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  1. Thank you Tutugirl and Farawaydancer. I passed that on to her and she’s much happier. Our weekend has brightened considerably! Hope a few other readers see your posts in case any other dds or dss have had similar worries. X
  2. My DD had a lovely day at the Elmhurst final audition but had been ill for a week before and made mistakes. Any consoling words to pass on to her? I am surprised by how badly she has taken it.
  3. Dear Dopedeedoo Here's my DD and I ......wishing you and your DD all the very very best of luck tomorrow. ***** We're group 1 too. I'll be the one looking totally bedraggled after a mad dash up the M40!! Sleep well and hope its a fun day. I'm feeling much more positive.
  4. Thanks you Dancer 123, Glissade and Balletbrokemybank Right...forging on.....don't suppose the three of you fancy coming with us? I am just new to this world. My DD is so much more resilient than I am but if she can go tomorrow in her normal high and positive spirits she'll have a wonderful time whatever the outcome. I can't promise you won't be hearing from me again though. 🙂 Thanks again lovely people. Looking forward to being in a more 'experienced' place and being able to give back to this forum one day soon.
  5. Dear Mums. My DD has a final audition tomorrow. She got ill after her WL (resulting in a No!) final due to what I can only assume was stress but says she wants to try for this audition. I am so conflicted. My stomach is churning. Words of wisdom and how to deal with another No.....please?
  6. Thank you Valentina. Sage words. And thank you for the advice regarding feedback. Have a lovely weekend.
  7. Yes. I absolutely agree. Huge congratulations to all 53 short listed to finals. We’ve found it a very difficult process to deal with but a bit of toughening up for us is clearly in order. But as newbies we’ll learn. These forums help enormously when one is left with so many unanswered questions and disappointment can be an isolating place.
  8. Hi all. Was there a waiting list also given out at this years WL final? My DD was a no but I wondered how much of a no she was?
  9. Thank you Jan. I look forward to being part of the forum. I have a young DD off to WL tomorrow. A dream come true for her to even set foot in the school so as long as she enjoys it that's as much as I can hope for. Hoping all the other finalists enjoy it too.
  10. Thank you very much. That makes perfect sense. As a new member of the forum I want to wish anyone's DD auditioning for the Year 7 WL finals tomorrow the very best of luck.
  11. Can I ask if anyone has heard about 'special invites' to White Lodge finals from 'MA only' auditions? Are these common? I am a total newbie to this audition culture. Thanks all.
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