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  1. Hi Ispendl828 Thank you!! Congratulations to your daughter that is fantastic news! Big hugs to you. DS has been to an Open Day and is attending the Experience Day in a few weeks so I wanted it to come from him how he felt after the experience, so thanks for clarifying. I have typed up the application but I'll let him handwrite his part so Elmhurst know it comes from him. He is very small for his age and as I say his physique and frame hasn't developed, he can't do grand jetes yet as he hasn't the power (some other boys of his age are able to do them as they are bigger and stronger) but at least he can experience the whole process. Moofa x
  2. Hello I'm new, so apologies if there is already a thread. My son is applying for Yr 7 entry to RBS, Elmhurst and Tring. We are quite realistic that he probably won't be successful this year as his physique is quite petite but good on him for wanting to have a go. We are filling in the question section for Elmhurst 'for what sparked your interest in applying to EBS. How much have other people put? Did you let your child complete or did you adjust it a bit (to make it read better)? My son is just 10, so I didn't know whether to make it more colourful. Thanks Moofa
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