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  1. ImgyA

    BLOCH Belle White Practice Tutu Brand New

    Hi, yes please! Please message me details re. Payment x
  2. ImgyA

    ENBS 2019 Summer School

    I didn't think of this.
  3. ImgyA

    ENBS 2019 Summer School

    Yes, I spoke to the PA this year-- she said live audition or video audition (both are acceptable, no priority given if you go to a live over video). I got some great accommodation 3 mins away on air bnb - booked in March when we had the offer of a place.
  4. Still available
  5. ImgyA

    Black Capezio leotard - child L

    Forgot to add price- £5 postage included
  6. ImgyA

    Capezio Xtra short skirt for sale

    Forgot to add price- £5 postage included
  7. ImgyA

    ENBS 1st year uniform for sale

    I've messaged you about the tutu xx
  8. ImgyA

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    They were there from 10am to 4pm this year.
  9. Gorgeous skirt in x short length. Waist would fit up to a size 8-10 UK. Worn by my 12 Yr old daughter and selling to fund new uniform!
  10. Black Leo with double cross straps. Child 'large' which is age 10-12 In good used condition. Picture here (it's the black one) https://www.capezioeurope.com/double-strap-camisole-leotard-child
  11. Gorgeous romantic tutu for sale, in white. Age 8-10. Good used condition. Can't upload photos but it's on the website here: https://www.dancing-daisy.co.uk/grace-white-romantic-ballet-tutu-dress-age-4yrs---ladies-small-6259-p.asp £8 including postage.
  12. ImgyA

    Ballet Cymru Associates

    Update; DD has just had an email offering her a place on the Senior Associate programme a year young! She's really excited and would love to hear from anyone else who is starting in September.
  13. ImgyA

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    My daughter is currently at ENBss week 4- finishing tomorrow. We found a beautiful b and b a 3 minute walk away from the school. It's cost £250 for 4 nights for 2 of us which I thought was very reasonable for Chelsea. It's actually worked out the same price as a week's residential at RBS would have been. I'm watching the classes tomorrow.
  14. ImgyA

    Ballet Cymru Associates

    That's great to hear, thanks
  15. ImgyA

    Ballet Cymru Associates

    Thanks, Mummy. DD did it today and they did indeed do some improvisation x