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  1. YBSS application 2018

    I wouldn't say exceptional, but certainly decent.
  2. RBS Junior Associates - travel from Scotland?

    We went right through RBS associate programme, Leeds Manchester and London. Living on the north east coast, this meant a lot of travelling, and London was a 12 hour day, quite enjoyable although it can be tiring. Offer of Advanced Associates again in London, but think GDD will start vocational school this year. I'll miss going with her from time to time. It's crazy, as it doesn't seem two minutes since we were in your shoes, good luck with it all.
  3. Any current York scholars

    Would Manchester Mids not have been too far PBM?
  4. What qualifications do you need to work in an office?

    I think almost everyone Lisa, has something to offer an employer, in some jobs basic life skills would be more beneficial, rather than a degree in something not relevant. I wouldn't over do it with your CV too, just be honest, as employers will usually find most people out if you are lucky enough to get an interview. I'm sure with your experience of the dance world alone, and your personality, you would make a great employee. Good luck.
  5. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Sally 45, it's a strange world as I know a girl at Tring who wishes she had gone to ballet west. I suppose what suits one, etc etc.
  6. Laine and Rambert

    I would personally recommend checking out any particular school, to see if might suit or not. It obviously won't work every time, but neither will gut feelings. It's always a bit of a gamble if you get a few offers like a lot of DC do.
  7. Ankle injury

    I suffered with ankle problems when I played physical sports, and when I look back, a lot of the pain and suffering was unnecessary, due to coming back too soon. Without doubt I would get an x-ray, and preferably a scan too, this will show any soft tissue damage, which could be worse than a fracture in the long run. When asked for advice I always told players to give it another week at least, when they thought they were fit to play.
  8. RBS Mid Associate auditions 2018

    Would it be worth it for SA?
  9. Artistic Directors (of schools)

    In an ideal world then maybe yes, but unfortunately some schools would rather poach the more talented children, then a little further down the line, take the glory as if they're one of their own.
  10. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    No news is good news, waiting list for us.
  11. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    Reading some of these posts, it just backs up my opinion that very (or equally) talented children from less well off parents, don't get anywhere near the same opportunities. I know that's how it is, but such a shame IMHO.
  12. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    It does happen from time to time.
  13. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    What the cost would be to "send" a child to another country at year 9, I couldn't even imagine for most parents, even with a good income. It's hard enough them being away from home in this country, Wouldn't it be nice for all talented children to be playing on a level playing field, I suppose that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  14. EDITED BY MODS TO ADD: This thread is for the continued discussion of the British classical ballet training system that developed in the "Good luck/Audition results" thread for 2018 auditions. Please bear our Forum Rules in mind when posting; notably not "outing" other people's children or making it easy to identify certain students by posting which school they are coming from/going to AND that highly critical posts must be made under your own name. Many thanks. ******** Vonrothbart's original post: There's a girl who was told by RBS when she was 16, that she didn't have the "right" body for ballet, she was accepted into the company when she was 18, via a different route.
  15. Posh is as posh does

    "there's a lot of trading of reception and cleaning duties for class cost credit". Not really sure what you mean, but even with funding help such as Mds and DaDa, a lot of parents without doubt, couldn't even dream of raising the balance needed.