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  1. balletmum20

    Wanted - Character Skirt

    No unfortunately she is not, I can post it if you want?
  2. balletmum20

    Wanted - Character Skirt

    £10, it’s in good condition
  3. balletmum20

    Wanted - Character Skirt

    I have a character skirt, 23” waist but it’s adjustable and 26 length
  4. balletmum20

    Elmhurst character skirt

    Elmhurst character skirt for sale waist - 23” length- 25” elmhurst fleece - age 11/12 elmhurst jumper - age 11/12
  5. balletmum20

    Errol Pickford RIP

    So sad, and shocking news!! 💗💗💗
  6. balletmum20

    Elmhurst skirt wanted

    Does anyone have a Elmhurst formal skirt in a c3 or small adult,? Many thanks
  7. balletmum20

    Travel to and from vocational school

    Where abouts in the south east? My dd is starting in September x
  8. Well done, must be pleased xx 👍👍🍷🍷🍷
  9. What years have you got a yes for? Xx well done xx
  10. balletmum20

    Ballet bits for sale

    So Danca coral leotard, pinched bust and 2 straps - age 11 - £5 Bloch leotard pretty lace back age 12 - £7 bloch grey shorts size adult small £5 mirella purple leotard adult small £7 mirella black knee length skirt size adult small £5 mirella shorts in blue/purple pattern waist age 12-14 £5 plume pink pinched back and front age 10-11 £5 tring Park tank tshirt - age 10-12 £5 roch valley pink leotard, pink front size 2/ 11 -£5 canvas Ballet shoes fit size 3 never worn £5 bloch black cotton cardigan age 12-14 £5 roch valley royal blue pinched front leotard size 3a fit age 12-13 £5 roch valley royal blue pinched front leotard size 3 fit age 13-14 £5 capezio navy pinched front leotard adult m £5 bloch knitted wrap cardigan in pink size adult small £5 any questions please ask
  11. balletmum20

    Elmhurst year 9

    All the info has come though for the induction day, it’s 2 days this time with a sleepover on the Sunday night, sound like a fun induction!!
  12. balletmum20


    How much would the character skirt be ?
  13. balletmum20

    Elmhurst year 9

    Thankyou, I’ve just joined the elmhurst year 8 Facebook page, nice to connect with some of the parents x
  14. balletmum20

    Elmhurst year 9

    Brilliant. Thankyou! Dont you just love this forum!
  15. balletmum20

    Elmhurst year 9

    Yes I see there are some groups on Facebook but unfortunately not for year 8 and I think we are the only one joining year 9 this year, thanks for all your help and advise, I really appreciate it x