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  1. Please can I have the black one?
  2. If you have a Tring Classical Ballet Academy uniform lilac leo lying around not being used, we would like to buy it please! And belt too if available. For a tall 11-year-old, so either size 3 or the very smallest ladies' size. Thank you.
  3. Yes Dopedeedoo I know what you mean! Can be quite a draining process. Sorry to hear your dd didn't enjoy her RBS audition yesterday, from my experience with dd though you just never can tell, as at times has had her best outcomes from auditions she enjoyed least, and negative results from what she thought were the best auditions that she enjoyed most! I've given up trying to guess what any of it means 😂
  4. cotswoldmum for Junior Dance, our wait was 2 weeks and 5 days - I hope you hear soon!
  5. We have post! And invite to funding recall for Year 8! Very happy dd 😄
  6. Congrats Scottishballetmum! We're still waiting and good luck to everyone else who is too Xx
  7. Is anyone else still waiting for a prelims result letter? We had no post today... 😁
  8. Yes it's true, every school appeals to different children and families at different times, and for different reasons! Just out of interest Pixiewoo, which summer course did your dd do this summer - was it the dance course, musical theatre or other?
  9. Yes tutugirl, it has a tangible vibrant energy about it! My dd had her heart set on another vocational ballet school, until she visited here for Classical Ballet Academy audition and fell in love. The standard of the ballet here seems very high, and the tuition excellent and inspiring, whilst still being top of their game across all the other dance styles and academics too. Very impressed!
  10. We've not heard anything either yet from 10 Jan for Year 8 - my dd very much in love with Tring! We've had no post for 4 days, so she was worried she should have heard by now, but it looks like it really is going to be 2-3 weeks like they said on the audition day.
  11. I have 2 tickets to the Elmhurst Ballet Company show 'Origins' on Saturday 9 February 7pm at Elmhurst Ballet School in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Good seats, C8+9 selling for £25 for both (bought for £35). For more info see https://www.elmhurstdance.co.uk/Elmhurst-Ballet-Company.html
  12. I have a lovely pale turquoise Aqua Meryl Soft leotard for sale, only worn twice before DD's untimely growth spurt! It is age 12, but would fit a tall slim dancer from age 10. £28 including postage (belt in first pic not included).
  13. Hello Lottiebb my DD is starting Elmhurst Extended Year 7 in September too, and I bought her leotard from Dancing Boutique - on the website click UNIFORMS / Elmhurst Extended Programme / Garments - there are 2 styles of leotard to choose from (in a lovely Teal colour) - apparently, the camisole style is the more recent one and favoured by more associates.
  14. Looking for a Ballet Boost Mids (Pacific) leotard in age 10-12 if any out there?
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