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  1. I think/wish more than one public R&J could have been managed for Sambe and O' Sullivan. That's all ....This is the ballet in which to give priority to the young.
  2. I've been trying to remember everything I've seen O'Sullivan/Sambe in- I was thrilled by them in the Nutcracker, and am sure I was wowed by their Neapolitan dance but can't find the programme. Bruce, you have certainly proved very prophetic about this partnership. I agree I want to see more. It is odd not to focus on nurturing the real thing when it happens. Sometimes when a performance doesn't quite do it for me, it is not the individual dancers, but the lack of a special partnership that is the reason.
  3. Entirely agree JohnS; no more to be said about the afternoon, and in the evening performance James Hay was the stand-out performance, for me, indeed, it was a really excellent Mercutio/Benvolio (Tristan Dyer)combination I thought. Not so convinced by the characterisation by Takada/Hirano, although they do look good together -perhaps their partnership has not had time to develop. Some very odd noises from the brass section, also they were out of time at one point. It was good to sense much enjoyment from the audience overall but for me the evening did not really do it. I felt sorry for people sitting near the camera. I could see one short ish woman contorting herself to try to see round it. Presumably people are offered some kind of rebate or to move seats?
  4. Good point Coated. Is the scheme now open to all the young? Of course students get a lot of discounts on the grounds they are not earning, but many young people in work are not earning very much, and also have more outgoings-or they might be unemployed and broke; so if the idea is to encourage a young new audience it might be better to broaden the target.
  5. Just had an email from ROH giving times etc- but not a word about the cast change.
  6. I will Janet, especially if you can lay on Brandon Lawrence for me! I look forward to seeing what they do with the set. It might actually be better for some down-sizing.................
  7. It's funny- I wasn't much looking forward to it or very enthusiastic at all- as many others I believe- but now am hoping it comes back in a couple of years' time!
  8. They are both beautiful, graceful, glamorous people - whoever imagines such outfits are appropriate ! So pleased to see Ed Watson back on stage- does anyone know when we might see him next, apart from Firebird, which doesn't really show off his dancing-?
  9. Mary

    Room 101

    I sympathise with the frustration, very much. But the NHS is under huge pressure. I worked in a surgery as a receptionist once. You'd be amazed at the amount of abuse you get. I have 2 siblings who are nurses and they say the same- often come home from work exhausted and fed up with being shouted at ( and in the case of my sister in law, called racist names). What a world. Many members of the public are incredibly unreasonable- a sizeable group of regulars turn up all the time, just with a cough or cold and many patients expect instant access to a GP of choice. But if you think about it, this is not really possible and never will be. (Working in a dentist is much easier as noone wants an appointment!) Yes the surgery needs a much better phone service. But I am perturbed at the idea of bricks through windows to our NHS services. Many of the people working there are downright heroes and all of them deserve a bit of support.
  10. Good points Ruth and I wouldn't be averse to flashes of humour. She doesn't didn't work for me. I found the constant 'simpering' rather grating. Hey ho - I liked about 75% of it! Did you?
  11. I did indeed enjoy it immensely, especially the orchestra. But for me Brunnhilde was the weak link! I didn't realise it was meant to be a comedy role... The daft 'effects' added nothing in my view and in some ways just distracted and detracted from what should be high points. Making singers wobble around on planks. Having shadow projections 'act out' in pantomime style what the singer is telling us. Silly. The simple domestic scene in Act 1 was far more effective, with the focus on the human drama - and what a fantastic performance by Stuart Skelton: spine-tingling. Ah well it all sounded really wonderful. I actually think it was very good value for money too. Staging Wagner is not a cheap activity- I am happy to pay up. Now what did people who really know about it think?
  12. It seems a strange choice of trip for them indeed. They would have got more out of a different show, surely, and avoided spoiling other peoples' pleasure.
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