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  1. now voyager

    Natalia Osipova -- her own projects

    Given the description, I think it will be quite different from the Ratmansky! I wish I could see it in any case, but I am committed elsewhere.,.
  2. Thanks, alison. It's definitely the matinee and the ROH website (FWIW) lists it at 2:30.
  3. Yes, so sorry, and now I can’t edit! Mods, by any chance?
  4. I'm selling one Stalls Circle Standing ticket--D44--to the Patineurs Triple Bill matinee on 20 December at 2:30 PM. The price is 6 GBP. Please post here AND send a PM if interested.
  5. The late-stage TBCs are certainly discourteous. The continued posting (whatever the cause) of casting information that, even if accurate at one time, has since become erroneous (and we had at least one instance of that with Symphony in C and I strongly suspect have another with Patineurs) is not only disrespectful, but dishonest. In response to my inquiry, the ROH informed me that “updated” casting information will be posted this afternoon.
  6. Thank you so much, Bluebird, for this; your comparison gives me a very clear idea of where the Australian version differs from Mariinsky one I have seen. Your analysis also makes me want to SEE the Australian version, particularly for the clock ticking sequence you describe. (As for the Seasons music going to the planets and stars, I kept thinking when I read this of Nerina's "buds bursting" answer to Ashton's question about what she thought of upon hearing the music for Spring--I hear that, too, and am not sure I want that music deseasonized, but again, I would be very curious to see Ratmansky's conception.)
  7. Has anyone seen both this production and the one Ratmansky did for the Mariinsky? How do they differ?
  8. I think that production is the most beautiful Nutcracker production I’ve ever seen, and I am looking forward to revisiting it later this month.
  9. If anyone hears anything definite about the 20 December matinee, whether Hay is out, and if so his replacement ( I would guess Sambebut who knows), please post. Waiting for the ROH website to get it right feels like waiting for Godot...
  10. If it did, I thank you! Because I found out in time, I was able to pick up a ticket and rearrange my travel so that now I will be able to see both casts for Bizet.
  11. now voyager

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    First we had that Lucy Sinclair arrogant nonsense and now this. Ticketholders were inconvenienced (for how long? was it 2 years?) so that we could have an overpriced cafe and ridiculous codes for doors which confuse nearly everyone--a far more congested foyer all 4 times last week that I was there than previously, with people no longer knowing which way to go. Yes, the redone Linbury looks good from the photos, and some of the daytime programs look worthwhile. The website is a disaster and I still can't figure out whether by arriving in London a day earlier than planned next week I can see a different cast. What a pathetic story for a storied institution with a glorious past.
  12. With 8 days to go before that performance, I still don't see casting for Symphony in C on 22 November. Am I missing something? If anyone does know the casting, can you please advise?
  13. Absolutely thrilled to see Bourdon (at last!) and Barbeau, two of my 3 favorite ballerinas in the company, promoted!
  14. Yes, they are dancing (alternating performances of Tarantella and Tschai pas) in the Balanchine celebration at NY City Center.
  15. I am quite fond of ROTFLMAO... (which also appears in the variant ROTFLMFAO)