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  1. Hoping Bracewell not long term injured. But I booked that first date specifically to see Beatriz Stix Brunell get her chance to shine. And since Ryoichi Hirano absolutely blew me away in his star turn as Espada, I am happy to see anything he does. Excited to see this show. Think they will both bring a modern charisma to the classic R&J couple.
  2. Tried to buy this today and it is already sold out (sad face). Just putting this wish out there on the chance someone with higher status has a ticket they are no longer able to use. Insights: In Conversation with Matthew Ball 30 May 2019 Clore Studio (Wish they would put the popular Insights in the Linbury Theatre)
  3. Oh my. Magri injured also. Announcement made live just before curtain. Hope she is ok. Replaced by Itziar Mendizabal. It is Yasmine Naghdi’s night anyway. Sparkling!
  4. Agree. Am going tonight and having already seen Magri as Mercedes, would have been fantastic to see Beatriz Stix-Brunell. Such a great saucy role for her. I do hope she is not seriously injured? On her Instagram she's posting her usual fun loving, hard working clips from class or the gym.
  5. Sadly, I can no longer make this. Happy to give the ticket free to a good home. You'd have to pick up the physical ticket from my office (Clerkenwell Green) or I can send you a photo of it, which I am pretty sure the ROH will take at the door since it has a QR code.
  6. Full, sustained standing ovation last night (Friday) 👏 Fully deserved. I's seen this ballet only once, when it opened on Broadway over twenty years ago. Spellbinding. The power of the swans blew my mind. It is such a vivid memory, that I almost didn't want to see this production. Thankfully, I did. Matthew Ball is mesmerising. I know audiences don't do standing ovations in the ROH, but it will be hard to keep me in my seat next time I see him.
  7. Love hearing all the above stories. I have never gone to the stage door, but the other day on my morning commuter train to London, I found myself standing next to Matty Ball. As usual, when packed in like sardines, I try to zen out others and play with my phone. I politely ignored two people chatting above my short head, until the words 'pas de deux' jerked me to attention. There was my fave male dancer inches from my face. He is even more beautiful close-up btw. I fought the urge to gush, beg for a selfie or other obnoxious behaviour. I would have said a simply hello to tell him how much I enjoy his dancing, except we had many stops to go before London. Didn't seem right to accost him in a space where he'd be trapped in for 30-40 minutes. Perhaps I will go to the stage door at Sadler's Wells when I see Swan Lake and ask if he always takes that same train lol
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