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  1. Beryl H

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    I have the Ashton Blu-Ray and think it is a particularly good recording, Symphonic Variations was very brightly lit anyway, but the other two ballets look exceptionally clear too, I can also hear the girls' pointe shoes in The Dream too which is unusual these days, and is like actually being at the ballet. I must have watched SV almost every night since I bought it, making up for lost time, I particularly like watching Yuhui Choe in this ballet!
  2. I've always wanted to dance Odette's second act 2 solo, Ashton's Aurora vision scene solo, and Nikiya's first act 1 solo in particular, they look particularly beautiful, and Myrthe's dances in act 2 Giselle, so strong and exhilarating. My two favourite heroines are Giselle and Nikiya.
  3. Beryl H


    I'm with you on La Bayadere (the Russian and Nureyev productions rather than the RB one) also Giselle (the ENB Mary Skeaping version).
  4. Beryl H

    Rain - at last!

    My garden is full of pale young sparrows, they seem to have formed groups and yesterday I counted at least 20 at the same time (very difficult as they move so quickly) one poor little thing has no tail feathers but he is very agile. There are also parent sparrows feeding babies. It rained and thundered last night but today has been fine again although windy, hoping for more rain as the ground is still rock hard and cracked.
  5. I don't really like football, but I think there is a similarity between serious football fans and ballet fans, I often smile whilst travelling back on the train on a football night, they are discussing the performance of their team as we would discuss a ballet performance
  6. What a lovely surprise, many congratulations to them!
  7. Beryl H

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    I've just seen on Amazon that on 27 July a DVD/Blu-Ray of Ashton ballets will be released, I was thinking please let it be Daphnis and Chloe, but it's still pretty good, M and A with Yanovsky/Bolle, and The Dream and Symphonic Variations!
  8. I agree with serenade, although unfortunately I had to miss the last ballet, loved the first two though. In the Middle has always been a favourite, and enjoyed seeing some very lyrical choreography in Neue Suite, the 8 pas de deux passed too quickly, would have liked more! Although I bought a programme I can't really identify any female dancers yet, will take another look at the photos above, Houston Thomas was the man I remember the most, he did some very fast and exciting dancing and had a happy personality! Hope they come back, I have always wanted to see the complete Impressing the Czar ballet.
  9. After seeing the perfect Cojocaru/Caley first night I was prepared to be less enthralled yesterday although I cheered up after reading Isaac Hernandez would be dancing, in the event I agree with bridiem that it was strange, although I thought Maria Alexandrova was just as I remembered her, warm and gracious in both her dancing and acting (although like most Russian ballerina's she doesn't let go of the Princes' hands to balance, just quickly shifts to the next hand), but she suffered from the completely wrong partner again. Isaac Hernandez only really looked happy dancing the Act 3 solo, nothing went wrong but it just looked uncomfortable at times like the fish dives, it was still a huge pleasure to see her again and they both did well in the circumstances. I was lucky to see Rina Kanehara and Daniel McCormick dance the Bluebirds again, and Junor Souza looked so happy dancing in the Rose Adagio with Maria, hint ?
  10. Beryl H

    Audience Behaviour

    I've always found this to be true, especially in the Dress and Upper Circles, and booking for the Balcony is always subject to it being shut down on the night, love the theatre but not the sightlines! Last night and last week I paid more than was sensible just to see the ballet without the hassle for a change and found row A of the Upper Circle right on the side to give a good view, and it had more leg room those than in the centre which can feel crippling.
  11. Bruce Wall has said it much better than I could, a marvellous evening indeed, so glad I splashed out on a better seat for a change, more than worth it, Alina Cojocaru gave a superb musical and technical Rose Adagio with absolutely perfect balances, wonderful dancing and partnering from Joseph Caley, and then what joyous dancing from Rina Kanehara and Daniel McCormick in the Bluebird pdd, so well matched, both adorable! Liked James Streeter's Carabosse too, like a crazy Queen Elizabeth the First. Really looking forward to Maria Alexandrova next week!
  12. Got my first sight of this production last night, lovely to see Akane Takada dancing so beautifully again with William Bracewell as Siegfried, and a wonderful pas de trois from Marcelino Sambe, Fumi Kaneko and Anna Rose O'Sullivan. Benno doesn't really seem to count as an important character though, likewise the sisters, liked their period costumes which surprisingly looked okay with the classical choreography. In fact Act 1 was superb with such rich realistic designs, very military feel though and I thought the Rothbart character looked a bit OTT. Act 3 also has a fabulous set and costumes although I didn't like the quartet of Princesses at the beginning in short tutu's. Very good new choreography for the Spanish and Czardas dances in particular, they were more exciting than the usual ones, but Ashton's Neapolitan was still the best of them all, danced by Isabella Gasparini and James Hay! I didn't like the swan acts designs so much, rather gloomy, and I wasn't keen on the opening corps scene of the last act, it looked "dancing by numbers", I am very biased on this though, I did like the new pas de deux, but afraid the final scene had an unfortunate effect from row S of the amphi in that I only saw a pair of legs dangling from above, this really does need adjusting, I'd like to see a photo of how it should look! One image stays with me in particular, the ending of the second act pdd, Odette's position as she leans across looked exquisite with Takada and Bracewell, much prefer this to the arabesque.
  13. There's a very good review of Margarita Shrainer's debut in April as Swanhilda in the new Dance Europe, I was going to give the cinema a miss but not sure now!
  14. I like soft tutu's too in any ballet but particularly Swan Lake, in fact I was fond of the soft long ones in the old production, I will also miss Ivanov's fourth act very much so I wonder what I'll make of this one, the first and third act costumes certainly look very stylish, I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself next week, and seeing Akane Takada!
  15. I noticed this in today's Times, there's another photo, looks very interesting, have we had a Victoria and Albert pas de deux yet?