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  1. The concierge at my hotel just off the Strand has responded to my panicked email, and assured me that there will be "numerous monitored crossing points" for pedestrians, so walking should be possible. While I note that the race's website warns slow runners that after 12:30 they may have to take to the sidewalk, I suspect that the Strand will continue to be closed to vehicular traffic.
  2. now voyager

    Natalia Osipova -- her own projects

    Unfortunately, his works are not performed very frequently in the US, either!
  3. now voyager

    Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    Clearly the APPROPRIATE time to honor her would be the season in which her centenary falls, i.e. the 2018/19 season.
  4. now voyager

    Nureyev remembered

    My first time was at the old Met in NYC during the 1965 tour: the Bayadere Shades scene. My friend and I were so overwhelmed by the magic that was Rudi and Margot that a few days later we queued for hours to get standing room for their sold-out Romeo & Juliet. Almost 53 years later, images from that performance linger. Over the ensuing years, I saw many, many times, with the RB, on those marathon tours with other companies (like the Canadians and the Australians), when he seemed to dance almost every performance, and his Friends programs. Even as the technique and line deteriorated, that unforgettable presence and sheer passion for dance remained.
  5. If I'd known Caroline Carvallo was coming out of retirement I'd probably have gone after all!
  6. Before the premiere of the RDB production, they streamed an Introduction to it, which included some showing and discussion of the designs. IIRC, they said that Deborah MacMillan had decided to allow the redesign of Manon so that companies that could not afford the expensive Georgiadis designs would nevertheless be able to mount the ballet. I so loathed what I saw of the RDB designs that I skipped my planned trip to Copenhagen to see it there. There are a number of companies besides the RB that use the Georgiadis designs. I suspect that it would not be impossible to rent from one of them.
  7. BeauxArts, Vikharev's wonderful Coppelia, which was danced by the Bolshoi on a previousLondon tour (2010), will be revived at the Bolshoi next month, and will also be cinecast in June. It was never in the Mariinsky's rep.
  8. Allison, I've sent you a PM.
  9. I'm planning to see the first two evening performances (14 & 15 March) in Cardiff. If anyone else will be attending and would like to meet up, please PM me.
  10. I'm selling one ticket to the Insights evening on 4 April (at the Linden Studio). The price is 17 GBP. Please post here AND send a PM if interested.
  11. I'm selling SCS D-44 (GBP 10) for the performance of Giselle on 1 March at 7:30 pm. Please post here and send a PM if interested.
  12. I am selling the following tickets for the Royal Ballet's Winter's Tale: Rehearsal 13/2 at 12:30: Balcony A29---22 GBP SCS D9 for the following dates (all at 10 GBP): 15/2 at 7:30 pm 16/2 at 7:30 pm 20/3 at 7:30 pm. If interested, please post here and send a PM.
  13. now voyager

    For Sale: RB Nutcracker 2 January SCS

    The ticket has been sold.
  14. now voyager

    Cesar Corrales resigns from ENB

    I don't know what timeframe you have in mind with "next few years" but I, for one, would hope that (barring injury or the unforeseen) Nunez does NOT retire ANYTIME within what I understand them to be. Of course, any good director should plan for the future in making staffing decisions, which I think is O'Hare is doing well. I must be drawing a blank, but who is "Cut"?
  15. I am selling SCS D-9 for the Nutcracker on 2 January at 7:30 pm. The price is 10 GBP. If interested, please post here and send a PM.