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  1. My copy has just arrived and the cast is marvellous enough for me.. Also delighted with the McRae/ Takada Dream which I saw with such delight live. I am now looking for a TV online...😊
  2. Thanks v much for highlighting this and the link!
  3. Mary

    Wildlife in heatwave

    As well as a normal stone bird bath,very often re filled at the moment-I mean several times a day!-Old washing up bowls are great- put a couple of bricks in one and a few stones, making sure creatures can get in and out. (This can't fall over zxDaveM.) All sorts of creatures great and small drink from mine. One I have buried and landscaped with old sticks etc, as a small frog pond and it is very popular. Terracotta plant saucers also work very well- birds love to bathe in them.
  4. My favourite memory of her-an incomparable Sugar Plum Fairy with Johnny Cope. Many congratulations Miyako Yoshida and good luck.....
  5. agree entirely...that should be the underlying trajectory of this pas de deux and it's in the music. Not hard to understand though.
  6. Quite so Sim. But there has been so much ballet on in London in recent weeks with very fine performances wherever you look! Maybe that is to do with it. I was disappointed though not surprised to see so little made of the new RB Swan Lake production in the media generally; once upon a time, the Royal Box would have been full of dignitaries, it would have been mainstream news.. it is all v disappointing... But my feeling is that there is a popular groundswell of enthusiasm for ballet again, and the critics and media and assorted bigwigs will catch up eventually.
  7. Mary

    Audience Behaviour

    I do get fed up with people thinking I must be 'snooty' because I go to the ballet a lot, so it's nice to know I'm really 'vulgar and common'-hurray! 😄.
  8. Mary

    Audience Behaviour

    I would much prefer to have the whole Act before applause....I don't recall there being so much bowing between each variation in the SL pas de deuxs before...It does break up the atmosphere... Clapping on for special occasions is all right because the atmosphere is yet to build....
  9. Changes did get made to Winter's Tale for its second run, some of which were keenly aired on this forum.. I think it highly likely Scarlett will want to make some changes. Judging from all the insights etc, he obviously understands that he is part of a bigger whole, not just an individual talent..so he is likely to listen to other views. It would be absurd, come to think of it, to imagine everything would be 100% perfect first time round.
  10. Mary

    Audience Behaviour

    My Picturehouse is very good, no problems. Last night I could have done without the ( elderly) lady 2 seats down though....'Isn't he lovely! she kept saying very audibly about several of the male dancers, and 'Oooh isn't THAT one lovely!' or 'Oh yes, he's good isn't he? ' 'No he's the best! He's lovely' etc etc It would have been amusing but I rather wanted to be transported to enjoy the loveliness for myself...
  11. I agree- it seems to me the role has been written in this way, as very up-tempo and bravura, and you could say Campbell just does that best..so, if it seems inappropriate in the overall context of the ballet, the fault, if there is a fault, lies with the choreographer not the dancer. It is far from clear what the purpose of Benno's expanded role really is, and it doesn't seem to me to add to the ballet as a whole. But, A. Campbell took what he was given, and delivered it extremely well, in my view.
  12. Thank you! Among many other details, I found myself noticing Claire Calvert's big swan -being able to see the faces is always such a joy- and one thing I like about this production is the humanising of the cygnets/supporting swans as they empathise with and comfort Odette. Calvert was especially lovely I thought.
  13. Agree they were both marvellous tonight, a dream of beauty. Once again Muntagirov's noble bearing and peerless technique held me spellbound. . It was wonderful to see this cast, which I saw live, close up on screen as well -Iiked the production more this time, seeing more detail. still think there is way too much Benno, for no discernible reason: though Alexander Campbell was excellent again, it is not him, -he is a delight-it is the role. The scarlet jacket and lilac tights outfit once again I found distracting. Apart from that- bloody marvellous.
  14. Saw it [Coppelia] yesterday and enjoyed it very much- a rich feast of colour, spectacle, fun and some superb dancing, and of course that marvellous buoyant score. I watched very closely trying to decide what was 'not to like', as they say. Ms Shrainer is a fiercely energetic dancer, and after all this choreography is pretty fiendish especially in Act 3, so no wonder that, with the live filming as well, there was a look of sometimes intense concentration on her face in place of the sunny smile appropriate to the role ( I kept imagining Marianela Nunez, with her radiant smile, in this role- ideal) I admired Shrainer's strength, energy and attack, though at times there were some slightly less than poised moments perhaps. As always Artem Ovcharenko was elegant and lovely to watch but I thought danced with less than his usual power and the principals didn't seem to me to have much chemistry. The soloists are always interesting to see in Bolshoi screenings- very varied yesterday in style and delivery... Some of the designs, on the other hand, are perhaps a bit over-powering especially the corps in act 3 in a mixture of black, purple, pink and yellow tutus...er...But the men in powder blue satin with plumed hats looked wonderful. Katya Novikova, looking glamorous as ever, gave us a wealth of information. I shall miss these broadcasts over the summer months. I do wish the RB would give us Coppelia some time soon. No one dies..................................
  15. This has made me laugh a great deal and also give thanks I wasn't there! Thanks for such an interesting review, SheilaC.