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  1. Waverley

    Good feet

    Morning - it sounds like you're already happy with the exam situation but in case it's of any interest, it sounds like my daughter is in a similar position to yours. She is 7 and she sat the RAD primary exam last year. This year (in Spring) she will be sitting Grade 1, though she also goes to the Grade 2 class (as do several others who are quite into their ballet) and they refer to this as a shadow or extension class. She won't sit the Grade 2 exam this year, as the idea of attending the class as a shadow class is (i) to enable them to do more ballet technique each week and (ii) to give them longer to learn (and then perfect) the various exercises ready for when they do come to sit the exam. What I mean to say by that is that it's not a concern that she isn't sitting the Grade 2 exam even if she is attending the class, as it sounds like it might be a similar set up to my daughter's dance school.
  2. Waverley

    Royal Ballet Associates starting in Dundee

    I noticed that too @Scottishballetmum - I imagine there will be a lot of children going for both. My DD is too young to apply for Dundee or for SB so she's still toying with the idea of applying for RBS Newcastle, even if only to get experience of the audition.
  3. Waverley

    Royal Ballet Associates starting in Dundee

    In case it's of any interest to anyone, I phoned RBS today to clarify the age limit (as making it available to those in Primary 5, 6 and 7 doesn't quite correlate to the English age limits). They said the Dundee scheme is open to those three school years only but that younger children (within the English age limit of being 8 by 31 August 2019) are still able to audition for one of the English centres if they so wish.
  4. Waverley

    Live at Lunch - ROH

    Thanks all - we'll give it a go and see what's on
  5. Hi - can anyone let me know how popular/busy the Live at Lunch recitals are at ROH? We have bought tickets for the backstage tour at 2pm and would quite like to try and catch the lunchtime performance at 1pm before it but wondered if you need to turn up very early and queue for a while to guarantee a space? We will be flying in that morning so realistically wouldn't be able to make it to ROH until around 12.30 at the earliest. Many thanks.
  6. Waverley

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    Thanks so much Astrid, that's really helpful!
  7. Waverley

    RBS Statement on Ballet Competition Culture

    For me, as a parent of two young dancers, it's a welcome statement. I see the limitations and points made above, but at least it's a step in the right direction. Who knows how my childrens' dance journey may go - it may well be over in a few years as they find other interests and activities - but at the moment they both love and want to dance. When we are looking into that for them and discovering what is available in terms of opportunities such as JA's, vocational schools etc, it can be disheartening to read about the way things seem to be going at the other end of the spectrum. I guess it's a good reality check though. Anyway, to me it's a step in the right direction. And gives me some comfort that taking things slow and fun and safe and not getting carried away by the 'instagram' style of things is the right way to go for us.
  8. Saw this on Instagram and thought it may be of interest to some of us: https://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2018/11/07/ballet-competition-culture-are-we-putting-young-dancers-at-risk/
  9. Waverley

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    Well unfortunately the Newcastle Insight Day has been cancelled by RBS - we were offered to switch to another location or to have a refund. Unfortunately we just can't make any of the other 'local' dates work and it seems a little excessive to fly to London for one there... DD's teacher agrees so we are going to leave it and just go for the audition in due course. If anyone does make it to an Insight Day it would be really nice to hear about how it went on here!
  10. Waverley

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    Booking is now open for the Insight Days in London, Newcastle, Bath and Birmingham. My DD is booked into the Newcastle one - maybe we will see some forum members there!
  11. Waverley

    RBS JA Insight Days 2018

    I noticed on instagram that RBS are doing Insight Days in two new locations this year - Dundee and Belfast. https://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/participate/insight-days/insight-days-northern-ireland-and-scotland/ The Dundee one would have been closer for us but unfortunately we can't make the date so still hoping to go to the Newcastle one. If anyone else is interested, I contacted RBS to ask when booking for the other centres would be open and was told it should be Monday afternoon (10th).
  12. Waverley

    How to keep up interest in dance when it starts to falter?

    Might be time to think about a different dance school... It's a tricky one but she might have outgrown what they can offer her. I think being part of a dance school where there are good numbers of teenage girls and boys doing upper and vocational grades is really inspiring for the younger ones and shows what they are working towards...
  13. Waverley

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    We're definitely going to go to the Newcastle JA insight day (assuming I can get a place when it opens up) so we'll maybe see you there! Glad the teacher was helpful.
  14. Waverley

    How to keep up interest in dance when it starts to falter?

    I think for me it would depend on how much of it is ballet specific and how much of it is tiring of dance in general. I think that if she is still loving jazz and tap, and wants to dance in general, I'd probably insist on keeping up one 45 min ballet class as the technique is so important and helps with all dance styles. At my childrens' dance school, doing one ballet class is pretty much essential if you're doing anything else by about age 9 (younger kids might get away with just doing tap or jazz but by 8/9 you'd be expected to be doing ballet too). I think this is a pretty common age to start thinking ballet is 'boring' as it can - sometimes - be slow and repetitive. I've certainly heard a few similar complaints from DD's friends, but they seem to just accept it's part of doing dance and often start to enjoy it a lot more as the years go on. Having said all that, if she's unhappy then she's unhappy and its meant to be a fun hobby after all...
  15. Waverley

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    I also have a 7 year old and would echo what others have said above. I think doing an extra grade class is the best start and then speak to her teacher about whether there are any other supplemental classes within the dance school. My DD is now doing a mixed-level, non-syllabus class once a week in addition to her Grade 1 and 2 exam classes and she loves it as it's just a bit different and 'free'. She also goes to a couple of competition focused classes where the emphasis is on learning routines for competitions/festivals - you may or may not what to go down that road (and it may not be an option within your dance school) but my DD finds it great fun and at the end of the day it's all more dance. We are hoping to go to the RBS Junior Associate Insight Day which is coming up in October - I haven't been before but as others have said it sounds like a great chance to experience what JA's would be like and - for us - it will show what the journey to our nearest centre would be like in practice. The dates are on the RBS website but booking isn't open yet.