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  1. No, she was scheduled to, but did not dance it with ABT.
  2. Your assumption is correct! Osipova danced Olga in June 2012 during ABT's Met summer season. (If I recall correctly, she was originally scheduled for two performances, but only danced the first.) Diana Vishneva was the Tatiana, and speaking of Vishneva's Tatiana, her ABT farewell performance in the role, partnered by Marcelo Gomes, was absolutely shattering.
  3. I did not see the performances that were filmed, but I saw the same cast the previous weekend, and I agree with Angela's comments about them, as well as that Adam Cooper was a great Onegin. I've been watching Onegin since 1971, and have seen many wonderful Tatianas, and a few great Onegins, in a number of companies. Haydee remains for me the greatest, and though I think she perhaps took greater risks, at least in the mirror pas, with Richard Cragun (I have never seen that level of rapturous abandon elsewhere, although I thought Cojocaru came close in one pre-injury performance with Kobborg), for me Heinz Claus' characterization felt truer. Having said that, Maximova was a glorious Tatiana, and I loved Birgit Keil in the role (as I did in almost everything). I thought Rojo was a great Tatiana (and that dropping her on the following run was a heinous act), as was Ciaravola, and in more recent times Svetlana Lunkina. I've been deeply moved by the Onegins of both Lantratov and Skvortsov at the Bolshoi, and by Evan McKie at NBoC (not having seen him in Stuttgart). Besides Badenes, I'd single out Osipova and Tikhomirova in recent times as best achieving the wilfulness Olga should display, along with gorgeous dancing. Egon Madsen left his mark on Lensky for me, but the dancing of both Heymann and Polunin in the role just blew me away. I deeply regret never having seen Vogel's Lensky , as the video of his first act variation stuns me everytime I watch it.
  4. Thanks so much, Sim, for this great interview.
  5. I'd really like to read this, but everytime I've clicked on the link, it says the Gmail account is temporarily unavailable! I've tried 2 different browsers, to no . Help!
  6. Rehearsal ticket is sold. SCS for 29 November is still available.
  7. The Shrew, Nutcracker, Dame aux Camellias, and Giselle this season were always scheduled to be previously recorded, rather than live, cinecasts, and PatheLive 's original announcement was clear (see the original post above). I can't speak to advertising in the UK; here in the US, there's a small asterisk on the US website indicating a recording of a former performance. (But, following a change in the US distributor last season, even our so-called "live" cinecasts are all shown on a delay of at least 2 hours...)
  8. With apologies for my prior unsuccessful attempt (mods, can you delete?) to post this, I am selling the following; Sylvia rehearsal 21/11 at 4 pm: Balcony A58, 22 GBP Sylvia performance 29/11 at 7:30 pm: SCS D9, 9 GBP If interested, please post here and send PM.
  9. For Sale:

    I am selling the following Stalls Circle Standing tickets: 31 July--D13 7 August--D9 Each ticket is 15 GBP. If interested, please post here AND send a PM.
  10. I believe it is the Yakobsen company that is currently performing at the Mariinsky.
  11. They will be dancing the "new" Burlaka reconstruction. Most of the variations are different from their prior version.
  12. And not just ballet watchers in St Petersburg! (Of my 3 favorite Mariinsky ballerinas for the classics, only one is a Principal.)
  13. Shakirova also dances the beautiful Dudinskaya vision scene variation. Wish I could be there for it!