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  1. That's interesting- the cabriole is just a standard jump but in these 2 clips they are doing a high single and not a double (which I think is what is usually in this variation). I found a clip of Chudin in the variation and he also does the high single. But equally I've seen Tissi do it as a double and DS has not particularly been instructed to do cabrioles 'Bolshoi style' (and he was taught by Tsiskaridze) so maybe there's variation even at the Bolshoi... I personally think Ovcharenko looks incredibly elegant in this variation....
  2. CeliB

    Question about "Sleeping Beauty"

    on the other hand it does note in this article one of the female dancers squat lifting 100kg so maybe that's not so unusual!!! https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/jul/15/raising-the-barre-how-science-is-saving-ballet-dancers
  3. CeliB

    Question about "Sleeping Beauty"

    Actually plenty of the female dancers weigh more than 50 kg though probably not much more than 60 (don't forget muscle is heavier than fat so even lean dancers might be quite heavy if they are reasonably tall). My DSs first partner was 5.6 and weighed 60 kilos... Though my DS would say it's not the weight that matters as much as the dancer- some 'help' the lifts by springing up themselves, while others (he says, and you can see it) are like lifting a bag of spuds. You only have to compare with the experience (those of us who are parents and grandparents rather than male dancers!) of lifting up small children - some seem to almost fly into your arms whereas other are dead weights - and it's not related to size. As for the gym weights question - for squats and deadlifts- the goal is to lifting own body weight (for my DS who is 6.1 this is 72kg), for bench press or shoulder press the goal is to lift approx partners weight (55-60 kilos). So probably not 100kg unless you are super keen!!!
  4. CeliB

    How to find a good school for a boy

    Just as a side note we were told categorically that our DS at 13.5 needed to be in FT ballet school in order to reach his full potential.... he started therefore at only just 14 somewhat against our better judgement in terms of family/social/education but trusting the teacher's opinion and hoping we could make the rest of it work.... He considered that he remained behind his peers at least until 19 and might (I haven't asked him recently) consider even now he would be better had he started earlier... At 14 he was probably doing around 20-25 hours a week (including rehearsals and other forms of dance although these were a relatively small proportion of the training...)
  5. CeliB

    Buying ballet shoes for boys.

    a little vote for grishko performance canvas split soles. DS particularly likes the elastic in the arch which keeps it snug for those with high arches... and although a bit pricier they are incredibly hard wearing compared to the cheaper shoes (so for example he would go through a capezio canvas shoe in a month, but the grishkos lasted him a term or more). until he got tor stage of getting his shoes supplied the company he never wore anything else.. just dance stock grishkos...
  6. CeliB

    Oliver’s story

    BBC news link just popped up on my facebook feed Fabulous to get this coverage - onwards and upwards I hope... x https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-45941597/a-mother-s-campaign-for-autism-care-equality-for-all
  7. CeliB

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    agree with Lily_883 - I watched my son do developpe a la seconde in centre of room both unsupported and supported (holding the foot up). He completely raised his knee to his max height with his foot still pointing down and THEN extended his calf and foot up. Apparently the size of the difference between the height achieved when supported and unsupported indicates whether there is a discrepancy in strength Vs flexibility. So if you can raise your leg high whilst holding it but not on its own this would indicate your limiting factor is lack of strength, and if both measurements are low this would mean your limiting factor is lack of flexibility. Obviously supported is bound to be a bit better but just as an indicator DS's angle between standing leg and raised leg was 28 degrees more when supported and this was evaluated as 'no problems identified'... Does that help at all?
  8. Well, and my apologies if I inadvertently fuelled the fire by commenting further... I'm really astonished that anyone would get so aggressive over something so trivial - but as you commented Harwel this says more about the state of mind of this person than anything to do with the conversation we were having - and s(he) is clearly to be pitied. That said, I would feel quite uncomfortable if this vitriol had been directed at me, no matter how absurd and deranged it was, so sending my sympathy...
  9. errm without wanting to fuel the fire actually I think this is probably exactly right (as far as the Russian companies go). My DSs experience of the Bolshoi and Vaganova Academy is that they are extremely old fashioned - he does have access to a medical centre and can get an instant MRI etc but he hasn't really managed to access any kind of rehab advice or treatment (in over a year of being in the company and he's never once managed to see the masseur or physio as they are never available outside his rehearsal schedule, and whilst at the Vaganova pretty much his only advice when injured was to rest until it got better). As a result of reading this article: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/jul/15/raising-the-barre-how-science-is-saving-ballet-dancers plus some advice from DrDance I arranged for him to be assessed by the dance scientists at Laban and it was a complete eye opener- I don't think there's anything as ground breaking as this going on in the Russian companies. Interestingly one of the key pieces of advice from the physio exactly mirrored a piece of Tsiskaridze's teaching, which shows that those with a brilliant understanding may be able to pass on that knowledge, but Tsiskaridze is really exceptional in DS's experience. The point is that clearly someone who is made it to the top using this kind of regime clearly has the physique that can cope with that. But if scientific research can show a better method, with proven outcomes (look at the injury reduction they quote- it's very impressive) doesn't it behold us all to embrace it? Sorry for a long post, but there is no excuse for avoiding evidence. Otherwise we would still be living in the dark ages. Ballet is no exception.
  10. CeliB

    How to keep up interest in dance when it starts to falter?

    This is brilliant advice - when DS almost gave up ballet after a horrible experience I was lucky enough to find a great therapist who just had a couple of sessions with him to help him think through his decision and this was one of the key things he did. It was instrumental in DS taking up his place at the Vaganova, and the rest (as they say.....) etc
  11. CeliB

    American teen relocating to London

    To be fair its worth mentioning only because there has been a lot of press about London terrorist attacks because the USA's (insert preferred adjective) POTUS likes to make scathing attacks on Sadiq Khan and the state of London as a hotbed of terrorism and danger. So someone relocating from USA could have a very skewed idea about what happens in London or how little attention most Londoners pay to this comparatively minor threat. So worth discussing simply to reassure... Agree that most of what you need to know is just common sense advice on managing London transport and the general advice on safety for young women travelling around a big city alone (which is no different here than anywhere else). And another vote for the London Russian Ballet School from DS.
  12. CeliB

    How to keep up interest in dance when it starts to falter?

    Totally agree with Pups_mum... our rule has always been that if the fees have been paid with the agreement of the child, then they see the term out (with the aforementioned caveats re bullying etc). All my 4 have had to endure one or other class of something they stopped really enjoying because they had asked for the classes and I had paid. I think it did teach them to think a bit harder before asking to join a class on a whim.. As for the overall question about keeping her interest I guess its worth a conversation to try and unpick what exactly she doesn't like about it. But ultimately you may have to accept that it just isn't what she wants, no matter how talented she may be. My younger son has been evaluated as being possibly more physically talented than eldest who is dancing at the Bolshoi (by the teacher who initially inspired DS1 to become the dancer he is now - the wonderful Judy Breen, whose judgement I trust absolutely) but after 2 years of ballet he gave up because he just didn't want to do it. My youngest daughter has (according to DS1) a ballet physique and feet to die for but after a term of ballet aged 7 pronounced that ballet is too 'sweaty' and has never again put a ballet shoe on. Thems the breaks I guess...
  13. CeliB

    News of non-dancing children.....

    It seems like small fry compared to the successes of many, but DS2 (who is no longer dancing so perhaps the D is now Darling not Dancing!) has just got his GCSE results, and exceeded our expectations. Not by getting a zillion 9s or A* but by actually overcoming 3 years of immense psychological difficulties and going on to sit through every exam and pass enough to go forward to 6th form college. I think I cried just as much and with the same level of joy as when DS1 got offered his contract at the Bolshoi. Off to celebrate!
  14. CeliB

    Ballet shoes for wide feet

    DS has pretty wide feet and always found the best fit and look for him was grishko widest fitring split sole canvas I *think* style 6 but it might be 5 that are split sorry we haven't bought them in a while as he got a sack of shoes donated to him by tsiskaridze who still gets his hand made by the bolshoi shoe dept and is same size and similar arch to DS (it was like the best ever Christmas present!!)....but talking of arch I think these are particularly good if you have a big arch which DS does have. Also not always easy to source tho I am pretty sure just dance stocks them? Have to say it's a real joy when they join a company and have shoes supplied. ... must be even.more.wonderful for parents of girls- ouch the cost of point shoes!!!
  15. CeliB

    Adult ballet classes in Sheffield

    Thanks so much for the recommendations, I will pass them.on to DD. .much appreciated...