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  1. Quite!! World Class innit ? I quote......
  2. I'd be very surprised if any stalls circle standing turn up on public booking day - they have already been snapped up by friends etc then students who should be limited how many they can have as some then sell most of them on to others - first time in more than 18 years of enjoyable Royal Ballet watching that I have not bothered to waste my time trying to book a few tickets to see my favourite RB dancers NO TICKETS bought by me today as I am busy decorating at mums and I expected to be wasting my time. Thanks ROH you lost a keen follower
  3. Not "World Class" as they expect us to pay top prices for and say such disrespectful things about regular customers on limited budget trying to get the best possible cheap seats like that new Marketing moron!! If it ain't broke ie old system - then dont pay some expensive yuppie a fortune to mess it up for hundreds of visitors who now can't find essential casting info
  4. jules_skichick

    RB Mayerling 27 October £9 scs D15

    Ticket now spoken for thanks
  5. jules_skichick

    Lack of Royal Ballet news (cast changes)

    hey bbb. Us ethnic minorities should definitely stick together but. ...Welsh!! No!! AND since when is it OK to use someone else's heritage as an insult!!! Not impressed with PS.............
  6. jules_skichick

    RB Mayerling 27 October £9 scs D15

    Anyone interested please contact me Thanks
  7. Spare ticket D15 STALLS circle standing for Mayerling on sat 27 October at 7:30 cost £9. It's an e ticket Plans changed - chance to go talk ship sailing rating weekend. Hope someone can give it a good home please contact asap Thanks Jules
  8. jules_skichick

    RB Nutcracker - various dates

    Hi Lee. Yes please for 7th Dec nutcracker d26 Thanks Jules
  9. jules_skichick

    For sale RB Mayerling

    Yes please - can you contact me by PM but give me a couple of days to reply and sort details as I am currently at sea on Lord Nelson tall ship anchored off clovelly?? Thanks. Jules
  10. jules_skichick

    [For Sale] RB Mayerling & Nutcracker

    Please could I have the mayerling ticket Thanks Jules
  11. Slim pickings left at 9:01 No STALLS circle standing at all for anything ....except nutcracker - disappointed Customer here anyway! How did front amphitheatre sides get so expensive?? Why are all back amphitheatre categories pretty much the same green colour despite being diff aren't prices? Still disappointed......sad day!
  12. jules_skichick

    Wanted RBS matinee July 8th

    Wales Will keep looking....... need to book bus - earlier is cheaper too..... Thanks Brilliant Anyone elee got a spare sc s or s imilar please?? Juiles is back from Russia.......
  13. jules_skichick

    Wanted RBS matinee July 8th

    Brilliant Anyone elee got a spare sc s or s imilar please?? Juiles is back from Russia.......
  14. jules_skichick

    For sale rob Swan lake 6 June 7;30 w57

    Going back to box office soooooon