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  1. jules_skichick

    For sale rob Swan lake 6 June 7;30 w57

    Going back to box office soooooon
  2. jules_skichick

    RB Principal Pipeline

    Agreed!! Long time coming she deserves it!!
  3. Spare cheap ticket for Swan Lake 6June at 7:30 W57 cost £7 standing amphitheatre clear view If interested please let me know Can email Thanks
  4. jules_skichick

    ROH Swan Lake Monday 28th evening

    All sorted now thank you😇
  5. jules_skichick

    ROH Swan Lake Monday 28th evening

    Yes please .......Thank you so much
  6. Hiya anyone with spare scs or balcony for 28th may evening Swan lake please?? thanks you JUles
  7. jules_skichick

    Roh Manon 7 may matinee

    Now sorted!! Thank you!! Woohoo!
  8. Hi Bill please can I have 7th May matinee ticket thanks Jules
  9. jules_skichick

    Roh Manon 7 may matinee

    Still looking for Manon on 7th may please?????
  10. Anyone happen to have a spare SCS or similar for Manon matinee on may 7th please?? If so please let me know Thanks
  11. I'm looking for this too Anything cheap would suit me Thanks Julia
  12. jules_skichick

    RB Swan Lake stalls circle standing wanted

    Oh yes please - you are a star! Thank you!! J
  13. Hi anyone with swan lake SCS tickets going spare for the following dates please?? Missed booking as out of country!! 17th. 22nd 31st and mat/eve of 28 MAY 1st 2nd 6th 8th June???? Any of these dates would be wonderful Thanks Jules
  14. W WEll sorry that you are disappointed by Darcey bussell - many people enjoy her presenting and she being famous etc is a benefit for many non- ballet knowledge people - I enjoyed her and ore idubas contributions and this added to my enjoyment of roh ballet on an otherwise cold and cheerless evening - apart from winters tale of course! Well done all staff and dancers for an amazing show despite the weather conditions