd has only done one audition so far with an offer from Ballet West.
  9. Central Audition for 2018 Entry

    Hi sarahw On the application form, it asks for an academic school reference. Do you know if it is essential to send at this stage or can it follow? Thanks
  10. Genee 2017

    Thanks for responding anaballerina. My dd is auditioning for September 2018!
  11. Genee 2017

    Hi anaballerina Are you currently a Ballet West student?
  12. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Dans-Ez D911 looks like a very flattering cut. Any idea where to buy it? Out of stock at Dance Direct and style not showing on the Dans-Ez website. I wonder if it's been discontinued?
  13. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Would you mind sending me a pm about this too please?
  14. Central school of ballet summer school

    My dd (16 years) is going for the first time this year for one week on week 2.
  15. Woodside Dance Retreat

    What age group is this for please?