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  1. Emma Northmore Audition Workshop

    Yes it was good, I also liked that the class was not too large, and quite mixed ages as well xx
  2. Emma Northmore Audition Workshop

    My dd went to Emma Northmore Audition workshop on Wednesday and I just wanted to say I would highly recommend the workshop, there was a ballet class in the morning, and then a audition in the afternoon with a a few teachers on the panel, terry wright was one and it was great cause they received good tips for the audition and a report is then sent out in the post, i thought it was great idea and really helped my dd x
  3. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Does anyone know when elmhurst final audition is this time, I know it's normally march, but does anyone know the date?
  4. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Thankyou for the reply, do they take new children mid year?
  5. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Do many children get into elmhurst for year 9? Will they only get a place if someone leaves? Is it hard to get a place?
  6. Elmhurst 2018

    I understand that everyone get a audition but only some are invited to finals

    Hi is the black all in one still for sale and the pink shorts?
  8. Living at The Hammond

    I'm so looking forward to seeing the show, but have to wait till Saturday! Xx ?
  9. Living at The Hammond

    I have one spare ticket for the Hammond's summer show if anyone is interested, it's for Saturday at 7.00 xx
  10. Help with Vocational school fees

    Yes I use the school fee plan also, it's really good! https://www.schoolfeeplan.com/FooterSimpleLogon/About
  11. Ballet Malvern Easter course

    My dd is 11 and also went last year, everybody is so lovely and caring, she will love it xx
  12. Living at The Hammond

    Yes it took ages last time, we took them November and did not get results till end Jan xxx I don't get much info from my dd, so not sure the girls are any better xx
  13. Living at The Hammond

    Last set of exams the results were given at school, then we got the results home a week later x good luck xx
  14. Hammond Funding audition April 24th year 7

    Yes they are split between the years of 7-10. And remember they also have there own bursaries xx
  15. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Last year it was the day they broke up for Easter x