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  1. I’ll sell these back to the opera house around lunchtime if not sold on here. Ticket prices are face value. Thank you x
  2. Two tickets seated stalls circle with restricted view. £24 each. One ticket seated amphitheatre with restricted view. £6. These are e-tickets- please pm me for details. Thank you.
  3. I sold mine back to the opera house in the end as they hadn’t sold on here in time for me to deliver tickets. The two you saw hambleton maybe were mine. Hope everyone who wants to go can do so.
  4. I am unable to use my tickets on Sunday so have 2 for sale, amphitheatre. I’m looking to get back what I paid, £66 in total which includes a programme voucher.
  5. I have two spare tickets. Just waiting to hear if dance teacher wants them, if not they will be available.
  6. Two tickets available for Thursday and one ticket for Friday.
  7. I still have some available tickets left (some have been spoken for) for Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June. 7pm. Row C £30 each. (Face value) Please message me if interested.
  8. Yes no problem. Please would you DM me. Thanks. Sorry i I see you have sent me a message!! Thanks.
  9. I have 4 tickets available row C £30 each (face value) for 28th June and the same available for Friday 29th June. Unfortunately I am unable to travel on these dates.
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