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  1. Thanks hi Rui you can have my d35 SCS if you want - I got the dreaded cough so shouldn't go - it's an email ticket Let me know Jukes
  2. Yes please I would like this ticket Thanks Jules Ps Am skiing in Italy until Saturday no quick replies from me until after Sunday sorry!!
  3. Where?? Those places are awful 😠😠😠 thanks will wait and see if something better pops up
  4. Wanted cheap ticket for evening 2 pigeons on Sat Ffeb 2nd. STALLS circle standing preferred or similar Thanks Jules
  5. Terrible program. 😅😅 Nothing to do with "great" dancers at all. Where oh where did there dredge up the "audience" - highly dubious judgement!! I won't waste my time watching again. The most skilful dancer was canned by an ignorant audience - though he was a bit odd!! and as for the mentor/captain ?? Who was IN the Royal Ballet 😁😁 really?? When?? How?? Lies perhaps??
  6. Still waiting for my promised email regarding running time from the new Roh customer complaints/info office.......only 10 days - how are we meant to book our homeward transport coming from welsh Wales....... unbelievable!!
  7. Hi liked it and sort of wished Nehemiah Kish had been cast as vershinin instead of hirano Lovely lovely Concert. Hilarious
  8. Forgot to take in so still available until friday. Please PM me if interested Thanks
  9. Still available. I am at nutcrAcker dec28th if anyone interested thanks Jules
  10. Ben gartside was in the matinee 28th Dec as Herr stahlbaum. Ie daddy
  11. Hi Alison I have W56 for this if this is any good for you - willing to swap if it helps.... Jules x Could meet before and swap pay difference etc??
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