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  1. Royal Ballet Autumn 2017 Casting

    Nooooooooo! No Vadim 😢😢😢 !Gutted!! Sorry Fede but needed to see Vadim/Nela this time.....
  2. Hi anyone have a spare stalls circle standing or similar for Giselle evening of Jan 20th please - would consider same for Feb 5th??.... Thanks Jules
  3. wanted SCS Giselle 19th Jan please

    Now sorted thank you all My birthday treat is happening!!
  4. wanted SCS Giselle 19th Jan please

    Anyone help me please????
  5. RB Nutcracker 30 DEC eve wanted

    All sorted now Thanks
  6. RB Nutcracker 30 DEC eve wanted

    D47 would indeed be perfect please could you send it to me and I can bank transfer if you like Happy Christmas Can I give you my address by pm? Thanks Jules
  7. Anyone with a spare RB Nutcracker for sat 30th evening please ?- stalls circle standing preferred or similar Thanks Jules
  8. may i ask them whp have already seen this - who performs the goats please??
  9. would love to provide a good home for a spare stalls circle standing for giselle on january 19th - would consider good balcony standing too ..... thanks please let me know jules
  10. ROH Open Up changes

    i always thought that the people at the back of the amphi would never get out in time in the event of a fire - stuck behind slow staircase hoggers - getting out can take an age as there is only one stairs which is already full of people from down below
  11. yes but scotland has Scottish ballet in wales there is nowt on the scale of any of these and where do NB go to and how often???
  12. oh whoopie do - once in a blue moon - when was the last time?? wait until march 2018 - not exactly overenthusiastic especially considering that there are at least 3 nutcracker in london in december _RB at ROH - BRB at RAH and ENB at Coli - could not ONE of these National Companies spend some time in Cardiff ,Newport or Swansea for a few days??? Political i say - we pay taxes to the UK too
  13. you will enjoy this Dave - Mara in splendid form still......
  14. well made my way to newport riverfront for the first time tonight to see ballet cymru's new tim podesta piece with mara galeazzi in it. i had checked online and plenty of tickets left so i rolled up in a rush after parking issues to be told it was the wrong night - dress rehearsal today and performances tomorrow and saturday - dozy me!! anyway the lovely box office lady said - oh you can go in and watch the rehearsal now if you like so i did!! thanks ballet cymru for your generosity in allowing some of us in to your final rehearsal - it was most interesting. mara galeazzi was amazing - she always was - some excellent dancers in the welsh troupe as well.....the music was not to my taste really but there was much to commend this performance and watching Mara close up is worth the ticket money anyway. choreo was rather Mr McGregor style in many ways so also not really to my taste...cant beat the good old Royal Ballet, ENB or BRB in my book - shame none of them bother to come to Wales anyone wanting a good look at mara galeazzi and some modern dancing in an intimate venue with excellent facilities then do go tomorrow and saturday - there are still tickets available and newport is quick to get to