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  1. Mandy Kent

    John Ross RIP

    Thank you Bruce
  2. Dave, you've always had a soft spot for Miss Yoshida xx
  3. Mandy Kent

    Do you go to the Stage Door?

    I went to the Stage Door at Sadler's Wells on Sunday and had a very nice chat with Matthew Ball, along with several other fans, and he was chatty and very gracious despite the fact he must have been exhausted.
  4. So, this Swan Lake addict is going again to the last show at Sadlers Wells this Sunday matinee ( Matthew Ball ) Any other balletcoforumers going to be there and fancy a Get Together in the intervals ? About time ‘get-togethers’ were officially reinstated ?!
  5. Thank you Ian, I just enjoyed reading the super review in dancetabs which you linked to. Seems I'm wrong about the Chopin, not sure? The excerpt from Le Parc was gorgeous so I think you are right Jane S, in wanting to see it at the ROH !
  6. Thurs 24th January..... The seemingly ageless Alessandra Ferri, partnered by Herman Cornejo ( ABT) and accompanied by pianist Bruce Levingston presented an evening of quiet, subtle perfection. The danced pieces alternated with music by composers including Ligeti, Chopin and Glass, with the lighting kept low so you felt in an almost dream like state. In a series of duets and solo's, the dancers brought a noble beauty to short pieces by choreographers including McGregor and Maliphant. The dancing was slow and perfectly controlled. My favourite was Maliphant's Entwine, illuminated by a 'box' of light, creating an illusion of water flowing and rippling as the dancers entwined and came apart seamlessly. As I did not have a programme I cannot say who choreographed the final piece in which the dancers ended in a kissing embrace with Cornejo spinning Ferri around and round, it was thrilling to watch, someone please enlighten me. I'd be interested in hearing other views but I though the new Linbury Theatre a perfect setting for this Concert Dance.
  7. Mandy Kent

    John Ross RIP

    I’m very sad to hear this news. John was indeed a very warm and giving person, generous and with a kind word to everyone who met him. His photographs were exceptional and perhaps we even took them for granted, always expecting them to be of such a consistently high standard. His talent speaks through the archive of his work. Thank you Bruce M for making them available to us. Sincere condolences to Nicky and all his family. Ah those legendary Christmas parties ! They were great fun! I have a prize photo of Carlos and Darcey signed by John and treasured by me . So here’s a post -Xmas toast to John , may he rest in peace whilst continuing his art ‘ upstairs’ ! Cheers John xx
  8. I attended the film about Thiago Soares ' Primeiro Bailarino ; at the Linbury on Monday night (21st Jan) . This fascinating insight showed Thiago preparing, rehearsing and performing in various ballets and contemporary dances , partnering Marianella and Lauren from the RB, and partnering Deborah Colker ( Brazilian dancer, choreographer and writer) in a passionate duet. The sweat and tears ( no blood fortunately) of ballet training and rehearsals were shown, more than the finished performance. Thiago has had and will continue to have a fantastic career both within the RB and in Brazil and many other countries where he has guested. At the Q and A after the film Thiago was asked 'what has been your favourite role' and without hesitation he said Onegin. So fingers crossed he will be back for that role next season..... Wishing Thiago every success in his future and many thanks for the performances I have seen . PS I have at home a super cartoon/ caricature of Thiago drawn by an old friend Phil Bremner, portraying Thiago as a T Rex...as in Thiagosaurus ( pun on thiagosoares !) I gave a copy to Thiago, but I'm not sure if he appreciated it !
  9. If anyone should have a spare ticket for Wed 6th Feb for New Works New Music please contact me via the forum , thank you.
  10. Another ‘ Swanderful’ performance from Matthew Ball tonight. I particularly noticed a fabulous and exuberant double tours landing on his side as The Stranger at the Royal soiree as he settled down to watch the Queen and Princesses dance (ACT 3 ).... one of Matthew’s extra ‘whoop-de-whooos’ just thrown in to heighten the party atmosphere ! And again those Swan arms....so expressive and beautiful. My friend hadn’t seen the show before and I enjoyed ‘watching it through her eyes’... I even laughed at the corgi which I haven’t done for a long time. I also loved watching Will Bozier in various incarnations tonight but especially as a ferocious Big Swan and a very irate Italian Princess's Escort. I haven’t yet managed to catch Max’s Swan so will probably be re-visiting the lake soon.
  11. Thank you Irmgard. I truly appreciate your insights , reports and knowledge, it helps me to understand more about ballet .
  12. Thurs 17th evening Ive always struggled with the character of Manon and the choices she makes, the rapid decision to leave her first love Des Grieux to seek wealth with M. GM and a life of luxury. But Begona Cao opened my eyes to the lack of choice she had and her complete domination by her manipulative brother and the perverted tyrant GM. She was made to leave Des Grieux . Perhaps her head was turned a little by the luxuries on offer but it was clear that she was being coerced and pressured into submitting. My heart went out to this Manon and her young lover Des Grieux ...a very touching performance by Aitor Arrieta. The partnership between Cao and Arrieta was totally believable , their love and eventual despair poured out through Macmillan’s incredible choreography. A mention for Ken Saruhashi as Lescaut, his dancing is very precise and clear cut and he is a talented actor, he carries the story along throughout , conniving and cheating his way through life. The drunk pdd with his mistress Crystal Costa was very funny. She is also a victim in this story but seems a particularly chirpy one. Perhaps a modern day Manon would be able to shout #metoo and men like M. GM would be shamed and denounced. But that was not possible in Manon’s world and her demise left me as heart broken as Des Grieux .
  13. You could have heard a pin drop last night when Matthew Ball was dancing The Swan. That’s quite a statement at Sadlers Wells where people often have snacks and drinks with them and sit there rustling. His powerful presence, light high jumps and fast turns were captivating. But the highlight for me were his arms, or rather.. wings. The fluidity of movement from shoulder to fingertip and subtlety of expression were incredible. I’ve seen many dancers in this role but Matthew only compares to Adam Cooper who has coached the Swans this year. Dominic North brought passion and pathos into his role as the Prince and it was also good to see Will Bozier ( a very fine Swan) on stage as a Big Swan . A very special performance all round.
  14. Great, I’ve just rung up and nabbed one for Matthew and Dominic on Sunday night! The box office say it’s best to phone as there isn’t always a chance to put the returns online .