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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a ticket for Don Q on the 16th of February. I'll answer here or via PM. Thank you
  2. I definitely agree with this statement. Leaving out the 'happy' dance in the variation of Nykia's death does make it lose some meaning. I do love Nureyev version too. But I bet Nunez and Osipova together can make us forget about those missing parts.
  3. Of course. I was asking outside of those things. I've only seen Nela's Giselle on DVD. I love her interpretation so much. Here, I really wonder about the dynamic between the both of them. As anyone seen Marianela as Nikya yet?
  4. Thank you for uploading this. I can't wait to see La Bayadère. However, I was wondering how 'set in stone' is this casting announcement? I know that once it's on the website they don't change the cast, except if injuries happen. I am not from the UK and I'm thinking about planning a trip to London this autumn. Seeing Nunez and Osipova in the same production got me all excited!
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