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  1. My DD will be doing it for the second time, attending from Turkey. She also experienced the school auditions as well. She will be in advance class. Who else will be there?
  2. thanks, we do not have Russian pointe here in Turkey. So a fitting for that is not possible. But noted.
  3. Thanks. We know both. DD did not try Freed, she used Grishko for 2 years and now using Bloch Balance and said she was happy with them. I suppose the shank (hard) was not correct this time. She actually had a very good fitting in Bloch Paris. And said she was content with them...
  4. I only wish we could find a dance scientist here in Istanbul... but will check the addresses, and see my chances when we go to UK sometime.
  5. Last time her treatment lasted for 6 weeks as well. We’ll see this time and really hope she gets better sooner. pointe shoes are our nightmare, or were. With these new ones she was actually happy but my assumption is, the shank was hard for her and she was not ready for it yet. What were your DD’s shoes before and what did she switch to?
  6. Thank you very much. I prepare bone broth at home as well to support but will check for other diets as well. for the correction of movements, she will understand better than i do :)) so I’ll speak with her.
  7. Hello and thank you for the reply. You are correct. She is a vocational student. We do not live in UK. We live in Istanbul, Turkey. There are good physios but not specificly working with dancers. So there is always an empty space remaining in therapies (in my point of view). She does pilates as well and that coach is a former sportsman, works on her core strength. but somehow appearantly there is something missing, otherwise she wouldn’t be facing it twice in 2 years time.
  8. We intend to see an endocrynologist as well.
  9. yes for the last 3 years. Her instep is comparatively low and she needs to work of foot flexibility more than others. But since she has been injured once she does those execises sooo carefully and intelligently. And her ankle strength has improved. We really would like to understand why this is happening.
  10. Hello. My DD (13) who is a full time ballet student, is facing a bone marrow edema (a step before stress fracture) for the second time in 2 years' time. The injury is on the most common part, the 2nd metatars of the foot. She has not gone through puberty, and she is growing fast. She has a thin body and her bones are definitely more thinner compared to her peers. She definitely has a very good diet, does not lack calcium. Only D vitamin is low. And we are supporting this. We have seen doctors, gone through physiotherapy last time after the treatment weeks (off from ballet) but we are keen to understand why this happens this often to her. She has recently achieved an audition abroad, she is an aspiring student but these pull-backs affect her emotions and her performance as well. Any similar experiences, how you have gone through this, and any specific reasons why some face it more than others? Thank you
  11. Hello. I know the school, we'll get a private course for my DD (13) this week there as well. The teachers are experienced in their profession but the school is new. You can contact them and feel free to ask, I suppose.
  12. Dear Sam, This has been more than helpful. I am happy to hear some inside information. As I understand, the level of the school is very satisfactory. The school my DD attends now is in Vaganova method but she is learning the French technique as well on private lessons. Her current school is very competent but the possibilities of finding good jobs in Turkey is so low. This is why we want her to continue her study abroad. We live in Istanbul and could not attend an open day before. For boarding weekends, we have the uncle living there. So let's cross fingers for this March. The only question I have, what does a re-do of the first year mean? Did she fail to pass the first year at the end and had to repeat, or else?
  13. As far as I know, they don't. But POB summer school is a possibility, my DD has done it twice there.
  14. Hello. M DD (13) will audition for CNSMDP (National Conservatoire Superior de Paris) in March when she is 14. She is currently training full time in MSGSU State Conservatoire in Istanbul, Tr. She has auditioned for POB last year and was selected up to the final level (in 12 students out of 200 but could get into the first 3). They adviced her to try CNSMDP. Do you have any experience in this? - what is the audition level, will it be considered difficult to enter? - they require B1 but she may not receive it, but she can get an A2 then. Are they flexible in this? - how is dormitory? - any idea about the graduates' selecting companies afterwards? Your input will be very helpful. Thank you
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