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  1. I was confused about listing him as working for the Berlin State "secretariat"😀
  2. Today, in 80 minutes from now, is a live stream on YouTube from the City of Cheboksary (spelling?). It's another international ballet competition. Got this link from Ksenja Ovsjanick (State Ballet Berlin), she will perform there.
  3. Daniil Simkin and Elisa Carillo Cabrera from Berlin State Ballet - yay! not sure why the list says Jerome Kaplan, Berlin State Secretariat😀
  4. It is confusing but I look forward to this evening as well and am very curious about the event. @LinMM And you know we both agree on Shale Wagman. If you were able to spot him under this heavy makeup, this is also proof that your vote is solid.😉 as is mine. He performed Monday and Tuesday and is on stage again tonight. Can't wait for his video and FINALLY seeing him live💪💪
  5. I am just glad that even long time experts and native speakers have a hard time understanding the process.😀 It seems it is an additional burden to highlight this competition and recognition for the rising ENB stars. I mean look on the ENB website and try to find the event without knowing anything about it. Good luck. Also, the 1 min promo video they released recently cannot be found there, just an even shorter "header" clip. Plus, the individual videos for each finalist are not published yet but voting ends on Saturday. That's all a bit weird, but maybe the marketing for the current shows plus the upcoming move to the new place take their tolls already. Edit: Ehm OK the finalists have nothing to do with the audience award and the voting. Got it just now.😐
  6. Reminder: online voting ends on Saturday April 13... https://www.ballet.org.uk/production/emerging-dancer-2019/ Please vote for...😀❤
  7. So nice to know that you were able to come to Berlin for this wonderful ballet @Don Q Fan I saw M. Kaniskin and his wife Elisa Carillo Cabrera as Onegin and Tatjana and was blown away, especially in the last act. It was very moving, and at the end, when Tatjana stands alone on the empty stage - it was heartbreaking. Marian Walter and K. Ovsyanick both posted how much they loved to dance this and were very grateful for Cranko's wonderful work. Marian Walter even wrote is was "life changing" for him.
  8. From ENB's Facebook page, this is for Friday April 5: "Tune in from 3pm BST as rehearsals of Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s Broken Wings are live streamed for BBC Arts’ #DancePassion! This colourful ballet, based on the life and art of Frida Kahlo, is being performed until 13 April at Sadler’s Wells as part of our triple bill She Persisted."
  9. I am happy to read about Daniil Simkin and Maria Kotchetkova, dancing a piece from "La Sylphide". I had the pleasure of joining a stage rehearsal some weeks ago here in Berlin, and even then Daniil showed off with his wicked humor alongside Maria (shortly after, he got injured and wasn't able to dance the premiere as he had been scheduled for). I would love to see him in a contemporary role, what I saw on YouTube makes me so curious. Well, I hope the new ballet directors will come up with ideas. Also, so nice to see your appreciation for Shale although he wasn't even dancing😀. Special guy.😉
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