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  1. Great advice Billyelliot and how wonderful that your DCs journey has taken him this far, I wish him all the success as he continues 😊 Who knows where we will be in even a years time, it certainly has been interesting so far, I’m blown away by all the talented little DCs out there!
  2. Hi worsethanclueless! I don't have any of the answers but just wanted to say we are in a similar situation. I also have no prior knowledge of ballet but after recently attending an insight day (which confirmed my utter lack of knowledge 😂), I have concluded that even by attending an audition and failing, she will be learning valuable life lessons. My husband was an actor and was initially really against her doing anything like this as he knows the potential pitfalls. But since the insight day he feels like for now this is a largely positive thing to do. I think all these kids are so dedicated and brave and resilient that just being around like minded children is no bad thing. And if by some insane chance she gets in then we will cross that bridge then.. they are very special by being brave enough to apply! Like those above have said I guess we are trying not to see it as a career or starting on a path which leads to dissapointment, but instead looking at the experience she is getting in the short term. Iknow that hasnt answered the questions you asked but thought I’d let you know you aren’t alone! And I am learning a lot from this forum I have to say! Xx
  3. Hi Waverley.. we went to the insight day today and thought I'd let you know what it was like. It was two hours of dance with questions at the end, and we watched. There was about 20 of them I think or thereabouts.. it was a mixture of dancing and conditioning exercises. They did quite a lot of skipping, gallops (in pairs across the room), a bit of improvisation work (making up their own endings to various things, I know nothing about ballet so I am quite useless on this front). They did a lot on posture, this was a recurring discussion - and they did some work at the barre and some centre work. They had a pianist which was so lovely, and a lot of the songs and the themes they danced to were from the nutcracker. The teachers were just so lovely and really made them feel at ease. My DD was terrified when she went in (a lot of the children seemed to know each other, I think they came in groups from local dance schools, and she didn't know anyone) but as soon as they started dancing she was fine! I have to say, I was also terrified when we went in after witnessing all the warming up, but as soon as it started it was all fine! It did feel like quite a long class to me and I think she was struggling a bit at the end in terms of concentration. But she came out loving it and looking forward to telling her dance teacher about it this week. Any other questions do shout! I'll do my best to remember! :-)
  4. We are going to try and get tickets for the Birmingham insight but ultimately audition for London, as we are away for the London insight day in half term 🙂. I also think looking at dates we will also have to eventually also audition in a different place to London (if she still wants to do it) as it clashes with her dance show.. I think she needs to see if she likes it first! Xx
  5. Hi Waverley, thanks for this! We are hoping to go to the Birmingham one so good to know when booking is open! (London is closer to us, but we are away for half term). Not sure what to expect but our dance teacher said it’s really fun. Fingers crossed!
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies, all very useful and thoughtful responses. A lot to think about. I will start by speaking to her teacher and go from there. Feeling pretty glad this forum is here. My husband thinks Im loopy. He used to be an actor and not getting parts from auditions was part of the course, so his rejection threshold is high! Good luck to everyone on their own journeys, what a lot of talented children there are out there! X
  7. Golly yep..I have got two other DCs as well..they haven't even started on their dreams yet ..but seriously that is a consideration, because would have to think about them too! x
  8. Yes agree with this whole heartedly. You are right we may as well go I guess and then Im sure we will know one way or another! Im sure we can make it a fun experience for her even if it turns out to be a bit of a pipe dream. For what its worth, I used to want a part on neighbours when I was 8 , and go on tour with New kids on the block, but had to be content with singing into my hairbrush in the bath.. still had a lot of fun though xx
  9. Thank you CeliB. I must admit I have found reading some of the past posts fascinating - gosh what a journey these children go on (and their parents too)! Good luck on your own adventure! x
  10. Yes BlueLou exactly this - I feel like she has never really had to deal with any sort of failure before and that this seems very brutal compared to anything she has done before. I think its probably me panicking more than her because I have seen what this actually entails! I already feel much better that there is a whole forum of people going through the same thing because when I first looked at it I thought 'OH BLIMEY'. Anyway, I guess I do need to pull up my big girl pants and talk to her teacher, and if anything I think it looks like quite nice chance just to go and have a lovely class with a pianist which she would only usually get in exams. Thank you for your reply it is good advice! x
  11. Hello everyone! *waves* About 6 months ago my DD got a book out the library about the royal ballet and subsequently discovered a load of videos on youtube about the school and their schemes. She has now become set on auditioning for the junior associates. She watches the video all the time and says ‘I love everything about it’. I don’t really know much about ballet, and had never heard of this JA programme, so googled it and found this forum! Having discovered how competitive it is (gulp) I was wondering if anyone could help a newbie with some advice! I don’t know how much potential she has but she dances everywhere (round the house, to school, in the garden…) and seems very graceful. She has been going to lessons since she was 3 (has recently turned 7), and is currently in Y2. Should I talk to her ballet teacher (I don’t want to come across as being a pushy mum)? I’m a bit scared to if I am honest! We kind of live out in the sticks so it isn’t something that really happens here, although a read of her dance schools website has shown past pupils have done associate schemes – I’m not sure when though, certainly not since she has been at the school. She talks every day about how much she wants to go and try out for it, she has even made a little goal chart on her wall. Its all so lovely really I haven’t got the heart to say anything other than anything is possible? Are there any schemes in the east of England that she could also try for? Or is it pretty much London based stuff for us? If I took her to an insight day would that be a mistake? I’m a bit worried in case she is way out of her depth! She is so passionate about it all, I feel like I want to support her as much as I can whilst trying to keep a sense of realism around it all? Her school is an ISTD school which doesn’t enter festivals or comps or anything, but it is quite a ballet focused school from what I can see. She also does gymnastics so is fairly flexible although not one of those mega bendy types! The thought of going to any of these things makes me wobble a bit! I am a bit nervous to even post this but after reading a few of the JA topics I got into a bit of a panic about what to do (if we are not good enough to even think about it)? Any advice? Sorry for the waffle! Thanks so much! x
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