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    i joined this group to share in the experiences of other like minded individuals to help support my daughter. She is 7 and very passionate and excited to be exploring the world of ballet.

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  1. Her school only do 3/4 a year so should be ok thanks for the tips that’s very helpful.
  2. I think it’s more the idea she will be on the stage on her own and she’s worried she will forget her dance. She is more a technical dancer not a ‘face’ dancer. I’m sure this will come with time as her confidence improves. I’ll just keep reinforcing it is about her having fun and enjoying the experience. A few of the girls are doing it I believe I will check and find out which. They do a invite only to the festivals at the school. She is looking forward to wearing a pretty dress
  3. My daughter is doing her first festival in October. They start rehearsals the end of August. She is. A bit nervous and excited and I didn’t know if others who had done festivals before could share any advice. She will be 8 in June and has only been doing ballet since last September but absolutely adores it. She has previously been nervous on stage in school performances but is very confident off stage. Thank you :)
  4. So sorry to hear about your crash. Glad you are making a recovery. The soap and glory foot cream smells lovely and is very rich. You could also try something like Aveeno (a cream for eczema) if your adverse to smells at the moment. It is very moisturising.
  5. Hi, I just picked up this thread whilst looking at Elmhurst in Plymouth. Did your lo do the audition in the end? Any information would be amazingly helpful. Thank you.
  6. I think I may do a couple of privates over Easter holidays. Reading the opinions of you all the point about her having her grade exam in June makes sense to not stop completely. She does some stretching everyday routinely which she enjoys as part of her pre associate course. We are away one of the weeks at Easter anyhow. Summer will be a long relax. I have no doubt she will be stretching and dancing inside and outside. Hopefully on the beach if the sun comes out Thank you for all the comments. I appreciate it. Sorry for any typos I can’t seem to find an edit button!.
  7. Hi, the ballet school my daughter goes tok has 4 week breaks over Easter and 9 weeks over the summer. A number of parents asked for privates to keep technique up for their children. My daughter started last September and is doing a pre associates class. Is this something I should also be doing or should I let her do her own stretches from class/practice and rest during these holiday times? I don’t want her to feel she’s missing out but also want to make sure she gets ‘down time’ if that’s best. Just curious to know what others do. She won’t be able to audition for Royal ballet associates until next year due to when her birthday falls. The summer holiday is after her RAD exams. Thank you in advance.
  8. She did also perform in the Sadler Wells Royal ballet so have e mailed them too
  9. I have e mailed and hope to find some information. Have found a royal ballet gazette from 1930 when she passed her elementary exams
  10. My daughter would love to find information on her Great Grandma who was a prima ballerina in the Paris opera. Sadly she’s now deceased. Any pictures were destroyed in a house fire sadly. She has a beautiful painting that her g grandmother painted. Does anyone know if you are able to find a list or photos anywhere by the ballerinas name and date of birth? I have tried myself with google but no joy. Thank you in advance.
  11. She also thinks it’s great fun (she thinks I have great monkey feet and found that hilarious). Anything to entertain
  12. She did ask if she can do monkey feet ‘picking up pencils and marbles with her feet’ her friend does this and thinks it would be fun. Is this ok and would it be harmful? I had had no intention of getting her a foot stretching device she is doing some normal stretches and working on her balance for her core though but enjoys doing that
  13. I haven’t put Izzy into any other forms of dance yet. The only other dance she’s shown an interest in is Acro dance and contemporary but I have heard it can be confusing technique wise. Shes loves ballet and is busy doing her grade 1,2 and her school associate class.
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