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  1. CeliB

    Ballet shoes for wide feet

    DS has pretty wide feet and always found the best fit and look for him was grishko widest fitring split sole canvas I *think* style 6 but it might be 5 that are split sorry we haven't bought them in a while as he got a sack of shoes donated to him by tsiskaridze who still gets his hand made by the bolshoi shoe dept and is same size and similar arch to DS (it was like the best ever Christmas present!!)....but talking of arch I think these are particularly good if you have a big arch which DS does have. Also not always easy to source tho I am pretty sure just dance stocks them? Have to say it's a real joy when they join a company and have shoes supplied. ... must be even.more.wonderful for parents of girls- ouch the cost of point shoes!!!
  2. CeliB

    Adult ballet classes in Sheffield

    Thanks so much for the recommendations, I will pass them.on to DD. .much appreciated...
  3. CeliB

    Adult ballet classes in Sheffield

    Thanks Millie3 there is a dance society with one ballet class she will try but I think she'd like to have other options in case it isn't the right level for her... so its nice to get a feel of what's available...
  4. Hi balletcoers My DD is off to.medical school in Sheffield in Sept and is very keen to find an adult ballet class. She has been doing ballet since age 3, more recently Vaganova but don't think she's overly fussed, and is very keen to find a friendly local class that isn't at too advanced (the adult vaganova class she's been doing works more on strength and getting good basics than the more flashy moves so for example she wouldn't be able to do double pirouettes). Any suggestions would be very gratefully received. Many thanks 😊
  5. CeliB

    UK v’s US. Help !

    Hi there yes as noted.my DS trained.in washington from.14-18. He didn't want to stay in the US after graduation although he was offered ABT studio companyvia prix de Lausanne. Many of his peers in the US have gone to Europe (mikhailovsky, Dutch national, Danish royal, dresden to name but a few ). Others did go to US companies but not always the top ones (tho I think one of their alumni has just been named ABT studios new AD). I always had the impression that vaganova training made the students more suitable for Europe but I would emphasise that my knowledge is fairly limited as I'm not a ballet person... if your daughter is particularly taken with vaganova training I have to say I would advise going straight to the source (the academy in St petersburg) but if her desire is to work in the USA she might be better off with a school that has an associated company like San fransisco, SAB etc... Anyway feel free to pm me or message on the board if you think I could answer any other questions. I.might be a bit slow to answer as I'm on a campsite in France (hence writing on my phone so apols for the rubbish grammer and typos) All the best - it's a tough decision (and a expensive one!)
  6. CeliB

    Sussex/Kent dance shops

    Dancia international has a shop in Brighton if that's not too hard for you to get to. Can't really comment on their pointe shoe fitting as I have a dancing boy (and hence didn't really bother with physical shops as their boys range is generally extremely limited) but maybe other forum members have used them?
  7. CeliB

    When to go for associates?

    Just wanted to add that although associates classes can be good fun and especially useful if your child is at a ballet school that doesn't have a history of prepping children for a career in ballet, or are small so not many other children are doing it seriously, they are absolutely NOT necessary (at least not enough to make you end up in a hair tearingly stressful financial or logistic situation to ensure they attend them). I don't want at all to put you off as I doubt they ever do any harm (hair tearing situation excepted) but please don't feel they are a necessary precursor to vocational school. My DS applied for RB JAs and then MAs (I think at around 11 and 12) and didn't get in either time. He didn't start serious (e.g. more than 30 min a week) ballet classes until he was 12, didn't go to vocational school until 14 and is now at 20 quite happily ensconced in the corps of a classical ballet company. I realise boys can leave it a little later but I don't think I am the only one whose DK made it to professional without following the 'conventional' JA/lower school/upper school route... Welcome to the roller coaster!
  8. only in the local pub- he has been performing so relentlessly that he wouldn't have been able to go even if he'd had tickets- but he did get to see most of the Russia quarter as he was only in Act 1 of R&J - and he had his sister and brother with him (as well as lots of the Bolshoi soloists - it was quite an evening). DD says that there was hardly anyone left to take the curtain call after the performance (she and DS2 had free second row seats courtesy of their brother) as they had all rushed off to watch the footie! I think he was slightly relieved that Russia didn't win- would have been pretty tough to be watching a Russia England match - talk about divided loyalties!
  9. and this is what the theatre memes dept came up with (sent to me by Oscar, who said that when Russia scored you could hear the roar on stage- edited to add - the roar of the crowd outside, rather than anyone actually ON stage hehe)
  10. CeliB

    Oliver’s story

    So sorry to hear this Primrose - its almost impossible to find any words to offer at such an unbearable outcome. My experience of the medical profession is that they find it near impossible to admit to any mistakes - it is a culture that is forced upon them during training...and so the mistakes go on. So, so sorry for your loss. x signed and verified.
  11. CeliB

    Any advice for a newbie?

    I would say at this st(age) go with the flow and try everything on offer. They are still so young and won't really know what is their true passion so all you can do is try to keep as many doors open as is feasible (practically, financially and as far as your parental mental health will allow hehe!). Do ask the teacher BUT my caveat would be don't take their opinion as gospel unless you are certain of their credentials (for sending kids to higher level ballet training - if that is what she wants) and even then it may still be worth a go. Likewise don't see JAs as the final yes/no- if I had taken JA as the arbiter of talent spotting DS would never have got to where he is now... We were total newbies too - never a dancer on either side of the family before. We learned as DS learned and its been a real blast, with the highest of highs and lowest of lows (pretty much like parenting in general really). And this forum has been a lifeline so you are in the right place
  12. CeliB

    Classical Ballet - UK or Russia to study?

    yes i agree getting visas is a NIGHTMARE. And expensive. And they don't always give you all the requisite info until you get there, necessitating a wait in a long queue to use the computers to edit your application (and pay again for use of computer and reprinting of the visa)....make sure he takes extra cash! I don't know anything about folk dances but can ask DS...
  13. CeliB

    Bolshoi in cinema - Coppelia June 10th

    Coppelia live stream is available on the Bolshoi media channel until 10 pm tonight (8 pm our time) If you go on to the Bolshoi website there is a little red theatre icon top right where you log in. You need to create an account but its really worth it (if you like the Bolshoi!) as you can then access lots of nice Bolshoi media in the future. Mods- not sure if I should post this in performances? Do move if you think its more useful info to put there ...
  14. CeliB

    Bolshoi in cinema - Coppelia June 10th

    Ha ha well in that hilarious wig and moustache even his own mother almost didn't recognise him! But he came out at the very beginning and warmed up just behind the presenter backstage for our benefit ( actually I did spot him by his legs and feet too!). Once the mazurka started to be honest they were all flying around so fast it was impossible to see anyone in particular. I did enjoy the whole performance anyway though ...and it was nice to get his ongoing text updates from the dressing room as it went on 😊
  15. CeliB

    Departing Parent Envy

    I think C) may not always be true. My DS had a horrific time at one school; others at his various schools who were much NOT the favoured ones are having now successful careers at excellent companies - I don't think he at least will ever forget the impact of the treatment he got and if he is ever in a position of authority over younger dancers I can't imagine he would treat them with anything other than care and compassion... I agree with a) and b) though. I am sooo tempted to write to the director who told DS he would be lucky to get a job at a third rate regional company because he was such a bad dancer (and a horrible person besides) and rub his nose in DSs contract with the Bolshoi (only 2 years later) but I have desisted because, as you say, it's a small world. One bit of advice I have over and above what others have said is to consider whether it is worth her seeing a counsellor outside school just maybe for a few sessions so she can explore why she is so desperate to stay in a ghastly situation, or whether she can find some way to develop more resilience, anything that might help really. I know it's a different scenario but a couple of well timed sessions for my DS were pivotal in his decision to move on to a better place...