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  1. Sorry, this should be under 'News' .... My mistake. Grateful if a Moderator could kindly move it. Thanks
  2. Miami City Ballet: - https://www.miamicityballet.org/1920season?fbclid=IwAR2FJIpBTN2HHXnX-68CjpGHKP9IgyNtKMiM6fkqBhnOnpaRv8CE5_iubfw
  3. Thanks, Janet. The Peacock of course .... A senior moment I fear. That said I sincerely share your passion
  4. Just saw that a group of RDB dancers are to appear at New York's Joyce Theatre in another programme devoted to Bournonville .... https://www.joyce.org/performances/bournonville-legacy Last time they went from London (having appeared at the Bloomsbury) to New York. Just wondering this time if they might come from New York to London (somewhere ... the re-newed Alexandra Palace Theatre maybe??? - It had a history of dance ... and having just attended the venue launch I know it is STUNNING) If they came the immediate week after the Big Apple they would be in the (London) week immediately previous to the Bolshoi ... If I remember correctly the Bloomsbury (a straight rental I think) sold really quite well for the last programme. Really wish Sadler's Wells could bring a programme like this. Wishful thinking most like ... This year's (2019) Ballet Festival at the Joyce Theatre in early August is co-ordinated by KO'H: The Joyce’s annual Ballet Festival is curated by Director of The Royal Ballet, Kevin O’Hare, who has invited several artists associated with The Royal Ballet to construct programs based on the theme of collaboration. Program A, crafted by O’Hare, features works by Fredrick Ashton, Merce Cunningham, and Royal Ballet company choreographers. Program B is shaped by and features Royal Ballet principal Lauren Cuthbertson, who performs choreography by Canada’s Robert Binet and more. Frequent Royal Ballet designer Jean-Marc Puissant hand-picks works for Program C, and Royal Ballet principal Edward Watson performs in and selects dances for Program D.
  5. Thanks so, JohnS. I'm sure the ROH BO sold the tickets to your associates on a face value basis (including any concessions such as are publicly registered) as I believe they are legally required to do.
  6. JohnS can you identify for us where this deal was offered by the ROH. I would be most grateful to know where to look for such as I'm sure would many others.
  7. Shame this is on the same night at Putrov's Gala - which had already been long announced.
  8. My thanks too, Janet. Agree with Millipied, POB has become a truly wonderful contemporary company. Oh, and even in the crowd Alu stands out. That one variation he has is truly spectacular - much as Sissens' was in Flight Pattern. In my mind's eye I fantasised seeing them both in Opisidian Tear. That would I'm sure be special.
  9. Sheila, has the full Bolshoi 2019-20 season been announced? I've searched but not found.
  10. Now that the announcement is closer I have been thinking about this and came up with this ...Wonder how much will come true? Time will tell. Onegin (or it will be out of the rep), Swan Lake, (possibly Sleeping Beauty), a newly designed Ashton Cinderella, New full length – Christopher Wheeldon with Talbot; New full length McGregor – having started in part during ’19 LA tour, Alice, Wind, Scarlett’s Symphonic Dances; (please not Multiverse), Symphonic Variations (should be on every season methinks), Lilac Garden – would also love to see them do something like Lifar’s Suite en Blanc ... and possibly a new one act from Cathy Marston to help celebrate diversity. Obviously there MUST be some MacMillan – Perhaps drawn from such as Las Hermanas, Right of Spring, Dances Concertantes, Le Baiser de la Fee, Divertmento, La Fin du Jour, one act Anastasia, etc??? Would like to see some – even one - established major balletic work/s from late 20th or early 21st century by leading choreographers being brought in for the Company (e.g., Ratmansky, Peck, etc.) but don’t think that will happen as – by the Director’s own acknowledgement – it’s not his priority. Would be nice to see a new (to the Company) Balanchine – [the European debut of Vienna Waltzes would be a feather in their cap] - or certainly a revival (Agon, Stravinsky Violin Concerto, Ballet Imperial, etc.) Some will have had a VERY long wait.
  11. Somehow, Vanartus, I'm not sure that the season suggests that such is on (at least) these cards given that Polunin danced Petit's Coppelia for Zelenksy at the Stanislavsky. (In fact he danced it for him with the Company here too in London at the Coliseum.) I fear it might well be a case of more not less in the wayward one's regard in Munich. His options I fear may be drawing in. I applaud the inclusion of Ratmansky's Pictures at an Exhibition. It is one of those pieces that the more I see it the more I like it ... and I very much enjoyed it the first time round.
  12. A comment posted one hour ago on BA: First intermission of the evening performance: Yasmine Naghdi’s Rose Adagio was beyond any words. I never heard the San Francisco Opera House get so loud!
  13. I assume a 'red run', Fiz, is when the individual principal and soloist artistes appear in front of the red ROH curtain ... following the main company curtain call on the main stage. Must confess the terminology was new for me as well. Maybe at the MET they call it a 'golden gavotte' .... but I've never heard that expression either
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