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  1. Hope it does finish at 10.15pm, I may or may not be able to stay to find out
  2. I've just checked and the running times are on the website at last, 25m, interval 25m, 55m, interval 25m, and 35m, finish 10.45pm.
  3. I visited the Box Office on Russell Street about 2 weeks ago, to hand in a ticket for resale, and to ask if they could print me out a Friday Rush ticket as I don't have a printer, and they were most helpful too, probably glad to get a customer.
  4. I think that was because it was the cinema night, I've noticed they do that at the last moment, it would be lovely to have these details for all performances!
  5. And Cesar Corrales has been replaced by Luca Acri as the Blue Boy on Wednesday and Thursday evening!
  6. Very glad I bought one of the few (not very good) remaining tickets for the Matthew Ball cast at SW yesterday, there is an article today in the Sunday Times Culture section, and now your review confirms that it's going to be very special! The article says Matthew Bourne wanted to replace the Fergie girl with a Meghan, but didn't have time!
  7. Beryl H

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Yes, these are the ballets on this DVD, the triple bill but omitting Daphnis and Chloe and substituting Les Patineurs. Am beginning to think D an C wasn't recorded for some reason, it was last on the triple bill.
  8. I enjoyed last night's performance so much, surprising that an amphi seat only 5 rows down from last time enabled me to hear most of the recorded voices, better view too, so Unknown Soldier was much better second time round, I saw the same cast and was even more moved by the death scene, don't think the misty glow of the final scene works though. Infra looked amazing, a modern masterpiece, and the dancers were superb, I especially liked Akane Takada and Tristan Dyer, he is developing a strong stage presence, and she can do no wrong for me, also Yasmine Naghdi and Calvin Richardson were beautiful. I kept hearing one piece of music as I was wandering through the supermarket today! Saw the second cast of SIC this time, Sarah Lamb was so slow and controlled in the pdd, it looks very difficult, but dancing with Reece Clarke probably made her feel very secure, I love the final exquisite pose of the pdd. Great cast with Yuhui Choe and Marcelino Sambe, many whoops and cheers from behind me throughout.
  9. Beryl H

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    They might need Sherlock Holmes to help them find the Box Office and what's on. I have to say I used to treat the National Theatre the same way as people are treating the ROH, but there were always lots of current brochures and leaflets about, plus the Box Office was right by the main entrance.
  10. There are a few tickets for all performances on sale now!
  11. Regarding cast sheets, they don't need to waste any more time and money in new designs, just bring back the ones that were in use for Bayadere and Mayerling!
  12. Beryl H

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    I also think it's very unfortunate that the ROH has taken this particular time to go "paper-free", not such clear cast lists as before, no cast change lists readily available, and no information at all about what's on today, this week, how many tickets available, nothing, apart from the costume displays which I really appreciate you wouldn't know you were in an opera house!
  13. I'm so glad I had the chance of seeing The Unknown Soldier myself last night, it made sense of the reviews, I found it to be much better than expected, but then as long as I see good dancing I'm happy, and there was surprisingly quite a bit of that, Matthew Ball and Yasmine Naghdi were beautiful, and there was a very good solo for the Telegraph Boy, who was he by the way, the cast list said Leo Dixon but there was a change saying Giacomo Rovero replaced Harry Churches, so difficult to remember when you have nothing on paper! As I was very high up in the amphi I couldn't hear the recorded voices, and couldn't see half the stage at first, what I could see made a dramatic visual impact, but I felt no emotion, apart from the scene of Matthew Ball's death, cradled by his comrade, and the moment when Yasmine Naghdi received the telegram. It was fascinating to see Infra danced by a new young cast, I really missed Eric Underwood though, I'm going to watch my Blu-Ray tonight! Now, Symphony in C is not my favourite Balanchine work, almost too much going on, but of course it was the perfect ballet to end this particular triple bill, so much glorious dancing and everyone looking so happy, especially Vadim!!!
  14. Thanks for posting this, I was sure the Symphony in C adagio would be danced by Nunez/Muntagirov, interesting!
  15. I was thinking the BBC might show the new Swan Lake at Christmas, but I would prefer La Bayadere, or both!
  16. The tiger wasn't as funny as the stuffed animals in the Bolshoi's Pharaoh's Daughter, but still funny, and I keep smiling at the posting about Nikiya expiring from hay fever from the flowers! Marianela Nunez did seem to be struggling with the basket and I didn't see a snake! Luckily one of the cinema presenters did say the ballet was a fantasy of India, not historical, I think Kevin O'Hare repeated it!
  17. I really enjoyed last night's cinema performance, the only thing I would have liked were some higher up camera shots, but it was a memorable evening, Vadim Muntagirov's dancing was as "heavenly" as I expected it would be, now I'll get un unexpected chance to see him again, although I'm very sad I won't see Cesar Corrales! Also it will be strange to see Marianela Nunez and Natalia Osipova swap roles, especially with Vadim! The corps were magnificent, think it was the first time I almost cried at the perfection of it all, and great solo's from the 3 Shades, loved Yasmine Naghdi's musical phrasing. Thought Alexander Campbell did a superb Idol solo too, especially the final manege. It all had a very special feel, seeing Natalia Makarova getting a bouquet at the end added to the occasion! I still don't really like the short last act, not much dancing apart from the Idol and Gamzatti's solo, and the effects didn't work, at least not on the cinema screen.
  18. I've just booked 2 Manon's and got an automatic 15% discount, a good idea as many people miss out on these offers!
  19. I was looking at the ROH pictures of the new areas that I had online thinking I might as well delete them now, and noticed that one of them clearly shows a Box Office, taken from the bottom of the new stairway looking left, just about where the café is or a bit nearer the stairs, no café, tables or stools visible, but more of the long low seating that is also there now, it looked elegant and spacious, shame they didn't go with this plan!
  20. I did this on my first visit 3 weeks ago, walked in, thought "what on earth have they done to this room", suddenly realised it was the gents, and just avoided crashing into a man entering Other things last night, the Piazza Doors were broken , just when I wanted to get away quickly, and the cold weather had cleared people off the amphi terrace so was able to sit and eat my own modest food, don't feel guilty now because everyone is doing it, but why couldn't they have sliding glass windows here as well, probably to stop people eating their own food, it did feel cosy and warm by the bar stools!
  21. I saw the Giselle Act 2 with Marianela Nunez and Natalia Osipova, agree it was out of this world, so I'm looking forward to the cinema relay, but really disappointed that the scrim is still being used, it ruins the view, at least from the amphi, since it doesn't seem to be on the Rojo/Acosta Blu-Ray I hope it will be discarded for this filmed performance!
  22. That Rolex watch was driving me mad, I changed my home page back to the original one