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  1. Just wanted to say what a lovely day my dd has at elmhurst finals yesterday. She really enjoyed the class and met some lovely girls during the day. We saw them walking around the school chatting and smiling. Well done Elmhurst for creating a friendly atmosphere for what is obviously a big day. Made a good end to a long and arduous process, whatever the outcome. Good luck to all xx
  2. So glad, me too. I’ve been saying to dd that whatever happens tomorrow she can’t be worse off, and she gets to enjoy another ballet class while she’s at it! Good luck from us to you and your dd too 🍀🍀
  3. Might see you there auditioningenu my dd is in group 1. Safely in b and b watching Paddjngton as we speak!! 😁 trying to stay positive for tomorrow 😁😁
  4. I heard 5-6 MDS places in total but that could be for just year 7 I find it all so confusing. Basically very few! Sounds like it’s an evolving thing over the next few weeks though. I asked them a few months ago and that was an estimate but have heard it from others since. Balletbrokemybank given the higher amount of funding available your son could have s better chance at elmhurst.... fingers crossed for him. After 24 hours of feeling very upset I’m now more calm, but it is hard to deal with when you’d rather take the hit than have them on the receiving end. Good luck to all this week.
  5. We’re in the same boat as you and I’m afraid I’m now not at all hopeful as I saw who they kept back and all strong dancers and some WL finalists, so I’ve written it off. Got elmhurst later in the week just hope she can keep it together until the end of Thursday so she comes away feeling ok about it, whatever happens. Really good luck to everyone else for anything else your dc are going for this week.
  6. Hi my dd has a funding audition at tring next week. Is there anyone who did this last year who is able to give a bit more info about what the ballet class involved... there’s ballet classes and ballet classes! Was it s fairly standard barre, centre, and fast bits st the end ( sorry not the right lingo!) , was there any improvisation, anything else? A few tips would be great. Thanks. Good luck to all those doing these auditions everywhere in the next couple of weeks xx
  7. I think I might have done the opposite, applied just for WL!! I’m sure I ticked both but it’s not showing on the info I can see and I can access the original application any more. I’ve emailed them. Sigh.
  8. That’s wonderful news ms sunshine 😁😁
  9. Oh now I wonder who you are, swanilda!! 😁
  10. Hi all, many congrats to all those dc who have finals - I tried to like posts but it just freezes, but many congrats to all, a great achievement!! It was a no for us. Dd will be sad, and I’m sorry that it probably massively reduces her chances of MAs too. 😞 but she has elmhurst finals and tring funding audition do not all bad 😁😁
  11. Pointetoes is that the entire year group that will be replaced, or just that they are getting notifications that some of them might be, a bit like redundancy notices at work 😱 Sorry if I’m being a bit dim!
  12. Guess it might be Monday for year 7 London now 😌
  13. Hi - so did they just leave that year with an empty place, then? How strange.
  14. Yes still waiting but I’ve prob got at least another week to wait as we were the last audition
  15. Tiaramum group 4 at the end of the day which didn’t help. Up till now she’s enjoyed it and been bouncy but I think this one felt more daunting....having said that she woke up fine this morning and is looking forward to ballet later 😀 I think the after affects stay with the parents longer!!
  16. Anyone else reaching a state of auditions fatigue? I’ve had enough now! Think dd has too she didn’t enjoy her rbs audition yesterday. Glad to have a break now until March!
  17. Tiara mum snap my dd has elmhurst finals in March and WL audition on Sunday ages def the only girl in her school praying for no snow st the moment!! Good luck to all on Sunday
  18. Thank you ponklemum it looks lovely x
  19. My phone won’t let me like the posts but congrats mssunshine and scottishballetmum!
  20. Hello all I have just been looking a little at MBS Easter and summer courses. My dd is 11....any tips on how they select or is it just s case of filling in the application form and first come first served? Many thanks
  21. Just a thought....maybe they’re doing it in order of audition date? My dd did her audition on the 9th so earlier in that big week of auditions. The letter is personalised, referring to dd by name throughout so they’d take time to do. 🤞🤞🤞for everyone
  22. We got a letter with all the forms in. Good luck to your friend x
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