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  1. As you say, Rob, interesting. I was fascinated in Mackrell's piece that even when choosing not to participate in her particular conversation Tamara Rojo ended up being a somewhat prominent marker in rather a lot of it.
  2. Does anyone know what Bouder will be dancing??? I'd love to see it ... and, hey, it's only in Munich ... and such a lovely opera house.
  3. I am sorry to hear this - as I was really enjoying watching her development at the RB. That said when I saw the Joffrey in Paris this month they looked in truly excellent shape and have a fine rep. I will look foward to seeing Ms Stock with them in New York in November.
  4. Indeed, and especially as he is an extraordinary British dancer. I pray he might be able to come back and guest.
  5. Bruce Wall

    John Curry film

    A shame, Alison. It was special. Hopefully it will be on the Iplayer. Worth a squint certainly.
  6. Don't know if this question simply pertains to UK ballet dancers who became lawyers but there are a goodly number from NYCB - including now senior law firm partners and those also teach law in Ivy league colleges. (I had the great good fortune of having lived with one while they were still dancing in those heady years.) The self-discipline of the balletic regime pays significant dividends.
  7. The RB Company has had such a stellar year. I suppose this made me especially expectant vis a vis the RBS presentation. (I always find myself looking forward to these.) Sadly I came away bitterly underwhelmed. Ah, well ... on to next year. Somehow much of yesterday made the ENBS presentation I saw the evening before all that much more joyous. Always a silver lining. Only you to have to hunt a little more on some occasions as opposed to others. Caveat emptor!!!
  8. In the women's camp I'd love to see O'Sullivan recognised as well.
  9. Think your observations vis a vis the men are spot on.
  10. Bruce Wall

    Dance on Sky Arts

    11.7.18 - 7am - RB Ashton Double Bill - Rhapsody & Two Pigeons - with cinema broadcast cast - believe (i) Osipova/McRae & (ii) Cuthbertson/Muntagirov
  11. Agree, Jan ... but it was directly inspired by the three previous comments about Fille which were (I suppose) all off explicit topic too ... No question I am much looking forward to BRB's take on that classic soon - a ballet full of sun. So hope you and the pup are enjoying your time in that same, Jan. But now ... BACK to BRB's R&J ... Quite right too!!
  12. I agree - Saw Fille on Saturday night at the POB and the stunning Germain Louvet gave that solo a charming Gallic twist which the capacity audience received with rapture. Also had a chance to tell the ASTONISHING Dylan Wald how much I admired his life enriching performances (2) in PNB's fine etching of Opus 19/The Dreamer as he was sitting just below me at the Palais Garnier. At the second of the two performances of the Robbins in which he appeared the audience applauded so much at the end of the first movement when he was left alone on the stage - and throughout the blackout - that the second almost had to be delayed. The recognition was SO well deserved. There is no question: THIS LAD IS A STAR. His gloriously dramatic shift of weight; the use of his eyes and his overall musicality ensure such. 'Oh, my gosh,' he said, 'Thank you'. I said that I very much hoped that he might one day dance in London. 'I'd love to he said'. Fingers crossed.
  13. So wonderful to see that Corrales is recovered from his injury
  14. Bruce Wall

    RB Symphony in C

    It's for the Unknown Soldier, Joan. We had a taste of the Hayward / Ball combo in the Spring Gala