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  1. New upcoming release, 10th May, Preljocat - 'La Fresque' (painting on the wall). Never heard of it before so unknown territory for me. Anyone know it ?
  2. I invariably trust my own enjoyment as apposed to media reviews. I actually enjoy 'The Rite of Spring' and Swan Lake didnt turn out to bad either.
  3. As strongly implied in the term 'critic', it is clear that they get paid to be critical, whereas people like us write a critique about what we have enjoyed without prejudice or commercial interest. A critic finds fault whilst a critique looks for structure to find out what is working. I am right there with Jan on this one, having room for the classical version and the contemporary.
  4. Is that the same Mathew Bourne with a travelling tape recorder in place of an orchestra and short term contract dancers instead of in house dance school developed dancers, if so I can understand what you feel for his stuff. However this company has totally different production standards.
  5. The Blu-ray has 28 minutes of bonus features, giving a great insight into the whole process, together with a booklet with a very detailed synopsis, which I see that someone has kindly posted a transcript here. So if sufficiently attracted, the Blu-ray is selling well and has only been topped in the Amazon best sellers list of its category by the DVD of the same production. Begona Cao is notable for her stage presence and posture, but with insufficient choreography in this production, with which to demonstrate her great dancing skills, whilst Tamara shows that she still has all the attributes. I just hope that it is equally well received when it goes on tour and to the Bolshoi Theatre. I have never had the misfortune to meet a Wili, but from folklore, I gather that they would not be pretty things in white dressed, so maybe this version gets closer to legend.
  6. That sounds like my kind of performance, can we reinstate it.
  7. I also hate it when people start piling out whilst the performers are still taking a well deserved bow. Then I refuse to move. I recall Lesley Garret once responding with ' have you lot got a bus to catch'. I don't like the drink being taken into the auditorium either, someone left leaving a plastic glass in front of their seat, which I inadvertently crushed when I left. But its good to vent and have a good moan.
  8. Sounds like the most perfect thing for Mothers day to me.
  9. Hi Rob S, just as an aside, I have posted that Akram Khans Giselle is on BBC4 this coming Sunday at 7:00 pm. I already have it on blu-ray, but worth watching
  10. Just to let everyone know, Akram Khans Giselle, English National Ballet is being shown on BBC 4, next Sunday 31st March 19 at 7:00pm. I already purchased the blue ray, so I guess its the same cast, but it is certainly worth watching for those who have not already.
  11. Then you will definitely enjoy the interview extra with Yuhui. She is great fun, looks so cheeky and always so upbeat and happy. Kicking her partner up the but, and poor Beatrix being told off for expecting it coming. I suppose that after the ROH have missed so many opportunities to bring out this masterpiece on blu-ray, we should be pleased that they have at last presented us with it.
  12. I can feel your deep pain, but I have to say in her favor, that Fumi does a great job and at what may have been short notice. Pretty much as she did when she stepped into the Gypsy role, in The Two Pidgeons. I don't think you will be disappointed when you watch it. 😃
  13. She was replaced in the performance by Fumi Kaneko. There may have been an injury or just a sharing of the role, but not sure why. It is Yuhui in the rehearsal extras, with Beatrix Stix Brunell, who does appear in the performance and Darcy interviewing the rehearsal. Hope that clear s it up.
  14. Should have read Yuhui Choe. Not used to spelling Korean names, unfortunately. Anyway, she is in the rehearsal extras, but replaced in the performance by Fumi Kaneko. Copied and pasted this time, so hopefully she will forgive me for the typo.
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