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  1. I saw that performance, it was Zachary Farouk's debut, it was wonderful and I so wanted him to stay at he RB but he wasn't entirely sure he wanted a ballet career.
  2. Thought last night's performance of Two Pigeons was perfect, there was youth and exuberance as well as emotion, lovely to see a completely different cast from the one I keep watching on Blu-Ray. Akane Takada and James Hay danced as beautifully as I had expected, and no over-acting which made it all the better, and Mayari Magri and Valentino Zucchetti were brilliant counterparts, some great dancing by Magri, she looks like a natural Kitri! Luca Acri was very exciting too as the gypsy boy. I was pleasantly surprised to see Matthew Ball's name on the cast list partnering Laura Morera, but Asphodel Meadows made no more impression on me this time than before, something to do with the irritating lighting, more light and less shade please. Good contrast with Two Pigeons though.
  3. Beryl H

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Perhaps the reason my favourite section of the entire ballet is the pas de trois in the first act between Septimus Smith, his wife, and Evans, is because I know who they are and what the choreography is representing, the Blu Ray captures the moment when Edward Watson jumps out of the window very well too, don't think I saw that in the theatre, and how rough the wood used in the giant frames is. I found the Vanessa Redgrave DVD of Mrs. Dalloway easy to understand and enjoyable, much easier than the book
  4. It's depressing to read about the Linbury seating, unbelievable that any seats or standing places in a brand new theatre have a bad view!
  5. Beryl H

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    I watched my Woolf Works Blu-Ray yesterday, or at least the first 2 ballets, it certainly cleans up the hazy lighting and lasers, and I don't even have a full HD TV, there is more depth in the colour and the music sounds better too. Agree that there is not enough information in the booklet which is in very small print anyway, I'm still confused sometimes, perhaps we're supposed to be.
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    It's all Greek to them
  7. Beryl H

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    ENB's modern version of Giselle will be released on DVD on 1st March, just seen this on Amazon.
  8. Yes, I think for me too, I get very emotional about birds, two woodpigeons spend most of their day in my garden, they're very amiable birds but too heavy for the ballet!
  9. Wonderful dancer, I've never seen that move before either.
  10. White Crow is due for release on 22nd March, Ralph Fiennes directs and acts so it could be good.
  11. I miss the solo that Nureyev danced, although I think it goes back to an earlier production by Sergeyev (not sure which one), but I did notice last night that Liam Scarlett has created a beautiful short solo for the Prince towards the end of the act.
  12. Lots of good names for the new café area: Stansted Airport, Euston concourse, staff canteen, rubbishy cafeteria, I've probably missed some!
  13. Firstly, Vadim Muntagirov was in a world of his own, how lovely to be able to watch him in close up! On my TV it all looked a bit dark, even surprisingly Act 3, and although I was looking forward to actually seeing the end of Act 4, it wasn't much clearer on TV, so agree that this scene does need second thoughts. Great to see it again so soon, the only thing I can recall at the moment is I really liked Bennett Gartside's dual roles, much more serious than usual, but the Benno role felt wrong. Looking forward to seeing it again tonight, too much to take in at first!
  14. I can't remember a single thing about Ashphodel Meadows, perhaps I missed it, I doubt it though, I was hoping it was the abstract but very atmospheric ballet in Victorian costumes, can anyone remember that one?
  15. Beryl H

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    The video looks good, must look up the reviews, wish the Bolshoi would release their version too!