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  1. Golly, what riches. But if you had to choose one -- as I think I will have to - which one would it be please, all those who know more about SFB than I do-? (i.e. everyone) -?
  2. Was anyone at the live performance on 15th and might they have any of those nice curtain call photos????
  3. Is this lack of announcements also happening in opera? I presume that if so the two worlds ( I know they overlap) will make common cause in lobbying on this issue - and sometimes some of the opera lobby carry more weight (is my perception). Apologies if I have missed something about this.
  4. That's exactly it and I have always felt the problem lies in the ballet, not the dancers playing Rudolf-and very often I am more revolted than interested or engaged by his character and by the narrative...BUT some of the dancers, nonetheless, DO manage to gain a little of my sympathy and engage my emotions. (the one above all for me was Jonathan Cope) BUT I can only say I feel exactly the reverse about McRae and Hirano to your view Nogoat- Hirano/Osipova did not move me at all, whereas McRae did and I did feel his character changing throughout the Acts, rather than just at the end - as with Hirano. I did feel that as well as being boorish etc he was pitiable, suffering, and increasingly desperate. I agree McRae looked almost at the end of his tether once or twice-:I have never seen him look like that before. Of course he is just back from serious injury and it must have been a killer. In a way- rather a terrible way- it seems almost to have added to the perfomance. I do hope he recovers really 100%. I mean no disrespect to Hirano and admire them both enormously.
  5. Agree Sarah and I've been pondering about the difference between last night and the first night. In the Hirano/Osipva performance I did not feel a sense of the relationship between them- exceedingly good as Hirano is- there was just somehow a gap there ( I can understand reasons for that of course with the cast change) and Osipova's torpedo approach just seemed to explode any of the more delicate aspects of the dancing between them. Whereas, McRae and Lamb seemed to be able to convey a relationship with some depth - damaged and violent at times but also erotic, deeply felt and sometimes actually tender. I felt that their established partnership, knowing each other so well, worked well here and you could feel it even in a cinema. That gave the whole ballet a heart which made sense of it all. I did also feel McRae acted throughout with much more depth than 2 years ago, and showed a character developing and becoming twisted by his surroundings, which was most moving. The performance kept me awake last night which is why I am gibbering!
  6. Agree WGF-I posted under Cinema screenings..always get muddled about that! Wasn't James Hay perfect. But that act 2 pas de deux was my highlight.
  7. Great live screening tonight- to judge by many comments overheard in the packed cinema I was in, many people were being turned onto ballet, which added to the pleasure of the evening. What superb performances all round. A committed and impressive performance from McRae- I was very moved -and the Act 2 pas de deux was extremely intense close-up. Unlike, I have to say, the first night, it reminded me of what Mayerling can make one feel.
  8. It's difficult to wind down from all the excitement...... and I wasn't even there!
  9. waiting avidly for the detail.........
  10. All you Forum folk spending the weekend watching Mayerling: spare a thought for those who have to work to pay for the next tickets..and do please post some thoughts!
  11. That's the way it is with ballet, with dancers having such short ( relatively speaking) careers and the ever present risk of injury. But then, they come and they go. I was reminiscing rather sadly to myself about the loss of some of my favourites at RB- ......then Corrales leapt onto the stage.. There is always a new excitement on the horizon!
  12. Ringing is probably a good idea. What I have done in this situation is not take a suitcase but divide my things between 2 moderate sized bags and leave one in the cloakroom. It works well, assuming it's just a short trip....The amphi cloakroom last night was not being much used- perhaps many don't yet realise it's there yet- so heading straight there rather than to the downstairs one might also be a good idea, and asking nicely I am sure they will help a young person.
  13. Well noone seems to be stopping them at the moment.....It isn't really a cafe, it's actually- had almost forgotten- the new foyer of the Opera House. The space downstairs has a cafe bar selling drinks and snacks, but people are able to come in and sit there any time, without having to buy anything.
  14. Reviews from the public on ROH website are very positive and single out the pas de deux with Princess Stephanie.
  15. I had to go and try these loos after reading all this..and entirely agree with the points above- just poor design. But, they were clean and maintained and there are a lot of them. Still better than most theatres... It was disconcerting to find the bench seating in the amphi bar already full with a big party encamped with bags etc when we came out of the performance (Solomon) in the interval this evening. I was hoping this wasn't going to happen. It does seem a bit unfair on people who have bought tickets. Downstairs on the ground floor in 'Big Benugos' was an absolute orgy of picnicking on M&S snacks and people even had their own bottles of wine ( no wonder with the ROH prices now) so perhaps ROH are not selling as many sandwiches as they had hoped. For some reason the atmosphere was far from festive and in fact a bit depressing. Lack of bag checks is also having the effect that people are bringing enormous amounts of stuff into the auditorium- a bit odd after all the fuss so recently about not being allowed to bring anything at all!