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  1. Karen

    Hammond and JA?

    I’m assuming you mean the Prep school as if it’s the senior school, he would be too old to be a JA. I don’t think there’s any restriction on what Prep school pupils can do dance wise out of school.
  2. Karen

    pointe shoe hardner HELP

    I have not tried this myself, so cannot make any comment about its effectiveness, but when Dd participated in EYB a few years ago, there was a pointe shoe workshop. Their suggestion was to paint a wood preservative, Cuprinol or the like on the inside of the box. If you can get one that limits wet rot, so much the better, they said. Good luck - must be so frustrating to have them wear out so quickly, 😀
  3. Karen


    I agree with Waitingmum - a very personal decision. I would try to stay away/not bring your child home, but if this doesn’t work, then do what you need to do. Think about yourself and the rest of the family too - if you are a long way away, up and back over a weekend or lots of weekends away from home is gruelling. Also remember that you will hear from your child in the phone calls how dreadful life is, leaving you upset all day, and they may skip away from the call to get on with the next thing, and be fine! Hope it gets better soon - it does for most.
  4. Karen

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    If your daughter is interested in looking at alternatives, it’s possible to do 2 A levels at The Hammond and they are timetabled well to fit alongside dance classes within the daytime curriculum. DaDa funding is available too, so if that is secured, costs are for the parental contribution to DaDa and accommodation (host family for at least one year if U18) which, for middle income families is much less than £20k per annum.
  5. Karen


    Good luck - hope it all goes smoothly and is a fabulous new adventure. Keep us posted on news. Seniors started back today so good luck to those new pupils and returners too. 😀
  6. Karen

    How to keep up interest in dance when it starts to falter?

    Dd considered giving up ballet at 9. We agreed that she would continue for the rest of term and then give notice if she still felt the same. She enjoyed competing in a festival during that period and decided she wanted to carry on. She is now hoping to complete RAD solo seal, so it was a good decision!
  7. Sadly too late, as back to school on 5th.
  8. Karen

    Living at The Hammond

    Definitely no problem to take your child out after the open morning. You’ll get the boarding house email (if you don’t have it already) so it’s easy to let them know what your plans are. As long as they know, it’s no problem at all. Open day is a great way to see classes, but you won’t know until quite near the day what your child will be in.
  9. Karen

    Help with Funding

    How horrid for you all. I do think it’s worth talking to school as I am aware of someone else in a similar situation some time ago and school were very supportive to allow her to stay. There are also some charities and funding pots for families in certain occupations, which I think will be detailed somewhere on the forum as there have been many threads about funding sources over the years. Good luck. 🤞
  10. Karen

    Beginning to panic now!

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s ill health and wishing him a speedy recovery. I’ve sent you a pm about a potential landlady.
  11. Karen

    Make up at Upper schools

    I have asked my Dd about Hammond rules and she has said that it is personal preference and most girls wear light make up, but for classes it is not an absolute requirement. As already stated here, performances are a different matter and although in the seniors there is not the list of colours as in lower school, it was made clear what was expected by each teacher for each dance performed.
  12. Karen

    Living at The Hammond

    Many of the girls in my dd’s Year had DMs- very sturdy and supportive. I was shocked at the initial cost but as dd’s feet have stopped growing, they did last for 2 school years.
  13. Karen

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    Dd was in the senior ballet and tap (I agree it was fab!) and said how hard they worked to get them like that. David Needham has been amazing as a teacher for her this year and she has loved his classes - he has expected and achieved a high standard from those he selected to be in his pieces. Just how it should be!
  14. Karen

    Academic Standards

    Don’t forget that some of the schools/colleges offer the opportunity to do A levels alongside dance. It’s working well for my Dd who has just completed 1st year, and I like the fact that her academic/dance day is filled from start to finish.
  15. Karen

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    The black shoes looked great - I smiled to myself about your posts as I watched the show. We had the fun of buying the requested costume items, after which the teacher changed her mind and we had to get something else! It was a great show, but we’re looking forward to the holiday now. Shame there’s not going to be a dvd on sale; hopefully the photos will be good.