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  1. MummytoIzzy

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    Totally agree and these were my concerns with her being in the wrong group. Also the not having enough numbers did not seem like an appropriate reason for Izzy to not be in the right grade group for her. She should not have to just fit in. The instructor said to see how she felt and if she did not like it she could carry on in the group she is in and just not do the exams. I feel changing schools is definetly the right decision. Thanks so so much for your help and advice.
  2. MummytoIzzy

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    I have found a ballet school that have offered a trial lesson when they go back mid January at grade 1. They are a large established school and do shows etc. The teacher is on the RAD site and it says they won dance school winner of the year. Hopefully this will be a good fit. I agree it’s a big difference in age and she does need structure. I was looking through the door at one point in the primary lesson and one of the girls wasn’t listening to the teacher and was doing the ‘floss’ dance. Izzy will really enjoy the grade 1 class I feel I just feel awful she has had a bad start in her ballet journey but thankfully it’s a short blip.
  3. MummytoIzzy

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    She is in year 3 at school. I agree that the grade 2 is not the correct level. This was in fact something I brought up with the teacher at the beginning when I queried payment. I paid and expected change as it said RAD grade 1 and the difference to the grade 2 was £5 and she said at that point it was now a grade 2 class. I did at the time say that Izzy had no experience and this seemed a lot to take in and she assured me she could ‘catch up’ and it would be ok. It became apparent to me that it was to much and I feel also to the teacher. I appreciate the comments and feel I will be looking at changing to another school in the new year. Thankfully my daughter physically is very strong she does swimming and trampolining and I don’t feel doing ballet as this level has been detrimental other than being confusing to her to change schools and levels through no fault of her own. Let’s hope that it goes better with the change of school. Colman in answer to the age question the other Children in the primary class were 6 so not that different in age just a year and a half younger as they were in year 1. Thank you
  4. My daughter started at a school in September. It had been the intention to start at grade 1 but the ballet school put her in at grade 2. I wasn’t aware of this until the class had started. She has struggled with the technique side due to not studying ballet before. The school is very small as does not have a grade 1. The instructor suggested she tried primary ballet which she did yesterday but my daughter did not seem to enjoy this and seemed very much a step backwards as she has enjoyed doing the positions etc and grasped this. My question is at this age would the grade one be most appropriate? They did have a stand in teacher and they said that she was at grade 1 level. I do feel let down by the school as my daughter is so keen to do ballet and I feel this has been a false start being put in at a high level to start with and now being put down to fit in with the school. She is very confused. Thank you and I hope this isn’t as jumbled as I suspect it sounds. I just want her to enjoy ballet but to also follow the correct process. Not being a ballerina myself I feel a little in the dark.