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  1. Thanks @AuntieNora !
  2. Thanks, I was hoping they wouldn’t be compulsory. Don’t want her distracted by a knicker leg!
  3. Thanks @Balletmum55! I think she’d rather not wear anything under the leotard, but I can understand if they prefer the girls do. We’ll start with the ones we have and see how we go!
  4. Thanks @Balletmum55! Just another question while I’ve got you, do the girls actually wear those special knickers under their leotard? We ordered them, but my dd thinks they’ll be uncomfortable!
  5. Thank you for this. I hadn’t considered the comfort aspect! With the mat, do you mean one that has just straps, rather than it’s own bag?
  6. @SissonneDoublee Do you mean the pink shoulder bag? I did look at that. Good to know it would fit in all the essentials, will bear that in mind!
  7. Thanks, that’s good to know! I actually wanted to get her an RBS rucksack, but when I emailed, they said they didn’t know yet when the PTA will be in, and they don’t do online orders, which is a shame. We saw all the merchandise at the audition, but managed to just get away with a notebook!
  8. Argh, might need to go armed with both!
  9. Thanks all! Looks like a yoga mat is the thing. @Dancing unicorn it’s London with Miss Krapf I think. Perhaps we’ll take a towel too on the first day!
  10. Thank you! What year is your dd in? Would you mind telling me what sort of mat you bought? Are we talking yoga? (can you tell this isn’t my specialist subject!). Just trying to keep the load not too heavy/bulky for the train. Many thanks!
  11. Just a quick question for any parents of JAs. I see on the info that they require a towel or exercise mat, and I was wondering what most of the children use? My daughter is due to start in September. My preference would be a towel, as easier to fold into a bag, but in her words she doesn’t want to ‘look like an idiot’! 😂 Any advice/suggestions please?
  12. PetitJeté

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    OMG, my daughter got in! Can’t believe it! Can’t wait to tell her when I get home! Sorry for those who didn’t get the answer they wanted. I didn’t get into JAs or White Lodge, but still danced professionally for a bit. A lot can change as they grow up.
  13. PetitJeté

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Congratulations @Bbc14t and @Motomum ! I think we’ll be waiting until tomorrow now!
  14. PetitJeté

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    No, we were 1.30. What did she say?
  15. PetitJeté

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Ah, really hope we don’t have to wait later than Wed! This is silly really, as they did say at the audition expect to hear early July, maybe end of June!