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  1. I thought that was Stanislaw Wegrzyn -I noticed him too- - Lausanne winner 2017- very handsome young dancer in every sense, who has that certain something you notice- in the way he carries himself. He was looking after the horse as well as the guitar. Better things ahead for him I hope.
  2. Indeed. I was very frustrated when the camera moved to a close-up of ONE of the pair when both Kitri and Basilio were dancing-far apart but together, that was the point of the effect..and zooming in on the windmill when the campfire dancing was still going on. Annoying.
  3. 'A bit too much scenery' is a very fair comment on this production I think....and a bit too much on stage at times, all round! All the sliding around of houses can make you feel a bit sick. For the first time in the screening I kept noticing two strange characters in enormous hats sitting on top of one of them who reminded me of the old buffers in the Muppets... That said, I still think it is terrific fun and I couldn't agree more, Dave, that I much prefer the constantly unfolding action in this production to the endless applause sequences in Bolshoi's...and Acosta has successfully infused it with a hispanic feel, too. My Spanish friend certainly thought so.
  4. O"Sullivan was indeed bewitching. Such speed and precision and charm Choe and StixBrunell I thought gorgeous as Kitri 's friends.
  5. So sorry to hear this - what a shame for those who missed it. It was such fun, and great to see all the detail in close-up. I do hope you can find encore screenings, Serenade and Riva. Picturehouse are doing one on Monday.
  6. Yes ouch. Had been hoping to see Chudin but he's only in Swan Lake which in many ways I really don't want to see again ( their version that is!) With a marvellous summer of ballet from UK and other visiting companies about to arrive I shall perhaps spend the money on more of those instead...
  7. Our posts clashed Lizbie- yes I agree- I don't enjoy moaning one little bit. I have always loved the ROH dearly; it gives me no pleasure at all. But this Linbury thing takes the biscuit.
  8. Just had the email- and am now wondering whether to return my side Upper Circle tickets for Berenice. What a shame- but I really wanted to see as well as hear this production and after reading the thread it sounds a rather hopeless case. The ROH website currently has a warning notice that they are unable to display prices for the summer - perhaps because Linbury prices are all being changed? I suppose that is something. But what a very poor show: poor planning, terrible work by the architect, bad communication, apparently complete ignorance by the theatre management that this situation existed- how can that be-? and the whole thing just not professional.
  9. Events- happy memories. The two questions I used to get most often at educational conferences were - Where are the loos? and Do you know if the trains are running normally? 🙂
  10. Yes I was converted by the first night too. With a little trimming here and there the production could become really good and a mainstay, I think. Sancho Panza also being thrown up in the air etc and genrally chucked around, maybe a younger dancer is not a bad idea!
  11. The horse Rocinante, is meant to be a very old and past-it horse , so this seems appropriate- I love the model, very imaginative. Agree the sets and stunning tutus look so much better live. In the interval I enjoyed a perfect close-up view of Osipova's Kitri dress hanging up in the costume workshop right next to the terace.
  12. Whatever lies ahead it is the end of a wonderful era. Your review brought tears to my eyes Odyssey ( though I had to chuckle at the idea of 'emotional moths ahead' have you been watching The Concert?) There is no replacing someone like Mr Bintley.
  13. It was the most applause I can remember experiencing, apart from farewells etc, Richard. I do wish they were being live screened as really they were so sensational and would, I know, have been the admiration of the world. I am not sure I can affford to go and see them again- but it will linger in the mind very long.
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