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  1. I can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere on the website ... When are the Manchester classes? What day, frequency, time? I'm trying to work out the logistics.
  2. We’ve missed the closing date unfortunately but will try next year. She wasn’t keen at all this year.
  3. I’ll have a look and see if we’re too late to apply. Does anyone know when Elmhurst associates in Manchester classes take place?
  4. Thank you! I’m hugely proud of her for both auditioning and getting to finals. It’s so brave of them at such a young age. I’ll have a look at other associates nearby, I think Ballet Boost is in Hull which is do-able. She decided against RBS JAs, I think she loved Northern too much to think of anything else at that time. Thank you again xxx
  5. Thank you, they’re reassuring replies. She’ll be in grade 3 in sept/Oct depending on the exam date for grade 2. And does 2 ballet classes a week but no associates. Thank you!
  6. Hi there, I’ve been trying to write this without sounding like a pushy ballet mum but can’t 😂 My DD got a no for Northern Ballet JAs. She got to the finals which was great but the ‘no’ left me wondering a few things which i’m hoping you lovely experts can answer! 😁 Which RAD grade would you expect a Year 4 child to be in? (Or perhaps Year 5 as i’ll be exploring things for Sept) How many classes per week should they be doing to make good progress? I’ve had a search for these answers but i’m confused! Any advice? XXX
  7. Well done to the reserves! And lots of love for the nos. 💕My DD has been on the waiting list for Open classes for a while so hopefully she’ll get into a class in September which will ease the disappointment.
  8. It was a no for us. We expected a no so DD is taking it well and already talking about next year! 💕
  9. I think I might need to limit myself to one check an hour! It’s unbearable.
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