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  1. Karen

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    Dd was in the senior ballet and tap (I agree it was fab!) and said how hard they worked to get them like that. David Needham has been amazing as a teacher for her this year and she has loved his classes - he has expected and achieved a high standard from those he selected to be in his pieces. Just how it should be!
  2. Karen

    Academic Standards

    Don’t forget that some of the schools/colleges offer the opportunity to do A levels alongside dance. It’s working well for my Dd who has just completed 1st year, and I like the fact that her academic/dance day is filled from start to finish.
  3. Karen

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    The black shoes looked great - I smiled to myself about your posts as I watched the show. We had the fun of buying the requested costume items, after which the teacher changed her mind and we had to get something else! It was a great show, but we’re looking forward to the holiday now. Shame there’s not going to be a dvd on sale; hopefully the photos will be good.
  4. Karen

    Graduation musings

    Lovely to hear a happy story and I hope your daughter moves on to some wonderful jobs that make the hard work up till now worthwhile.
  5. Karen

    Oliver’s story

    Sending sincere condolences to you and your family. I have an autistic nephew who has been hospitalised and know how important your campaign is. I hope it has impact on change.
  6. Karen

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    Dd is coming to the end of yr 1 at Hammond and has a friend at Northern. As far as I can tell, Dd is taught a broader range of dance genres in regular classes and also has the opportunity to do 2 A levels, although I think there is the opportunity to do a teaching qualification at Northern. I think the amount of singing in yr 1 is similar. Happy to be corrected as this is my impression from conversations, rather than a direct factual comparison.
  7. Karen

    Vocational schools GCSE results

    That’s not very helpful to those living a distance away. I would have thought that it was relatively easy to have agreed a system of ensuring they are speaking to the right person, so that calls can be made on the day or even emailed to a pre agreed address. Let’s hope it gets sorted for those poor students and their families where it will have significant impact if they either have to travel or wait additional days for the post.
  8. Karen

    Vocational schools GCSE results

    My daughter rang last year (around 10.00am) and they gave them to her over the phone (This was The Hammond). Think lots of people did this - it was agreed beforehand.
  9. Karen

    Departing Parent Envy

    So sorry to hear your story. It struck me as I read it, that sometimes our dancing children/young adults don’t want parents to intervene, but actually it can make quite a difference if we do. If your instincts are to present a well measured case about unfair treatment and inappropriate support, I would be tempted to go with them. Sometimes others have no idea how it is from someone else’s perspective and a short, sharp reminder can make a significant difference. I do hope that your yda gets resolution and if you do decide to change establishment, I think it could be worth ringing around to discuss options, as there is still lots of place shuffling and sorting going on. Best wishes.
  10. Karen

    It's Goodbye from me

    Good luck to your Dd - hope she loves uni and the law degree 😀
  11. Karen

    One last post ....

    Thank you for sharing your dd’s story. It’s so sad when our lovely, talented young people don’t get the support they need, whether that’s in the dance world or elsewhere. I’ve heard many stories in the past few months about dancers who are moving on from their original dance path choice, some because injury or health has forced it, and some because they have decided dance is no longer what they want to do. It’s made me realise that the path my Dd is currently on must be navigated in small steps, one phase at a time. Whilst we have an eye on an end goal, we also now talk regularly about every next step decision and acknowledge that it may be necessary or desirable to step off the path at any time. There are so many amazing opportunities for motivated, talented young people, all of which may lead to a happy and fulfilled life. I hope your Dd finds a new path which leads to happiness and joy throughout the rest of her life.
  12. Karen

    Longest couru?

    Could there be a world record coming on here? When we were in NY a few years ago, there was a world record attempt for the largest number of people en pointe at the same time in Central Park! I’m getting all sorts of ideas about sprints, marathons and relays now!
  13. Karen

    Midlands Associates

    My Dd attended for one year about 4 years ago. It was a once a month class and either (or both) Shannon and Peter taught it. Shannon’s ballet teaching was stretching but not over challenging and Dd enjoyed it. There were occasional guest teachers as part of the day, I think. Sounds as though it might be quite a different set up now, though.
  14. Karen

    Knee injury

    Best wishes for you dd’s speedy recovery. I have a friend with an injured Dd and it has made me realise how finding the best person to treat a problem can make such a difference.
  15. Karen

    Living at The Hammond

    Really looking forward to it! Dd is in 1st year seniors so more 2nd half focus for us this year. Some lovely numbers, I hear!