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  1. It is inconceivable to me that the fantastic people who give up their time to run this forum are met with anything other than gratitude! As a complete ballet novice mom (something I still consider myself very much to be although I did to my delight score 100% on one of those silly Facebook 'how well do you know ballet?' quizzes so something must be going in! 😉) this forum has seen my through the ups and downs of the life of hapless ballet parent, from dd looking at associates at age 8, through lower school auditions to upper school auditions and everything in between (and almost certainly beyond!) Thank you really most sincerely moderators! You have my endless admiration!
  2. It was yesterday after the final in the break between the finals and the announcements. It isn't on YouTube yet. He was there as part of the choreography project but obviously of interest as a previous winner.
  3. Harrison Lee was interviewed yesterday during the Prix live stream and announced that he will be joining the Royal Ballet company I'm assuming at the end of the season.
  4. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    The Royal Opera House and ROH shop are currently selling baubles filled with fabric from the costume department - so much prettier than I can make them sound! A little eye-watering at £20 but quite unique! The lady in the shop said that they had just come in this week. DD 'persuaded' me to buy her a Sleeping Beauty one yesterday - not that I needed much persuading!
  5. Elmhurst audition queries

    DaDA do have an element of financial assistance for the maintenance element for those earning under £30,000 on a sliding scale that is means tested annually. (Unlike the tuition element that is only assessed once at the start of the course) x
  6. Dance to health

    Any of our fabulous adult dancers interested in this? I have a vested interest as I have an ex-colleague who is going to be a peer motivator and I lost my beautiful mom this summer after complications following a fall. Plus the outreach and participation department at BRB are just amazing and do wonderful work with so many sections of the community. https://www.facebook.com/bhamroyalballet/posts/10155038707483085
  7. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Well you weren't wrong really...grad year are 18 and 19!
  8. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    They are all Elmhurst students - year 11 and grad year x
  9. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    There is a British trained girl selected though. 🙂
  10. Are the pointe shoes still for sale please?
  11. Central Audition for 2018 Entry

    Tell her not to worry BlueLou - my 5ft 8" daughter was offered a place at Central last year x
  12. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Particularly interested if anyone comes across any ballerina tree decorations. We have been buying our dd one every year since she was a year 4 JA and promised we would do so until she has finished her training - we are now in 6:1. 😝 The problem is, the ornaments have to have good technique and every one I've found this year has been met with a disdainful look and comments such as "No way mom, just look at her feet!" Give me strength!!
  13. BRB shared video of the event and its preparations on their Facebook page. Lovely for us to see familiar faces amongst the teachers, the Elmhurst student participants and even DD's old local dance school!