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  1. bubblebuddy

    For Sale RB Unknown Soldier 28 Nov

    I don't suppose you know of a second ticket?
  2. bubblebuddy

    For Sale RB Unknown Soldier 28 Nov

    Please tell me how to proceed to pay you etc....
  3. bubblebuddy

    For Sale RB Unknown Soldier 28 Nov

    Yes please!! Are you going yourself?
  4. Yes please!!! How much is it ?
  5. Still hoping to track down 2 tickets for this double bill - not restricted view. Many thanks
  6. bubblebuddy

    For Sale RB Unknown Soldier 28 Nov

    Would love these if they are still available?
  7. bubblebuddy

    Unknown Soldier - 2 tickets wanted

    Thank you so much, sounds perfect - but need 2!
  8. bubblebuddy

    WANTED: INSIGHTS with Steven McRae

    Thank you SO much Mary, just managed to get two. Wonder what they will do if he isn't around? Although I thought I saw that Cats filming was supposed to be finished by Christmas?
  9. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has 2 tickets available for this - although not standing (too old)! Many thanks
  10. Unsuccessful through Friends, and Public booking opened but still says sold out. 2 tickets wanted for February 28th Conversation with Steven McRae. Apparently tickets were released long after the 9.00 am opening, which I wasn't aware of, and missed out again. Very poor of the Box Office system. Any returns or unwanted tickets please bear me in mind! Thanks
  11. Please let me know when you get this message whether the tickets are still available.
  12. I would like these please, if you could let me know how to transfer the money? Many thanks.