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  1. Sadly, can no longer use this pair of tickets on 26 November. They are Amphi E35, E36, slightly restricted view. £5 each. Happy to sell as singles. They are e-tickets so can email to you. Please PM me if you would like them.
  2. 1 ticket for sale for 1st May. Amphi A87 (restricted view). £16. Hayward/Bonelli cast. Please PM me if you would like to buy it.
  3. Hello I have one ticket for sale for Saturday evening. Amphi B34, partly restricted view. £14. Please PM me if you would like it and post on here too. Thanks.
  4. Hello Looking to buy 2 tickets for this Nutcracker performance on 10th January if anyone has any spare. Happy to buy two tickets singly, both up to £40 each and NOT standing please. A friend is coming from New York having just seen the Balanchine Nutcracker and is desperate to see this whilst in London, so any help most gratefully received! Please get in touch if you can help via PM and on here. I won't be online next couple of days but will be in touch soon after. Thanks, granta
  5. Hello Can no longer use this ticket. Please PM me and post on here if you would like it. Amphi Left C35. Marked as Restricted view though this is minimal. £6 Can send as an e-ticket.
  6. Hello If anyone has a last minute spare cheap ticket for this show, I would be pleased to take it off you! Thanks.
  7. Hello Can no longer use this ticket and putting up for sale. Madam Butterfly, 20th April, 12.30pm at Royal Opera House. Seat is Amphitheatre C78, slightly restricted view. Face value £16. Please PM me if you would like it, and post on here also. Will be returning to Box Office next week sometime. Thanks!
  8. Hello Sadly, can no longer use my ticket for Giselle on Thursday night (19th). It is Dress Circle, B19. £5. I have it as an e-ticket so can forward easily to you. Please PM me and post on here if you would like it. Thanks.
  9. Here is the link for those of us who forgot to pick up the magazine! http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/esmagazine/young-blood-meet-yonah-acosta-9454196.html
  10. I did some research and it seems it was aired by the BBC in 2007 when it was made. It was produced to support a new biography that was out then. I too missed it then. http://www.nureyev.org/rudolf-nureyev-news-informations/Nureyev-from-russia-with-love-bbc-documentary