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  1. Winter Olympics

    I know what you mean. I got quite engrossed in the women's bobsleigh but not being a sporting person am often puzzled- what is the second woman doing, who jumps in the back and crouches down, not to be seen again? At first I thought she was pedalling...
  2. Winter Olympics

    That's a very well written and insightful review- thank you Janet- and agrees with me so it must be right... How true that the tendency to just pack in moves for points is against the spirit of ice dance, and this reviewer explains brilliantly what ice dance can be at its finest- incarnated in the French pair, Papadakis, Cizeron, and in Adam Rippon, also singled out by me ( ahem)- as a real dancer- he burnished his turns and spins rather than doing quads- quads seem to me so pointless as you can't really see them! I'm not sure I agree about the Shibutanis though- they seem to have had a lot of criticism for being siblings, but perhaps people should 'get over it'and focus on their skating.
  3. The excellent 2006 documentary Ballet Russes- and now book of interviews- by Michael Meylac- (Behind the Scenes at the Ballet Russes)shows how dancers of the Russian ballet were blown by history, like seeds from a thistle, round the world, but, of course, their legacy could only develop if they fell on fertile ground. In Britain we do indeed have a lot to thank Maynard Keynes for, and a government attitude of mind that art -the best art- was for everyone, as you say, Lizbie1.
  4. Winter Olympics

    I just finished watching it too- what a fantastic set of performances. I too preferred the French pair. I didn't really like their hacking about Beethoven sonatas but still, they were very beautiful to watch, dream-like in fact- and I strongly disliked the music for Virtue/Moir-(who danced/skated quite amazingly) a horrid racket IMO! It is a shame sometimes, I agree, not to be able to watch the dances without commentary. This is really not sport, as Alison says, it is all about so many different elements, and then the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Each pair is so different as well. I suppose if you wanted a fairer assessment you would make them do the same routine to the same music. That would be a bit boring.
  5. Winter Olympics

    Perhaps her whole attitude is more important than winning though. She has been so brave, and she is not whingeing- she actually laughs in the BBC interview- a very tough woman, much admired- that's what matters.
  6. Yet another cold, but still another deadline...it's been raining for days....winter has been going on for at least a year...unable to go to any ballet - yes, a bottle of 'McRae' to spritz round the house is JUST what's needed!!
  7. Really sorry, Moderators. That is quite intolerable. We all appreciate what you do. The veneer of civilisation is always thin: it takes work to keep it in place. Evidence of what happens when people give up trying, is all around. I really appreciate this space for civilised discussion ( and also for fun and shared enthusiasm) and long may it continue.
  8. Winter Olympics

    Me too- all such fun isn't it. I am so happy for the British pair, they have done amazingly well so far after all their travails.
  9. Super. All too short. So sweet to see the film of both of them as boys. It would be fun to have a piece choreographed for these two to dance together.
  10. I'm curious as to why the audiences were non-plussed- isn't this BRBs home theatre? and they perform there all year round..so... Thanks for the review.
  11. I remember coming out of a BRB show with a friend a couple of years ago, and we both turned to one another and said simultaneously just 'Brandon Lawrence!!!' I had never heard of him at the time. He makes the impact. It's really hard to describe...but I think it's the great precision of his dancing, with a quality the best dancers have of almost imprinting the air- it must be precision of movement, and being exactly with the music and the tempo and completely engaged. Wish I could see this. Great to read the reports anyway.
  12. Winter Olympics

    Thank you Janet, you have a positively encyclopediac knowledge.... There is quite a lot film of her on ice on youtube- she is delightful. You can see she is a dancer, rather than a sportswoman. One piece choreographed by our favourite, John Curry! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCP5sHjpGCQ
  13. The RB film of Hayward being coached for Nutcracker (and used in the BBC documentary) made the point very vividly that these big roles need an enormous amount of strength and stamina. You could see the strain, and the exhaustion, and the work of learning to pace and build the strength, - things we don't of course see in performance.... These rehearsal films are invaluable I find for deepening my appreciation of ballet. One can see that most young dancers would take time to build up that kind of stamina..and also, perhaps RB does wisely try to guard against making them overdo things and get injured. I suppose on the other hand, this can mean they don't always seem-and I use the word deliberately- to be getting enough such roles quickly enough... . On the other hand it really makes me appreciate the steely toughness of a dancer like Nunez, as well as her grace and elegance.
  14. Winter Olympics

    Very interesting cross-over..I wonder how many of the dancers can skate? (except in Patineurs of course )
  15. Winter Olympics

    Yes I noticed that..that Mr Cousins...hmm,-but I think he was caught up in the drama of the moment. A singe slip..