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  1. Simply Adult Ballet

    Hi Anna C You appear to have 3 questions: Q1: “has anyone referred you for or suggested an MRI of your lumber spine ?” Not directly, however both physio’s I visited did check my spine. However the strange feeling in my left leg hasn’t reoccurred since the evening after the MRI on the right, my thought are that it may have been induced by being placed in close proximity to the right, the pain itself was quite odd, it almost seamed like a shower of little shooting pain going down my leg, they sort of peaked in intensity then it would fade away only lasting a few seconds, but it did repeat many times. Since that evening it hasn’t reoccurred. Q2 "Can I swim ?" yes Q3" Do I like water?” I guess so, I have 400feet of river frontage, however I haven’t been in a swimming pool for many years, in saying that, within the last year or so, I had to rescue my boyfriend and PDD partner who accidentally tried doing the splits between my landing stage and one of my boats, as he attempted to step into the boat with on leg, ithe boat went out. Although I can see the funny side now, it could have been very tragic as Adrian cant swim. When he fell in he went strait under and I couldn’t see him, I went in after him and luckily I was able to locate him by touch and get him on his back to get him out, fortunately he didn’t struggle, but it really had shaken him up. As for rises and releves, they are not really an issue when done with both feet together, however I do need an efficient snap-up one foot releve passé for a piece of rep I’m doing, ideally working reasonably well for my next session on that rep, which is Monday morning. That consists of 3 sets of 8 releve passes, but the pattern isn’t linear only the last set, then we need to add the tricky port de bra, a real brain and memory teaser.
  2. RAD Adult Associates and Dream rep workshop

    Well there was me thinking we had some dedicated dancers here, I do remember travelling from my home in South Lincolnshire to do a RAD workshop in Edinburgh just to do a little Romeo and Juliet, I guess they don’t make them like they used to, ha ha.
  3. Simply Adult Ballet

    At last after waiting months I have finally had my MRI scan on the ankle on Monday, the scan lasted as best as I tell somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to chat to the operators of the MRI unit as they literally wheeled another one in immediately I was finished. However I did have a bit of a strange effect hat evening which may have just been coincidence, the injured leg was ok but the other one which was not scanned seamed to have developed little shooting pains going down the whole of the inside of the leg, these would last a few seconds and ten subside , it occurred many many times. I have never had those before and the following morning had completely gone. I don’t get the results of the MRI scan until I see my specialist on the 5 of Feb. Although the main pain region of the ankle and shin is greatly diminished to what it was a few weeks ago, some pain is still present, but so is a sense of numbness, a lack of feeling to the touch which is a little worrying, otherwise functionally its more or less ok other than a complete lack of strength which I think is basically down to inactivity against what was my normal ballet schedule . At least I’m doing a few sessions a day now, I really notice the lack of strength on my body conditioning classes, at least now I’m getting back to doing full plie’s, however fondu’s are a bit too shallow still and releve definitely lack strength. On of the pieces of rep I am doing for taking up to Ballet West which requires 3 x 8 sets of releve passe’s, for me that snatch is not just there, particularly with the right. At least running through this piece should provide some strengthening of the ankles. I guess what is the most frustrating thing is getting cramp at the top of my thigh every time I attempt to lift my right leg devant, even a fondu above 45 degrees is enough to catch it, its really annoying as I have the old muscle memory of what I could do before the injury, my body seams to assume it still can, but it catches me out for such things as Developpe’s and Rond de jambe l’air when circling round to the front. I was caught out several times last night at class and that top muscle really begins hurts, Ive heard it said in the past that I may not be using the correct muscle, I need to use the one underneath but I have no sensation of that to contact it and utilise it.
  4. RAD Adult Associates and Dream rep workshop

    Best add this to the list of RAD rep dates at Elmhurst, its also the dates for the morning session for the Adult Associates. Swan Lake Sunday 4 March, Closing date 12 Feb https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/swan-lake-adult-repertoire-workshop-birmingham-2018-registration-41216064358 Sleeping Beauty Sunday 22 April, Closing date 2 April https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-sleeping-beauty-adult-repertoire-workshop-birmingham-2018-registration-41216090436 Coppelia Sunday 20 May, Closing date 30 April https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/coppelia-adult-repertoire-workshop-birmingham-2018-registration-41216167667 I did have a peak at the Dream, as a ballet I don't think it has anything for me, in any case I think I have virtually fallen out with RAD over the culture of not disclosing details of the rep they intend to teach, which is a great shame. I will be honest I used to like the RAD associates when it was a full day activity, comprising Body Conditioning, Absolute beginners, Improvers 1 (grades 3 to 5), Improvers 2 (Grades 6 to 8), those were RAD grades for guidance that RAD published. Basically I used to do all 4 classes and at the lunch break borrow a studio for my own rep practice. I seldom missed a class even though it was over a hundred mile drive each way and sometime in absolutely appalling weather. I moaned at RAD quite alot to get regular rep sessions going, and one of our teachers started putting a little rep in at the end of Improvers 2. I also tried to pursuade them to start an adult performing group but that fell on stoney ground, I guess that was a step too far. The first one they ran, the did give me a little advance notice, however I missed that due to a leg injury which also included the following 2. I had intended doing the last one Giselle, but as no information was released this time, for me it just wasnt worth while.
  5. Adult Ballet Retreat

    Yes Sophie I agree the atmosphere was brilliant, there were dancer there I had met before and of course the lovely Andrew on the piano. The workshop itself was brilliant, however in saying that, if I had full disclosure of the style of the Kitri variation from Act 3, I would never have attended it. There are two fairly distinct styles for that variation, one with attitude turns and buree’s the other with Grand jete’s. I had actually run through the attitude version several time and loved it. I was reluctant with the Grand jete style as my right leg hadn’t fully recovered from injury. It wasn’t until half way through Saturday it became clear which style we were dancing. It sort of started off ok, then my right leg with the developpe that followed the grand jete became weaker and weaker and I could barely lift it by the end of the day. In the evening I ran through the developpe and passé section in my bedroom (as you do), there was next to no strength left. I forced the developpe as best as I could, the thigh muscle went solid into a very nasty cramp, my thought then was if to continue the next day and risk re-injury or not. The next morning I was very undecided weather to continue and risk it, or just go in and say my goodbyes and leave. I guess I ended up with a halfway solution, I told Hannah and David of my injury and I decided to do what I could, but knowing the risk could cost me months of recovery having already been off ballet since the last injury for 4 month and had to pull out of our last show. Luckily I did everything to the end and survived and only minor cramping taking place on the last 20minutes of the train journey home. I even managed body conditioning and ballet the following Monday morning but I ached like hell. Conclusion, TBR a brilliant weekend with lovely people.
  6. Declaration: I am one of the Alive Ballet Company Dancers and have the Artistic Directors permission to promote this. Have you ever thought about performance? or do you miss being on stage? If so, this is your chance to improve your dance and performance skills in a friendly and supportive environment. The Alive Ballet Company is a London based Amateur Ballet Company that is looking for new dancers for 2018. Get in touch for more info: info@dancealive.london
  7. Adult Ballet Retreat

    Thanks sophie_rebecca that very helpful, I've often look at this piece but never danced it, should be real fun
  8. Simply Adult Ballet

    Hi LinMM I think you should add motoring to that list. When Adrian and I went to Liverpool on Saturday the roads on the way and in Liverpool too were absolutely awful with dangerously deep pot holes, alarm bells range after the aftermath of having the large springs on the front shock absorbers replaced after one broke and fouled the tyre the week before. Instead of it fracturing at home it could have so easily happened at speed on the motorway and ended in a seriously dangerous accident. Not only that, the multi story car park we used on Saturday, caught fire on Sunday according to the TV and I think something like 1400 vehicles were damage and the multi-storey car park is going to have to be demolished. Both instances so close its worrying.
  9. Adult Ballet Retreat

    Thanks Nicola H I hadn't realised these were out already, however I can only assume the girls rep from Don Q is "Entrance of Kitri", but it could easily be a different solo, see you then and thank you.
  10. Ballerina attire

    Hi Jade I have found it quite interesting as to how your thread has developed little by little with everyone experience and contributions. Whilst I am at the apposite end of the age spectrum (Older) we seem to share a similar experience of going into the unknown with ballet the ballet world. My first class was a small class of about 8 of us, Attire was very free and informal but must be comfortable and soft shoes when I first started, after the first week one of the ladies gave me a pair of her old ballet slipper (black). After that first week I basically copied what the other ladies were wearing which for me was black fairly thick tights, and a long top that extended about halfway down to the thigh towards the knee, as a skirt would. A few weeks later the ballet bug began to bite and I wanted to take on another class, this time it was around 40 mile away and according to its website it had a strict uniform protocol, that was pink ballet slippers, pink tights, black capped sleeve leotard and black chiffon ballet skirt. For me at this time it was quite daunting, I was very self conscious as I had never worn anything like that before, my dance experience had been Salsa, I had also taught salsa and was really comfortable with that, but to wear a leotard with others in the class, that made me feel really uncomfortable and silly. I guess in shear desperation I went to my local ballet teacher and told her, she was really supportive by suggesting I came to that class in my new ballet uniform and she would arrange for our little group to have a leotard day as she knew one or two of the ladies had leotards. Leotard day came and suprise suprise, me and my teacher were the only ones to arrive in leotards, but for me the most important thing that day was our oldest dancer said, Michelle that leotard makes you look so much slimmer and really nice. Wow for me that clinched it, I was off to add the new class. Although I was still a bit apprehensive at joining this second class, when I actually got there I found I was the only one wearing it. After class I queried why no one else was wearing the schools uniform, I was told they could not make it stick otherwise they would loose many of there student dancers. For me, I felt really proud, I could do it and I did, I always wear that type of formal ballet attire where ever I have taken class since. As for performances, some schools have you participating quite early as the whole school participates from the tines all the way up to adults with something appropriate choreographed by the teacher. In many cases dancers use the schools costumes from the costume cupboard. I've certainly danced jointly with adults and tees. The audience at these occasions are usually friends and family so its not too daunting. I think the first point to remember if you are participating in the schools performance, you are most likely to be dancing as a group, you will most likely be all wearing the same type and colour of costume, it will be expected. Things tend to be somewhat different if you are dancing solo. As you say you are only dancing ballet as a hobby and not to receive diplomas or prepare for auditions, it sounds as if you may have a lot of freedom over your ballet attire, but do go and check out the requirements of the school with you mum. Most certainly you will need to have proper ballet slippers but you may get away with soft shoes for the first week as a trial period. Once you've started proper, check out what your class mates are wearing but keep an open mind against pink as you may well change your preference later. For me I don’t particularly like black ballet slippers or black tights but if a performance costume requires them, then I’m quite comfortable in wearing them, similarly I don’t like long sleeve or capped sleeve leotards, but one of the performance pieces I dance with the Alive Ballet Company requires black capped sleeve leotards. I do remember a couple of our dancers remarking on the costumes we had for dancing the Waltz of Flowers with white leotards with and pink romantic tutu's, that we all looked like marsh mellows, it was a bit of a giggle but no one objected to wearing them. I note your comment about wearing pink or white ballet tutu's with pink ballet slippers look old fashioned, girly and childish. I think the first thing is to look at the characters these costumes represent, many are either princesses swans or fairy's. As for pink I will be dancing the roll of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker Pas de Deux with my boyfriend Adrian next summer at Ballet West, our final performance is always done in costume, the Sugar Plum Fairy tutu is largely pink with some white and orange. For me there is one simple rule, it must be appropriate and orthentic for that roll. As for wearing a tutu in class, normally it would be considered inappropriate other that final stages of rehearsals for positioning and partnering, I occasionally wear a tutu for a repertoire workshop on a classic, where I have one for that roll and its the last day. The only other occasion I can think of is a bit of a fun day where a teacher calls a special occasion (tutu day), then as an option we can wear a tutu for our centre work, but not everyone does. Just to add a little to Cara's wonderful contribution on the deal with ballet, there are a few forbidden no no's, you don't wear watches in class or jewellery other than tiny ear studs, however there are exception too, if it is required for a performance then only for dress rehearsals and the show performance itself, these may include such things as necklaces, otherwise they are considered a hazard. I hope that helps, go and enjoy xx
  11. Simply Adult Ballet

    Thank you Janet she is absolutely brilliant, so inspiring, I’m really really jealous as I’ve never mastered dancing on pointe as yet. Even my Adrian has been inspired by her, so hopefully I will have him as my PDD partner for many many years to come.. I was to restart point classes after starting a few years back, but sadly they folded after a few weeks due to poor attendance. I was to start last term as our company was holding joint ballet and pointe classes split between the Royal Ballet School and Studios at Sadlers Wells. Just after booking and paying for the classes (Ballet 75mins, Pointe 45mins), I incurred my injury, for the first 2 or 3 weeks I just kept sending apologies in each week as I believed my recovery was imminent, but sadly it was not. Even now I would not chance restarting for a term or two as I really do want to take my PDD’s on pointe for my week at Ballet West, perhaps 2019 if I’m lucky, but saying that I stupidly hurt my poorly leg again today. It was a gorgeous day to be outside to day, I would take advantage of the weather and mix a tiny bit of cement up, then I accidentally stepped back onto a metal bucket which tipped over and the upper side cut into my leg halfway below the knee. Although its given it a bit of a nasty gash and is quite sore I don’t think its done any real damage or change my immediate ballet commitments coming up.
  12. Adult Ballet Retreat

    Ah you mean the Canari qui chante Fairys •Candide (Candor) •Coulante, Fleur de farine (Flowing, Wheat flour) •Miettes qui tombent (Falling breadcrumbs) •Canari qui chante (Singing canary) •Violente (Force) •The Lilac Fairy. •Carabosse, the evil fairy. •The Gold, Silver, Sapphire, and Diamond Fairies I guess if any of the Fairies are chosen it will be from the first 6, but I guess I will find out next week as it could equally be something from Don Q. I'm looking forward to my annual pilgrimage tomorrow for ENB's Nutcracker workshop on the Coliseum stage.
  13. Simply Adult Ballet

    The definition “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” seemed to apply to me this Christmas, although I will say my right leg injury has stood up to things remarkably well. Christmas was planned out for visiting family and accommodating Ballet up to and including the first month of the new year. Everything was fine in Visiting my Sister, Adrian’s daughter and having Adrian’s brother over to stay with us on Christmas day. However Boxing day morning we were to visit Boston and have a wonder round the sales before going on to spend the afternoon with Adrian’s son and his son’s family. I reversed out of our yard on to the road, things seemed normal then I went to pull forward and an awful noise came from under the car, I reversed again and it was clear then pulled forward to park it back in the yard, the noise was present again. I suspected that something had dropped that covered the engine compartment but neither of us could see any thing, then I checked the wheel arches, the drivers side front shock absorber spring had broken and was fouling the tyre, this is what was making the noise. Needless to say I could not make any arrangements on boxing day but realised I only had a couple of days to get it fixed if I was still to attend ENB’s Rep workshop on the Coliseum stage that Friday, if the worst came to the worst I could cancel that one. But more importantly I was to take Adrian to Liverpool on the Saturday to see his favourite team LFC play, it was my thank you for all his hard work during the year as my PDD partner. Firstly there was no one at the Garage on the 27th, they were still on holiday so I checked out as a contingency hiring a vehicle, that came out very expensive as we had to keep the vehicle over the New Year bank holiday even though we didn’t actually require it past Saturday evening. Fortunately I was able to find the Garage owners wife’s mobile number as she had text me in the past to say my vehicle was ready. Thank goodness they were able to order the bits today 27th , take it in tomorrow and possibly fix it dependant upon when the bits arrive, but in the mean time they have a courtesy care that I can use. As I will be back home late Friday afternoon after the ENB workshop, it more likely I will pick my own car up then for the Liverpool trip. Although the car brake down was quite annoying in upsetting our plans, it could have been so much much worse and not actually shown itself up at home as it did, I think someone upstairs was looking after me over Christmas. As a result of not being able to go out Boxing day, we wrapped up well and took a walk along our river bank and through the park opposite, although it was cold the sun was shining and it was a really beautiful day, we walked as far as the A16 bridge to cross over to the other side where we popped into the Riverside Hotel for a drink, my first alcohol beverage over Christmas as I wasn’t driving. It was gorgeous, warm and cosy inside and made for a pleasant walk back. During the walk I realised just how good my injured leg had felt it really did benefit from what could have otherwise been thought of as an annoying incident. Sadly its likely to be the new year before we get to visit Adrian’s sons family. I just hope him upstairs keeps an eye on my travel arrangement again for January with Leeds TBR on 6 and 7th and also RAD Associates at Elmhurst on 14th, then I will be a happy bunny.
  14. Adult Ballet Retreat

    Hi BalletCoers Is anyone on here doing the Leeds TBR on the 6 and 7th of Jan and staying at the Ibis Budget hotel close by, as I will be there, arriving at the Ibis late Friday afternoon. If anyone wants to meet up for a drink / evening meal Friday evening, just drop me a PM. I'm not sure what rep we are doing as Hannah hasn't give much away, according to Hannah those details will be given no later than two days before the retreat starts. However what has been disclosed is "At the moment it’s between Don Q with fans, or one of the Sleeping Beauty fairies solo".
  15. Simply Adult Ballet

    Hi Youngatheart it may seam I have deliberately chosen the more extrema movements, but in reality it was a case in the main it was in the class, nothing more. As for the hard floor, in all other aspects the hall is a brilliant performance venue, however in the next couple of months my own 4metre studio extension should be in place with its own Harlequin sprung floor. As for basic barre I’m trying to do a couple of 15minutes or so each day starting first thing in the morning after a 10minute warm-up on the treadmill. However although some ballet movement are quite difficult after this injury, so is some everyday tasks. Last weekend Adrian and I did a bit of a blitz on the house as we have Adrian’s brother coming down to us for Christmas, that has meant moving a lot of stuff out of the dining room which was more like a costume making factory as it was where I had enough room to layout fabrics and do my sewing. Needless to say there was loads of boxes of materials and equipment to be carted up stairs and temporarily stored in my tutu room. That really did takes its toll on my right leg. Within a week or two I suspect we have an even bigger move when we get the date that the UPVC extension to my studio is being installed, at least all the studio equipment is remaining on ground level split between my Gym and Office. Thursday done another ballet class at a local school, that went far better than I could have anticipated, it really lifted my spirits. I even managed a few Grand Plie's and Lunges that were giving me problems a week or so ago. The only real issue that showed itself was lifting the right leg devant where it would quickly go into spasm, derrier or a la second no problem, but I think that is just down to loss of strength. At least I think its encouraging for when things start to ramp after Christmas, with ENB Nutcracker Workshop at the Coliseum on the 29th of December, then I take Adrian to Liverpool and back on the 30th, although not ballet, the driving is quite unconformable to my right leg. January Rep workshop at Leeds Ballet Retreat on 6 and 7th Jan, then full day at Elmhurst with RAD Associates, with some of that time on Giselle Rep. Hi LinMM I guess I really don’t go with the flow, its just no me. I really do want to claw back some of the lost fitness after such a long period of inactivity. However even the gain of Thursdays ballet class which to some extent feels as if it was attributed to the regular home practice barre sessions, is still inclined to be easily set back as I found out the following today (Friday) as Adrian and I took a trailer load of garden waste (Tree Pruning's) to the local Recycling Centre, that in itself was ok, but dragging the trailer into its parking spot in our ground did aggravate the area of my injury somewhat. Hopefully that will go away in a day or two. I will be pleased when I get a proper diagnosis for this injury, thank goodness I get my MRI Scan on the 15th of Jan with a follow up appointment with my consultant on the 29th, then I guess I see if what the options are, but I’m very uncomfortable with the thought of surgery.