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  1. This was the first production that I started to take particular note of Beatrix Stix-Brunell and of what an outstanding performer she is. The Royal Ballet have previously admitted that they are well behind in the subject of literature. I take it that this production is a step in the direction of catching up. Its certainly not my subject since I didn't know who Virginia Woolf was until I saw this production in Cinema. Hence my appreciation of Orlando as an abstract rather than a story from a book.
  2. From the Guardian The sense of intersecting emotional dimensions, so characteristic of Woolf’s writing, is incisively realised. The role of Clarissa is shared by Alessandra Ferri and Beatriz Stix-Brunell. Ferri, a former Royal Ballet principal, is now 52 and her dancing – dark eyes, liquescent arms, quietly exquisite line – is heartrending. McGregor’s choreography for her has a fluttering, moth-like delicacy, which is quite unlike anything he has ever done. This is the link to the full review: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2015/may/17/royal-ballet-woolf-works-review-compellingly-moving I've edited this post because wholesale copying of articles is not permitted. A couple of lines or sentences is OK, otherwise please include the link rather than posting the content. Thank you. Janet McNulty
  3. The cast is listed on the back cover of the case and although it doesn't state who plays what, it does become apparent during the performance. They are also rolled up at the end. The extras provide some good insight into the basis of the production. I don't have the programme, so don't know if it differs. The role of Clarissa is shared by Alessandra Ferri and Beatrix Stix-Brunell, in displacement in time, which having watched the performance becomes somewhat like stating the obvious. After all our campaigning, we now have a release.
  4. Well I will buy it, alongside my classical versions. Why have one when you can have them both. Based on the last ENB release on Opus Arte, Le Corsair, I would recommend buying the blu-ray, it was crystal clear, whilst the DVD was comparatively like viewing it through a net. I upgraded to blu-ray because of this.
  5. if you are making comparisons for ballet then the music score for Onegin is so much better than that of Tatiana, that you can only contrast them.Auerbach music for Tatiana.
  6. I unfortunately missed the interval interview, but the first viewing of Olga Marchenkova was an added bonus and one of the highlights of the evening. Management will do well to push such a talent.
  7. I got it working as well. Reasonable quality picture and sound. Buffered to start with and then worked
  8. I have found that Cinema customer services are very fair with compensation when things go wrong. Vue, even once, gave me complementary tickets for another performance when I showed up a week late, having got the date wrong, completely my fault.
  9. Excerpt from the newly release, 11th January, Cranko's Romeo & Juliet by Stuttgart Ballet.
  10. Like Ivy, I also enjoyed the Bolshoi Sylphide in Cinema very much. I must admit that I missed the importance of the mime and will pay more attention next time. I go for the enjoyment and never try to dissect a performance for criticism. My friend complained about the condition of their shoes, but I didn't notice the condition of their shoes. Its very easy to look for fault if that's what one wishes to do.
  11. Watched and thoroughly enjoyed on Christmas day. No interval extras though, as in Cinema, so a little reminder of one of the associated extras. Hope you all enjoyed as well.
  12. DVD output from both the Bolshoi and Mariinsky has dried up of late. There are many I wish they would release, including Bright Stream, Legend of Love, Taming of the Shrew etc, etc.
  13. A new release of Le Corsair by Vienna State Ballet on Feb 8th 2019 and Wolf Works now available to pre order for February 1st release. A john Neumeier collection also released on 8th February. So save up for after Christmas.
  14. Some concerns at the moment. Despite the statement from Naxos Chairman, that "the experienced Opus Arte team will remain on board', staff report that up to 50% have left during the first 6 weeks, whilst some others who have remained, are no longer part of the team. So the future for customers like ourselves becomes uncertain. We just have to wait and see what remains in terms of quality and selection.
  15. New release on DVD only, January 11th. Bejart's, Right of Spring and Bolero, with presumably Maya Plisetskaya dancing the Bolero. Don't know how the archived footage will be turned out.
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