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  1. Karen

    urdang finals

    I would also consider what the living options at both places consist of. I think that getting that right has a huge impact on how a young person settles and copes with life. From personal experience, I would prefer the option that made life easiest in respect of location, facilities (cooking, washing, drying,) plus closeness to college, ease of getting home etc, as other pressures are high and if these things don’t work easily, it adds another layer of stress. I’d also review the pastoral support offered by each institution and consider how I felt each place would care for my away from home 16 year old. Good luck!
  2. Wow! Fantastic to hear your news. Congratulations! If you don’t try, will you look back and wish you had? If you answer that honestly, your decision will be made. Good luck. 😺
  3. Would be really interested to hear from anyone dance related who has tried this. Thank you.
  4. Easy2name do a range of naming options. There will be some things such as towels and sheets that you can use the punch on name buttons and I used iron on names for underwear. (They lasted well as long as they were applied with enough heat). Keep those horrid sew on labels to a minimum!
  5. Jack in the box type puppet? It would jump out as the lid holding the spring down was released. Probably lots available on well known web sites!
  6. Hammond students generally use Pro physio in Chester. Gary is recommended as the ‘dancer expert.’ Dd has had a couple of helpful sessions there, but I don’t have a great deal of info about them.
  7. This is a very interesting read and I hope Eugene continues to feel content and on top of his life without the need to return to drugs and alcohol. I do think that sadly, it is an issue which rears its ugly head across many disciplines and professions and is a reflection of the life pressures and societal expectations of today.
  8. Thank you for all your hard work, and happy new year to all the Moderator team.
  9. Merry Christmas to you and all forum contributors. May 2019 be a happy year for all our dancers, wherever they are and whatever they choose to do. 🎄🎉🧚‍♀️💃
  10. A good friend of mine was also there on Friday and enjoyed it very much.
  11. 2 fabulous workshops - one technique, one rep run by the fabulous Layla Harrison on Dunsford Performing Arts. Dates before Christmas to be confirmed.
  12. Karen

    choices at 16

    Having watched the DaDa scales for a couple of years before we embarked on that route, it has been the case that they change only very slightly, possibly approximately matching inflation rates. Of course, next year could be different, but I can’t see any specific reason why it would be. Julie W is right that Child Benefit can continue for 2 years if A levels are taken.
  13. Thank you for all your contributions and hard work as a moderator, Julie. Hope the new interests are as fulfilling and fun as dance. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re back one day as a ‘dancing grandparent’!
  14. Karen

    choices at 16

    My Dd is in the second year of a 3 year diploma and in year 1 stayed with a host family which I believe was absolutely the best thing (it was also a school requirement). She has moved to independent student living in year 2, with 2 second year close friends and 2 third years. She has just come home for half term and looks well and happy. She says it’s great and not as hard as she expected. For my peace of mind, I have made emergency dinners and put them in her freezer, in case there is an unexpected long, hard day. We give her a monthly allowance and do an Internet shop whenever needed. As lots of others have said, it’s about knowing your child and what’s best for them. Many of dd’s friends have remained in host families in year 2 - it’s so individual as to what works. I do believe, however, that it would be a very special 16 year old who in year 1 coped with a demanding course, social changes, domestic chores and cooking, and thrived in the process.
  15. Karen

    Hammond and JA?

    I’m assuming you mean the Prep school as if it’s the senior school, he would be too old to be a JA. I don’t think there’s any restriction on what Prep school pupils can do dance wise out of school.
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