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  1. Tring 6th Form Dance Course - academic tests

    As far as dd can remember, last year they had to do an on line non verbal reasoning type test but didn’t have to write anything. She’s not 100% sure that she has remembered fully, so hope someone else can advise.
  2. Audition disaster!

    I’m sure the experienced staff will see through the poorliness and nerves. She won’t be the first to be in this position. If it’s not positive news, there would be no harm in speaking to them to explain and asking if your dd could have another go in the new year. Good luck - keep us posted.
  3. Ballet West School

    I think you will see significant differences in the levels of support offered when you visit different schools for auditions. It was something I particularly looked at, and the different attitudes were very much at both ends of the spectrum. I personally feel that there is a higher level of challenge for 16 year olds living completely independently and living with a family or in boarding accommodation with meals and laundry done makes dance and social life much happier.
  4. Auditions and away from home eating out

    If you go in to websites of chains such as Bella Italia, Prezzo, Bill’s, Cafe Rouge etc, and sign up, you will get loads of email offers. You can often use the codes direct from your phone with no need to print off vouchers.
  5. Vocational school transport assistance

    If your child is in receipt of a MDS award, you may be able to get travel support too, depending on income. There are bits to fill in in the MDS form if you want to claim.
  6. How much (if anything) should I be doing?

    I think it is worth applying for auditions anywhere that might be a firm possibility (within your agreed budget/time available to travel) and use them to see what you and dd feel about places. This was a huge eye opener for dd last year and places that had been high on her list fell away and those nearer the bottom moved up. The atmosphere, audition class and the way places presented their ethos completely influenced dd's decision along with the details of what the dance and academic c options looked like. You can always turn an offer down, but if you've missed the opportunity, it's harder to go back. Going to an audition as a 'finding out experience' takes some of the pressure off too. Good luck!
  7. Access to vocational training

    My dd is doing 2 A levels (from a small selection available) alongside the L6 diploma at Hammond. From last year's research, I think it was possible to do the same at Elmhurst and Tring.
  8. If you put a VIP flag on the contact, the email will pop onto your phone front screen without you having to keep going in! Good luck.
  9. Student benefits for 16 year olds

    We've got that one agreed! When I rang, the lovely lady said as long as there were 2 A levels being done, we were entitled. She didn't ask about income, though.
  10. Dd on DaDa at Hammond. DaDa contribution, income based as per Gov.uk website bands, paid direct to school in 3 termly instalments. Under 18s stay with host families and cost is in the region of £150.00 per week including breakfast, dinner and laundry for 38 weeks pa. Payment direct to family on monthly or termly basis as negotiated. Lunches, uniform/dance kit, exam fees, healthcare cover, additional 1:1 music or singing lessons are all own responsibility. So are any extras such as induction activities, theatre trips and production lighting fees. Hope this helps.
  11. We would be grateful to hear about any student perks anyone may have come across for 16 year olds starting on the L6 Trinity diploma in September. We have discovered you can have a Lloyds Bank student account from 17, but you have to be 17 by 31st Oct to apply for the bonus NUS card that gives discounts. I think there was a thread about student perks for 16 year olds a couple of years ago, but I guess things may well have moved on since then, so any information gratefully received.
  12. Living at The Hammond

    Definitely 2 bags (sweaty shoes and school work is a no no!!) and I don't think many adhere to a dark colour for dance if they prefer something else.
  13. Living at The Hammond

    Really good show last night. I loved the way the first half especially told the story of the development of The Hammond over the past 100 years. Some very clever ideas in the choreography and storytelling. As usual, much talent on display across all year groups. Can't wait to watch again tonight and tomorrow!
  14. Slippy floor for tap dance

    Coke on the bottom of the tap shoes is helpful too and remind her to keep her weight well forward. Good luck! ?
  15. Considering giving up vocational school

    I think that dc's experiences are very different in each academic year and depend on which teachers are allocated to them, amongst other things of course. Year 9 may be a very different experience (hopefully much happier on the ballet front) so if your ds wants to stay at the school, you could consider reviewing the situation at Oct half term. If things are not how you want them then, it is a good time to make applications elsewhere if that's what he/you want. When dd had some second thoughts about vocational school in the early days, we did similar and agreed that we would review her feelings at a set later date. When we did, she felt differently from our original conversations and has stayed and been happy. Would your you and your ds feel better if you had further discussions about the ballet teacher or if you sit it out for half a term and see how things are in Sept/Oct? Hope you get it sorted - it's horrid when they are away from home when something like this happens.