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  1. mimi'smom

    Leotard advice (degas)

    They are beautiful but just a word of caution - I don't think many places stock them in the UK (Just Ballet do) and when we ordered ours (for US auditions) they (degas) were quite slow fulfilling orders. Sheila from Just Ballet was brilliant in chasing up but was a bit hair raising! Still one of her favourite leotards, perfect for auditions I would say and worth the wait but order in plenty of time if needed for a specific date!
  2. mimi'smom

    Dance on Sky Arts

    Sky Arts are showing POB le Palais de Cristal on Sunday 17th June at 11:30am
  3. mimi'smom

    One last post ....

    I feel broken hearted reading both this post and your daughter's blog - she inspired my own dd hugely one summer school and we are both so very sorry she did not receive the support she so deserved. What a brave and resilient young lady she is and I know without doubt that her blog will help and support so many young dancers and encourage them to put their health, both mental and physical, above everything else. Wishing you both happiness and inner peace xx
  4. mimi'smom

    YBSS application 2018

    Wifi and phone signal a bit hit and miss sadly I guess due to the rural location. The only 'extras' I send with my dd are her own towels (the ones provided are perfectly adequate but she just prefers her own!) If she is planning to rinse enough tights/leotards etc, an over-radiator dryer is useful (but probably not needed if going for a week). I have sent her with snacks/tuck in the past and a little bit of spending money (groups have sometimes got together to order in pizza in the evenings and there used to be an evening trip to the local designer outlet but not for the past couple of years). They all tend to wear a black leotard for the Friday presentation too. There are no shops within walking distance so plenty of supplies such as plasters, medication such as hay fever relief and ibuprofen (age dependent I guess) that might unexpectedly be needed!
  5. mimi'smom

    Travel to and from vocational school

    Hi there Congrats to your dd on their Elmhurst place! There is an Elmhurst Travel Buddies closed group on Facebook which parents use to arrange lift and taxi shares, train buddies etc mostly for leave out but at other non leave out weekends also. If you know any other Elmhurst parents they can add you to the group via the admin. If not, if you want to message me I can try to do it for you. There is also a very useful buy and sell second hand uniform group too!
  6. mimi'smom

    Variety of leotards for sale

    Possibly - just waiting to hear back from someone. I'll message you if it is still available and email some photos. thanks x
  7. mimi'smom

    Variety of leotards for sale

    All still for sale except for the purple one - have photos for anyone interested x
  8. mimi'smom

    Dance on Sky Arts

    Sky Arts are showing the Mariinsky Ballet's Cinderella on Monday morning at 7am (Monday 14th May)
  9. mimi'smom

    Dance physiotherapist for evaluation

    These are carried out by dance clinic.co.uk, I believe it may be Phil Birch who actually carries out the assessments - he is amazing! There is a thread about him on here somewhere. Two future dates in the near future for Birmingham - I'm guessing to be held at Annette's studio. Details on the website.
  10. mimi'smom

    YBSS application 2018

    Some more pop ups announced today on YBSS's Facebook page and website.
  11. mimi'smom

    Simply Adult Ballet

    YBSS are doing an adult ballet masterclass on the middle/crossover Saturday ( 21st July 10am til 1:30pm) of summer school at Askham Bryan College. Copied from their Facebook page apply via the YBSS website. Adult ballet Class and Solo's Masterclass lead by YBSS Director and former Birmingham Royal Ballet Principal Iain Mackay. For Intermediate and advanced level ages 20+
  12. https://mariinsky.tv/e Hope the link works! Different pairing for each of the three acts as it is a celebration of the 80th birthday of Gennady Selyutsky. Romeo and Juliet ballet in three acts (thirteen scenes) Music by Sergei Prokofiev Libretto by Andrian Piotrovsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Radlov and Leonid Lavrovsky, based on the tragedy by William Shakespeare Choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky Set and costume design by Pyotr Williams Juliet: Viktoria Tereshkina (act I), Anastasia Matvienko (act II), Olesya Novikova (act III) Tybalt: Dmitry Pykhachov (act I), Danila Korsuntsev (act II) Romeo: Yevgeny Ivanchenko (act I) , Andrei Yermakov (act II), Igor Kolb (act III) Mercutio: Alexei Timofeyev (act I), Alexander Sergeev (act II) Jester: Daniil Lopatin Juliet’s companion: Svetlana Ivanova Troubadour: Yevgeny Konovalov Mariinsky Ballet and Orchestra Conductor: Boris Gruzin
  13. I could only find it on iplayer, right at the end. Only really managed to spot Celine Gittens and Brandon Lawrence when I watched. Thought it was a joyous celebration! (But then I am a biased Brummie!)
  14. I have the following leotards for sale - apologies for not knowing the names of the Leos but if you are interested, PM me for photos! Gaynor Minden black lace leotard size adult small worn just once (!) so would like £20 plus postage (currently retailing around £36) red cotton Lycra capezio leotard size small (J12?), spaghetti straps, plain front (no gathers) and a mid to low back with crossover straps. Again, worn once (what is she like???) would like £10 plus postage raspeberry lycra capezio leotard size small (J12?) very similar in design to the red one above but with adjustable straps and the crossover straps on the back are wider. Would like £10 plus postage purple lycra Bloch leotard size small. Spaghetti straps and lovely neckline detailing to the top. Plain scoop back. Has she ever worn this? Who knows?? Still in as new condition - would like £10 plus postage. Brand new (!!) capezio pull on skirt. Black lace with sequins very sparkly and beautiful (but too short for my dd as she is 5ft 10) Would like £10 plus postage. Will happily combine postage obviously! Perfect for summer school and all in immaculate condition.
  15. mimi'smom

    Dance on Sky Arts

    RB Giselle is showing on sky arts today (8th April) at 3pm. No mention of cast but dd and I are hoping it is going to be the Nunez/Muntagirov version we saw two years ago (which was being filmed at the time)