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  1. I'd assume this means it will be release in Cinemas, that's my guess at least, especially if this is part of the Sundance selection.
  2. F. Hayward may not be a First Artist anymore come October? I've enjoyed her perfs to date and she's stepped up to each chance she was given, so I'm looking forward to see what she does with Manon and Alice. I also hope we get to see Y. Choe in more principal roles next year. I'd like to see what she can make of more dramatic ones.
  3. That tweet (saying that he'd do everything to be on stage and that the day had more importance than it being his birthday) is the sole reason I booked a ticket for the 5th after his injury although I had already blown my tickets budget, I just wasn't expecting Alina to leave as well. I hope I'll be able to see them guest elsewhere or with RB. And on another note, I hope Yuhui gets Alina's Juliets!
  4. I went to the Pennefather/Hamilton rehearsal this morning and I thought it was truly gripping but you really feel for the male lead at the end! I was sitting in the front row (stalls circle) and at the end it started to feel like the pain expression on his face was very real. I particularly liked Itziar Mendizabal's Countess Larisch and I am now really looking forward to Hamilton's Juliet after seeing her as Mary.
  5. If that's the case, I'm glad there isn't another injured dancer.
  6. Is Sarah Lamb hurt as well? A while ago I read on twitter that Hikaru Kobayashi would be replacing Lauren Cuthbertson, considering how slow ROH is about announcing cast change, can anyone confirm this?
  7. That's too bad, hope she'll make a speedy and full recovery. It must be frustrating for her.
  8. That's too bad, I booked this Sat just to see BSB in the role but it'll be interesting to see Yuhui in Alice again. She was lovely a couple of weeks ago. Is it known who's hurt, BSB or RP (I'm assuming someone's injured)?
  9. I brought a friend who had never seen Giselle and she loved it. I thought Osipova was fantastic and did some jaw-dropping technical prowess but I agree with Sim, I didn't shed a tear which I usually do when I watch Giselle. Apart from Osipova and Vasiliev, it's not one of my favorite production and I was less convinced by the corps. I also could have done without the tree moving up and down on the left-hand side, although I'm guessing that people seating more center than me probably didn't find it as distracting?
  10. I'm quite excited for the full lenght ballets, 3 of my favourites are on: Don Q, Romeo & Juliet and Giselle. I'm also looking forward to Sweet Violet that I missed last year.
  11. LC is still scheduled for the 13th, I hope it means she's close to being back on stage. I hadn't booked for Lamb but I'll try to get a return for YC. Did Itziar Mendizabal get pulled from the run? I had noted she was supposed to play the Queen for the Beatriz's shows.
  12. He's not dancing it according to their official twitter, see posts on the 26: https://twitter.com/SchaufussBallet I wonder where the rumour came from for the Independent to have bought it
  13. This is going to be a "sad" year. 3 Etoiles are retiring. According to Pink Lady in the following order: Agnese Letestu with La Dame aux camélias, Isabelle Ciaravola with Onegin (I might actually make the trip home for this one) and Nicolas Le Riche with a special evening at the end of the season.
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