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  1. My GDD did a couple of summer schools four or five tears ago, one year there were quite a lot of foreigners, and the other there weren't that many. I think one week is fine as they do work hard, like most she really enjoyed her stays.
  2. Vonrothbart

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    Yorkshire do have a great record in the CC, it's even better when you consider they wouldn't usually play anyone not born in the county. I think it was in the early 90's that they let an overseas player walk out, mind you he was probably the best there has ever been.
  3. Vonrothbart

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    I alway thought Royal US, was reasonably well supported, for families not on a high income.
  4. Vonrothbart

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    Is that Royal US DU?
  5. Vonrothbart

    American teen relocating to London

    I'm pretty sure London Russian will take someone mid term, if they think they have enough talent of course.
  6. It was a marvellous experience for us.
  7. Vonrothbart

    Social Media

    I came to a point where I had to make a decision, whether to carry on, or get off. I am glad to say, for me I made the right choice and waved goodbye, as life is far too short. It's a shame as there are a lot of good points, but far too much rubbish for me.
  8. Vonrothbart

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

    I reckon there will be no end of DC's parents dashing around with last minute preps etc, before their children semi fledge the nest so to speak. We are having a get together tonight, to celebrate my granddaughter's 16th birthday, along with both her and her good friend, who also goes to VS in a week or so. I suggested buying train tickets to London, the week after they go, just to take all the things that will be forgotten, as I'm sure there will be a few.
  9. Vonrothbart

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

    Best wishes to your DD balletbean, what exam result is she waiting for, and which school did she choose?
  10. Vonrothbart

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    Well there's something in the water in Kingston upon Hull, as there's been so many successful dancers come from that part of the world in the past few years.
  11. Vonrothbart

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    I watched a little bit of the test match v India, and it was unreal the advantage India got with the weather. It was almost full cloud when England batted, and then shortly after India went in, it cleared to full sun. The weather men say it will be cloudy tomorrow, so it looks odds on it will be 2-1. It was interesting to see Cook take a great catch in India's first innings, then drop a sitter in their second, I suppose that's sport for you. I don't know how they gave Root out, it looked as though the ball had hit the ground to me, and most other people seemed to agree.
  12. Vonrothbart

    Help with Funding

    It must be devastating for your DD Alice, after almost certainly being on such a high only a matter of months ago. I know quite a few dancers who were offered places at certain US's, who's parents just couldn't afford the costs involved without funding. They all gained places at other schools though, with various types of funding, I'm not sure how difficult it would be to switch schools in the second year though, maybe someone on the forum could advise.
  13. Vonrothbart

    Room 101

    Penalty Charge Notice, grrrrrrrr. I recently went to Beverley, a town in East Yorkshire. I needed a couple of hours parking, so obviously skipped the short stay car parks and looked for a medium stay one. I parked up in the medium stay car park, and went to the machine which was only 5m away. I paid £3 for 2 hours parking, and returned 10 minutes before the time elapsed, only to find a ticket on my windscreen. To cut a long story short, I appealed the fine, but it was rejected. The reason being, I hadn't used the correct machine, although it was the same price for parking if I'd gone in the long stay park. I checked, and it does state in very small letters on the machine, that tickets are not transferrable between the medium stay and the long stay, but there is no barrier between the parks and ticket machines, just markings on the ground. It must be a very good earner for the council, as there was two other people waiting after me to pay, parked more or less next to my car. Some would argue we all should read the terms and conditions meticulously first, but most of us park up, go to the nearest machine and pay, then do what you have to do.
  14. Vonrothbart

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    I just find it a little boring watching, instead of being out there. It's not only cricket, I played RL too at a good standard, but find most games a little boring too, it might be the smell and atmosphere of the dressing rooms I miss, in fact it definitely is.
  15. Vonrothbart

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    Well how do you answer a question like that? (It's a type of dance I suppose) I find that incredible BB, and I think they were maybe taking the mick.