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  1. Hi Sunrise81, Sounds like you DD is quite a bit further on than mine, possibly a little advanced but I'll look out for future dates, can always have a chat with them. I'll have a look at the Cecchetti associates, thankyou
  2. Hi Jan, thanks. I've just emailed them regarding the taster session, what a great opportunity, as I mentioned I hadn't spotted these at Northern Ballet. Doncaster on a Sunday morning is great for us
  3. Hi Dancingshoes, Thats good to hear. I think we will go watch Beauty and the Beast on the Saturday plus the rehearsal (never knew you could watch these - DD is keen) and DD can do the workshop on the Sunday. Thankfully The Lowry has a cracking view from up in the top circle as this dancing malarky is an expensive business lol! Had a look at the RAD workshops too, one suitable but sold out and we are away that weekend too but I'll keep an eye out for these in the future
  4. Thanks Anna C, I wasnt aware that Northern Ballet has an associates, looks completely doable too with a slightly early finish for DD from school on Fridays, a good day for me too workwise. I will chat with the dance teacher, I believe one of her ex students, Matthew Morrell, is at Northern Ballet
  5. Thanks Kat09. Birmingham is doable but it really depends on dates and times. I'll have a look at Elmhurst, thankyou
  6. Hi all. I've been browsing the forum for some weeks now, lots of great information. My daughter is 9 years old, school year 5, and loving ballet and dance in general. I'm just wanting to give her some more opportunities to enjoy ballet and see where it goes. She does seem to have a natural ability for ballet, enjoys the focus, very flexible, lovely extension when dancing without really trying!! Her teacher and others have said the same thing. She passed her RAD primary with distinction last year and has now moved up to a grade 3 group. She started a bit later than some I suppose and I think RAD primary, while she was older than most others there, was a good place to start learning. Now she is more with her peers and doing very well. She also attends 2 musical theatre sessions, tap, stretch and started in the Elite group so all around, lots going on. So I believe we have the RBS junior associates scheme, mentioned by her teacher and lucky that a centre is not far from us. After lots of research I've concluded that theres nothing to lose in auditioning so we'll probably give that a go for a year 6 place. I've looked at EYB and seriously considered the York performance but ultimately decided that it's a bit too much logistically due to distance and costs, we'd have to stay in the area on a number of rehearsal dates. I'll keep an eye on that for the future. I've just seen the YBSS which I hadn't come across before, the Easter sessions looked interesting but clashes with her dance school musical so a no BUT I was wondering about standards for that. Would she be out of her depth skills wise for these? Looks like they have to have passed grade 4 for summer school!! Is there anything else in the local area I'm missing? BRB are at The Lowry soon and yesterday I discovered that they do repertoire workshops so got that to watch for going on sale. It just seems there are lots of small things that I'm coming across so might be missing other things. Thanks a lot xx
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