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  1. I’m really pleased to hear this and I hope Martin Dutton’s personal views are supported by School. In my opinion, performance opportunities for vocational school students are limited to school related productions, and to have further opportunities would be great in many ways, although I concur with Pictures that days are already full. However, with liaison and goodwill between Schools and external organisations, I suspect more could be done. Look forward to hearing more about progress.
  2. This feels like a fabulous idea and I hope it gets off the ground. My Dd would be interested, I’m sure, but I question how supportive vocational schools will be in giving permission and allowing time out of schedules to participate. Have you had any responses to your contacting them yet?
  3. How to increase "Performance" in exam syllabus?

    I think the face is really important in showing performance - a big smile showing you are loving what you are doing, but also recognising and presenting the ‘right’ face for the exercise when a big grin is not appropriate. Eyeline is also a big factor- keep it up and out. Looking confident and happy to be there makes the performance enjoyable from the audience/examiner’s perspective.
  4. Health Insurance for dance students

    We have a policy with WPA and it was cheaper to add dd to this than to take up the 6th form offer from school. We were able to specify what we wanted to be included and it was priced accordingly. When dd was at lower school, BUPA cover was included with MDS and we found them extremely helpful when we needed to claim on several occasions.
  5. Goodbye and thanks for all the tips

    Thank you for your brave and kind post. I’ve enjoyed your contributions to the forum over the years and think you have been a wise poster. I hope you are ok about the choices your Dd has made - I know the pain you feel at the fact she is no longer wanting to be part of the dance world. In the long term, I hope she finds happiness in whatever path she chooses; all we ever want is for our children to be happy and ok with themselves, and I hope this happens for your daughter. Please keep us posted about her future plans and successes. 😀
  6. Living at The Hammond

    When Dd was at Hammond lower school, a number of students moved from bursary to mds over the 5 years. My gut feeling (and purely a personal opinion) was that this was more likely to happen when the dancer was hard working and quietly conscientious and the parent politely and pleasantly persistent about mds being helpful.
  7. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    I have no idea about any individual member of staff’s holiday arrangements, but it has been possible to talk to School in the holidays in the past.
  8. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    I agree - I think this has been the pattern for several years. Posted on the last day before Easter hols. When Dd was waiting in yr 7, the last day of term was Maundy Thursday, so no post on Good Friday. I dreaded the results not arriving on Easter Saturday as that would mean a wait until Tuesday. Fortunately they came and were the start of a massive part of our lives! Good luck to all waiting - go stalk the postie tomorrow!
  9. Are back flips and cartwheels a required skill for ballet?

    Rather off the point I know, but this thread has made me smile at the end of a difficult day. When Dd was 7 and learning her first modern solo, the teacher asked if she could cartwheel. Dd answered proudly, ‘Ooh yes, can you?’ ‘Yes I can,’ said the teacher seriously. ‘Well, go on then ‘, said Dd (as I cringed in the corner) and the teacher duly did! Still makes me chuckle!
  10. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    This was also the case last year and all were offered funding too. (I understand that school had more funding allocated from DfE last year due to it not being allocated elsewhere as anticipated, so don’t know what the impact might be this year)
  11. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    We have.... Support from boarding staff and school helped Dd get through a serious (non dance related) anxiety issue a few years ago. The speed of treatment (thank goodness for BUPA cover) also helped, but school worked with us through the process. Specific teaching staff (academic, pastoral and dance/singing) were individually kind to Dd and her illness was never viewed as weakness. Happy to elaborate in a pm if helpful to anyone.
  12. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    Very best wishes to your daughter and thank you for all your sound and insightful contributions to the forum. 💐
  13. Hammond Centerary Concert 9th Feb

    DH was unexpectedly able to make the concert tonight as his mum was taken into hospital and he unexpectedly shot up North this morning (including the 2.5 hours parked on M5 due to accident related closure!) Despite the difficult journey and sad circumstances, he reported that the concert was excellent. He was able to see Dd clearly, thought the pas de deux was stunning and the singing was spectacular. The programme apparently did not name any soloists and got the info about dd’s dance wrong in respect of year groups, so that was a pity, but all in all a great event. Would be interested to hear what others thought if it.
  14. Hammond Centerary Concert 9th Feb

    Hope you have a wonderful time - I found out last week that my daughter is dancing, but I can’t get there. Would love to watch pas de deux in the Cathedral. Please give her (and all the other performers) lots of applause for me!
  15. How did it all start?

    Really enjoyed reading this thread! Dd nagged to go to ballet at age 4, having seen Angelina Ballerina on tv, so I contacted a local school which never rang back. Tried another, and there she started, aged nearly 5. The first indication that she wasn’t going to be bad at it was at the end of the first class, when the principal asked me where she had danced before. When I said that she hadn’t, she replied, ‘she’s going to be very good!’ I have gained a very good friend in her former ballet teacher and have wondered if she would have still gone to vocational school if the other dance school I rang first had called me back!