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  1. Dear BalletcoForumers, I am posting this on behalf of the team at COVENT GARDEN DANCE COMPANY the information below is not from Mandy Kent Dear all at Balletcoforum , I would never dream of posting personally about the shows but I do feel that the ‘pros and cons’ are not quite accurate. I completely appreciate any and all feedback as it is always invaluable and we strive to improve year on year, which we have. If you have not been to Hatch House for a few years then you will not have experienced any of the improvements we have made over the years. We have worked tirelessly on this show for a decade and from its humble start of 157 people it is now 3 nights of 400+. Hugely flattering. What is more flattering is that it has sold out two nights in record time this year highlighting the fact the all the improvements we have made year on year have had the desired effect. Some further correction is that it is not a dinner with a bit of 'ballet thrown in'. There are three half hour sections of performance. Each half hour section has (usually) four short works in it lasting between 5 and 11 minutes. If you have not been for a few years then you would not know this. Over the past ten years we have put tens of thousands of pounds into commissioning new works on young and emerging creatives. From these shows choreographic careers have been supported and we always open up our dress rehearsals for free to children and students. You might also not know that from this weekend of ballet and dance we created a charity called the Dicky Buckle Fund in honour of him and to support artists and creatives in their careers and to also further the education in the arts. The ticket price has never been £75, the cheapest the tickets have ever been were £95 in 2011, seven years ago. The reason the ticket price went up was because we had to become VAT registered and we discovered one year that we were making a lot of loss! We didn’t want to pass this 20% VAT price hike onto the customer in one go so we passed it on gradually over 4 years. This nearly broke us as a company as we had to take a huge hit in the very small profit. You can thank HMRC for that. We did everything we could to ensure people still came and that everything the show does for all those who love and support still happened. I was determined not to let the dream disappear. The food has always been good. But we always try to improve We have had a new caterer for the last year and the food is now fabulous. We serve over 1,200 three course dinners so we expect the occasional issue. But they really are rare. We also very generous with the inclusive wine, serving over 1000 bottles last year as part of the ticket. Last year for your Best Of British ticket you got: An amazing goblet of superior quality G&T on entry . You had a divine three course dinner with ample excellent wine. (We ensure the wine is excellent because I want people to not only feel amazing on the night but the next day too!) and all 12 world class performances. It is an evening designed so that you can experience the beauty and glory of ballet and dance in the most beautiful surroundings. It is never meant to be an evening of narrative ballet or a ‘Big production’ etc. It is the best of the best in one of the most beautiful natural theatres in England. I hope you don’t mind me straightening the record but I think it is fair to represent the work and dedication not only of my team but also all the incredible artists who have worked with us over the years. It is a passion, and I feel passionately about it. We want everyone from the first timer to the balletomane to come and have the most wonderful evening. The ballerinas are not the only ones who strive for perfection! ;)) Thank you so much for all the support and feed back it is always welcome from everyone. Best wishes to one and all. Admin Team Covent Garden Dance Company http://coventgardendance.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=63&Itemid=497
  2. So, tonight’s performance was yet another example of how a show can transport you to another realm even when you’ve seen it many times before. It helped that I was in the stalls with an excellent view and could pick up all the details and nuances of the performance. Will Bozier was the Swan/Stranger tonight and I have watched him grow and develop in his portrayal of this dual role, from the first weeks at Sadlers Wells. His Swan is so impressive, imperious, regal yet animalistic. His dancing is less balletic than Matthew Ball and Max Westwell but it is so watchable , powerful and graceful, with wonderful arms and very expressive eyes. I admit he is my favourite Swan of this run even though Matthew was superb and I thoroughly enjoyed Max Westwell this afternoon. Just something about Will’s interpretation that feels right to me. His Stranger was sexy and enigmatic and ferocious. Dominic North’s Prince was another fine performance. Again his dancing style is less balletic than Liam Mower but I felt was more like Scott Ambler’s interpretation... Dominic and Will are a good pairing. A big Brava to Katrina Lyndon who was The Queen this afternoon and the Girlfriend this evening showing how versatile a dance actress she is. I also always notice Jonathan Luke Baker who was a Big Swan at the matinee and The Private Secretary tonight. He has a very natural stage presence and expressive features, always one to watch. Many thanks to all the dancers and crew and huge congratulations to Sir Matthew Bourne for his masterpiece Swan Lake and his special award at The Olivier Awards. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all who celebrate . Mandy
  3. I am so pleased that I got to watch Max Westwell as the Swan/ Stranger this afternoon with Liam Mower as the Prince. It was my first time to watch Max in the lead role and I was not disappointed. He has a physicality and presence that holds the eye and his ballet training ( ex ENB) is evident from his beautiful pointed feet to his strong feral leaps. His Swan was very powerful and fierce.His Stranger was HOT ! Oh my ! The Tango between the Stranger and the Prince was full of tension and menace. Liam Mower is one of the best Princes I’ve ever seen, in my view up there with Scott Ambler ( rip) and Matthew Hart. He moved me to tears and his dancing is so light , effortless, and balletic... more so than the original choreography made on Scott. I usually concentrate on the Swan in the pdd between Swan and Prince, but today I was focusing more on Liam , not to detract from Max , but Liam is just so good . Back for more this evening with Will Bozier and Dominic North. I didn’t find the recorded music a problem But the tempo seemed faster at times than the live orchestra at Sadlers Wells... not sure !
  4. I’m going on Thurs 20th . I’ve heard this is well worth seeing. It was on in Edinburgh and had good reviews though sounds very bleak and powerful! https://www.thestage.co.uk/reviews/2018/mother-starring-natalia-osipova-arthur-pita-eicc-edinburgh/
  5. The Mother https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/133037-mother-2019 A powerful narrative dance production based on Hans Christian Andersen's dark tale, choreographed by Arthur Pita and starring Natalia Osipova. International dance superstar Osipova, principal of the Royal Ballet, stars alongside multi-award winning dancer Jonathan Goddard. The Mother is set to original live music by Frank Moon and Dave Price and is choreographed by Arthur Pita, the choreographer of critically acclaimed productions The Metamorphosis and The Glass Menagerie. As a young single mother sets out to save her child, she must face fantastic creatures, impossible trials and cross the line between life and death itself. Will she succumb to the forces of evil, or will the power of motherhood prevail? With an original score by Frank Moon and Dave Price, design by Yann Seabra, lighting by David Plater and dramaturgy by Anna Rulevskaya. Produced by Alexandrina Markvo. Presented by Bird & Carrot. 20 Jun 2019 - 22 Jun 2019 WHERE Queen Elizabeth Hall PRICING £30 - £70 Booking fee: £3.00 (Members £0.00)
  6. Thanks for the info Penelope, that’s very useful and I’m looking forward to it even more. The food doesn’t bother me as I’ll eat veggie there. The veggie food supplied at such occasions is rarely much to write home about. I’m just going for a lovely night out with some of my very favourite dancers xxx
  7. Well he is listed on the poster on the website. I’ll let you know if he recovers in time ! Let’s hope Steven makes a speedy recovery.
  8. Some opera tickets at ROH cost more than this and this includes a reception and a 3 course dinner and wine. A chance to mingle and meet the dancers and so on . And for me the chance to see Mara dance again ! I’m spending my kids inheritance !
  9. Hatch House Wiltshire http://coventgardendance.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=63&Itemid=497 dancers include Mara Galeazzi, Vito Mazzeo, Steven McCrae and Lauren Cuthbertson. There are still tickets for Sun 28th July when I’m going . Anyone else ?
  10. There are still some tickets available if I can tempt anyone to join me xx
  11. Is anyone on the forum coming down to Wimbledon for Thursday 18th April either show and would like to meet up? I’ll be at both ! A Swan Lake Fan xx
  12. Thanks for the heads-up Jan. I just watched the interview with Matty 🤩 It's around 13 mins in from the start and can still be downloaded from the BBC North West news programme. Lovely to see some rehearsal clips and to hear how Matthew and his parents feel about bringing Swan Lake, starring Matthew, to his home town. And they said tickets are STILL AVAILABLE !
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