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  1. House deeds

    or maybe Mr perspex even.
  2. House deeds

    Sorry BBB I should have maybe read your post.
  3. House deeds

    There's no need for deeds, as long as the property is registered with the Land Registry Dept. Could be a slight problem if it isn't though.
  4. Gardening News

    I've just realised and not sure why, but it's only the new daffs that are sprouting, not the ones that have been in a few years or so.
  5. Gardening News

    I've never known daffs come up this early, I don't know if it will do any good but I've covered them over with black plastic to try and stop them.
  6. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Swimming can be far better than running for certain body types, as it helps elongate rather than bulk up.
  7. Van Gogh Sunflowers Live

    I wonder how long it will be, before Bob Dylan has his paintings of sunflowers exhibited in the National Gallery?
  8. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    I'm sure you'll get there BG.
  9. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Thank you Legseleven, like we know it might not mean much in auditions etc etc, but it's still nice.
  10. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Our GDD has just got her results for her ADV 1 exam, 86 marks and a distinction. I know it doesn't mean that much but it's still nice seeing as she was only 14 when she took it, so well chuffed for her.
  11. Cost of living away from home 6th form dance colleges

    Just a thought, but would most dancers who join a company earn enough to have to pay back their loan?
  12. Sourcing Ballet Music

    Is it possible to copy anything from Spotify, didn't think it was?
  13. Sourcing Ballet Music

    https://classicalballetmusic.com/ I think you might get a copy here, but a little expensive unless you can purchase the track you need seperately.
  14. Girl from the North Country

    I forgot about the superb Elkie brooks too. I'm sure there will be many more.
  15. It would be interesting to know Fiz whether it's the cinema or RB who's being a little greedy.