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  1. Dance Workshops Watford have an amazing Jazz Technique taken by Bruce Aguilar-Rohan. Sunday 11th June- Jazz Technique workshop 3pm-5:30pm in Watford, Hertfordshire Bruce trained at the Urdang Academy and has gone on to work extensively within the industry. Bruce has worked with so many different artists for TV, Film and Live performances. Bruce has also performed in many shows including West Side Story and has just finished performing in the musical ‘Carousel’ at the London Coliseum alongside Katherine Jenkins. Bruce is also a regular teacher at the Urdang Academy in London where he teaches all year groups in Jazz technique along with having a regular Jazz class at Studio 68 in London. This is a great opportunity especially for anyone considering full time training to have an insight into what classes might be like! To really benefit from Bruce’s class, as he has so much to teach you we have decided to just do one long workshop this month and the price of this will be £16. These workshops are available to book now via our booking website at https://bookwhen.com/danceworkshopswatford *Please note all choreographers are subject to change. This is due to getting such talented choreographers for our workshops they are sometimes called away for professional work at the last minute. However, we will always find a replacement at the same high level and keep the workshop as similar as possible to advertised.
  2. Dance Workshops Watford

    Hi Everyone My company Dance Workshops Watford are running a few workshops which might be on an interest to some of you. Wednesday 5th April - Aerial Hoop workshop ( No previous aerial experience needed) Sunday 30th April WICKED - West End workshops Commercial Heels. Our workshops are aimed at intermediate/Advanced dancers and all workshops are taken by professionally trained choreographers. The styles also change in month to give dancers a taster of lots of different styles they might not regularly do. Please get in touch if you would like any more information Thanks
  3. Dance Workshops UK

    Hi everyone I hope this is allowed, if not I apologies! I'm 19 years old and I've just started a company called Dance Workshops Watford. We run monthly workshops on a Sunday with styles changing each month. So far we have had styles in Commercial, Lyrical and West end workshop. We have lots of things planned such as Body conditioning/Flexibility and Jazz next month and thing like Aerial hoop and Ballet planned aswell. All workshops are run by professionally trained choreographers who have had extensive industry experience. We realised attending workshops in London etc wasn't always feasible to do. So if this is something you or anyone else is interested then please get touch and head over and like our fb page. https://www.facebook.com/danceworkshopswatford/ or website www.danceworkshopswatford.co.uk We are also looking at bringing this to more dancers and different areas so if Watford is too far please let us know where you are based as hopefully we will be able to bring this to you soon Thanks
  4. Advice please for an all rounder

    Urdang academy does a youth academy which does ballet,jazz and musical theatre which is ran once a month. Laines also do one as well I think. A company called rare productions run youth amatuer productions all over the south of England.
  5. Elliott Clarke - any experiences to share?

    I have attended this college and I wouldnt recemmend it especially if your looking for ballet training. This year i know 6 people who have left after the first term.Im happy to give more information about it if you want to Pm me
  6. Dance mums uk

    All the girls attend another dance school in liverpool which is there main dance school as jennifer ellison is more a stagecoach type thing rather than a full on dance school.
  7. Tring 6th form auditions (2014 entry)

    My Friend is at Tring in Year 10 and he said that they get offered scholarships for 6th form however if they go and audition any where else these scholarships get taken away from them
  8. One year foundation courses

    Im 15 in year 10 and hoping to go into some full time training at 16. I keep seeing these one year foundation courses around. Does anyone know how they work? cause normall you would of stayed at sixth form 2 years and then gone on to uni at 18
  9. Best age for first pair of pointe shoes

    Shes at at the dance school in watford. The girl who got into bolshoi ballet school as far as i know was only en pointe from a reasonalbe age but the teacher there is now pushing a few of the girls to train to be able to audition there
  10. Best age for first pair of pointe shoes

    The girl is from a non vocational school. I persoanlly dont agree with it either as im 15 and only just gone en pointe
  11. Best age for first pair of pointe shoes

    A girl i know went en point when she was 9. Her feat were so small she had to get her point shoes speically made in london. Shes now 11 but her feet are already very messed. She working on her intermediate and advanced foundation now and she hoping to audition for the bolshi ballet school.( One of the girls accepted went to her dance school and spotted her as talent) I think it was wrong for her to go on so young she going to have awful arthritious whens she older but she loves what shes doing. She live in the UK btw.
  12. Audition procedures

    Happymum - Its was for both of us really. When we went inot the physio assesment he took our name etc and then got us to stand facing to him, then touch our toes and then walk in a straight line up the corridoor. We then laid on tthe bed where we did some leg exercises. He of course wrote stuff down. But after he basically told us what we need to work on be carfeul so one girl he told her she rolls her ankles slightly when she walks and mine is that my left leg is weaker than my right so when im training i need to work twice as hard on my left than right. He would of written any problems down which would go to their final decision of chosing people but It was also for us so we were ale to know where we need to improve and watch on. So a bit of both really. I think it would only cause you a problem if they said your muscles are unfit for full time dance training them obviously for the childs saftey they couldnt offer you a place.
  13. Audition procedures

    I auditioned for tring and hammond ,Tring i cant comment as i was going in for year 10 entry so i might be slightly different for years 7 but for hammond its mixed so there was year 7 up to yar 10 entry in the same audition. Once arrived we got tken off to the dance studios where w got ready for the ballet class. Our parents stayed behind and had a talk from the prinicpal.While in our ballet class he parents got a tour of the school. The ballet class was really basic as it was catering for all levels then they did a bit of fleixbility where we had to sit in spilts etc After that was a basic movement class which was quite similar to jazz. We then did our dance solos. Next we had lunch Followed by vocal warm up and then sing your solo song if you dont prepare anything then they just get you t sing over the rainbow or happy birthday. During the solo singing e got taken to see the ysiotherapist nd told us what we need to be careful of etc. fter was just the test non verbal reasoning for year 7/8/9 and english for year 10. The we got a tour of the boardng ouse if we wanted one. There arent any finals at hammond.Hope that helps
  14. Pointe shoes help

    Thank you very much
  15. Pointe shoes help

    I've already joined the new school and the new teacher dosent mind either so im really unsure Thank you for all your help