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  1. Bruce Wall

    RB Unknown Soldier triple, Nov 20, 7.30

    Sending you a PM now, John
  2. On the subject of bouquets, I would definitely have thrown one to O'Sullivan for her first Shade variation last night. T'was stunning in the rapture of its articulated speed. The lady is a star ... and she fascinatingly shone.
  3. Great to see Forbat will be back ... Is this the first time Ms. Rojo has not danced a single performance in The Nutcracker?
  4. Another RB CAT temporarily departs for cinematic glitter: Olivia Cowley ... Source And then there were three ..... (for the moment!!! )
  5. Agree with Darlex - the scrim being up for the vast majority of this production makes a VAST difference - bringing oh, so much into better and certainly much easier focus. It is a so much better experience when one is not forced to squint quite so much. Please could we have this for ALL performances. (Last night I imagine is as good as this version could ever possibly get with the entire company on fire - and that from someone who saw its world premiere - the only full performance Makarova herself would give in it - and a vast number of others including fascinating takes by the likes of Martine Van Hamel and Bujones [not together] and my personal favourite the Annanashvilli and Jose Manuel Carreno combo.) Also agree about David Yudes as the Head Fakir; his dramatic and dancing detail set him apart. I so wish he could have a crack at the Golden Idol even as it is here; a somewhat illogical solo strangely impinged to the whole. He would - at least in my mind's eye - dazzle and not just because of the cosmetic glitter.
  6. I'd really like to see Sambe, Hay or Sissens get a crack at some of those whips .... Corrales has some pretty potent pairings as it is ... or even Ella ... or Zucchetti ... or Richardson .... Such strength in rank just now ... Speaking of which are Ella and Hay out? I haven't seen them of late ... or is it they've just been in other performances than the ones I've been to. I know Hay did the relatively early Bratfish ... which sadly I had to miss ...
  7. Sent you a PM for one ... (if that was at all desirable) ...
  8. Sadly due to work I can now no longer use this ticket. I will only ask £2 as that would have been the return before the ROH raised their threshold. It is an e-ticket so easily transferable. Ticket - La Bayadère, RB MAT - Sat 10.11.18 @ 12.30 pm Amphi Stand T41 - Full View - £2 Please PM (private message) me if interested.
  9. Bruce Wall

    RB Bayadère November 8, 2 tickets

    Sent you PM vis a vis 8th Nov.
  10. Vis a vis: Anna Rose O'Sullivan Anyone who saw this stellar dancer's appearances in NYC last week - (apart from the glory of her Covent Garden outings, of course) - will know just how VERY lucky they are to catch her in this new debut. She is an entirely radiant artist ... and the RB is VERY lucky to have her. She and Sambe were the Darlings of the Day at City Center ... and I heard her Tschai PDD being hailed by more than a few core NYCB contributors.
  11. Just a brief note to say that O'Sullivan/Sambe again delighted last night in Tarantella and ABT glistened in Balanchine's Symphonie Concertante. What a lovely ballerina Christine Sheychenko is ... and wonderful to see Brit Thomas Forster hold the fort as the sole man in that piece. Talking of EXTRAORDINARY ballerinas ... here's a very brief clip of the miraculous Tiler Peck who was put though her paces in for different Balanchine masterworks by Heather Watts as part of City Center's 'in sight'-like programme - Studio 5 - but part of the full compliment of CITY CENTER: THE BALANCHINE YEARS. The young lad partnering in the Tschai PDD segment is Roman Meija - a NYCB first year corps member.
  12. I agree with Ivy Lin’s fetchingly phrased review that Scotch Symphony is – in and of itself – a treasure. I can’t remember seeing the work in the UK myself short of an outing by the Mariinsky (then Kirov) that was so misshapen as to be irrelevant to the original’s core cause/glory – not unlike the Tschai PDD which representatives from that once great Company delivered again last night. My own memories of the Scotch Symphony are still haunted by the dramatic seal of Kyra Nicholls and Lindsay Fischer in the 1993 Balanchine Celebration at NYS Theatre … and, yes – like Ivy Lin – Maria Tallchief’s account in that stellar film. How well I remember a free session in the NYPL where she watched segments of it and then recounted memories. SFB’s account for me did not disappoint and Joseph Walsh lived up to my memories of his genius – last glimpsed in Paris - by so stunningly delivering those three consecutive quarter and a half turns with such fervent skill – and that having not long ago returned from considerable injury. I, too, was somewhat disappointed with the Parisian Dream PDD. At best it seemed mechanical … and it is – at root – anything but – and Marchant needs to employ his hands with much more extracted largess than certainly was there evident last night. While it is always nice to catch up with the Joffrey I felt that their 4Ts lacked overall attack – such as was certainly present when they did Interplay and Glass Pieces in Paris this summer. I will look forward to seeing a crew of different Joffrey principals in the work today. Speaking of the Robbins – and the real point of this posting - I would encourage anyone who can to attend to the free – and rich – Robbins exhibition VOICE OF MY CITY in the NYCL right beside the Met in Lincoln Center. It runs until 30th March. What a feast it is. You enter and watch home films from the 40’s of a young Robbins not only SMILING but dancing on a roof-top – AND PARTNERING HIS PARENTS. It is totally priceless – as are segments of his poetry, paintings, sculpture and diary entries – all with their originals present. You can even see the lease agreements to his apartments … and his conscription call papers. There is also a heart wrenching film of him dancing the small sailor in Fancy Free. It is placed right next to a colour version with Chris D’Amboise doing the same. It is fascinating to watch Robbins come out of the shadows. At one point Robbins writes ‘I’m afraid I’ll be found out … but what will be found out?’ …. There are VAST riches here to discover and they are ALL FREE – for the greater edification of the public. Still, of course, the generosity of the man was – although never trumpeted – legendary. We are all in his debt. Other things that are FREE are ‘In-Sight’ like programmes run in concert with the Robbins’ exhibition. For example you can walk around the exhibition with people who worked and knew Robbins well (one being Robert La Fosse, a former partner), or you can attend two different sessions hosted by NYCB principal – the wonderful Adrian Danchig-Waring – talking about Robbins’ ballets and having NYCB dancers to exhibit segments as well as extracts drawn from the vast amount of film in the Robbins Dance Collection housed therein. There is a programme where Justin Peck among others talk about how Robbins visualised NYC and another entitled Robbins Judicia – which will deal directly with the various alienations that Robbins had to deal with be it with his faith, his sexuality or anything else. There are so many events - La Fosse is holding a session teaching members of the public (should they be interested) segments of Robbins’ rep … and EVEN one session with Baryishnikov in conversation about the master choreographer he worked so closely with. To my mind this kind of access is perhaps the best way to build audiences who will return to the work itself … because it will have been engendered – or certainly based in a conversation of understanding readily available to all. Well done Lincoln Center; Well done NYPL.
  13. What about an opening act of Ballo and the Tschai PDD .... or, perhaps, Square Dance. (Is the latter in the RB rep?)