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  1. ImgyA

    Wanted--yellow leo

    For a 13yr old girl. Mirella buttercup colour, Gaynor Minden yellow, Collections by Claudia etc. Needed to match a special skirt commission! Thanks in advance xx
  2. I'm not sure they're that comparable - my DD is currently studying Grade 5 Cecchetti (exam in July) and has just started RAD in January - her new teacher has entered her for her intermediate foundation exam in March as she has the technique. With Cecchetti, after grade 6,you can't take the next exam until you're 16 apparently?
  3. Out of interest, at age 15,what grade Cecchetti is your daughter currently studying? Mine does Cecchetti too x
  4. ImgyA

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    Yes, I know that our school would authorise the absence, I just don't see why a summer school should be during term time! I always thought that they were for the holidays. Seems odd to me. I don't think my daughter should have to sacrifice the last 2 weeks of the school year to attend a summer course. Anyway, we didn't apply for this reason - I was just curious as to whether there was an actual reason! ❤️
  5. ImgyA

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    YBSS dates are 13th to 23rd July. This is still in mainstream school term time. Is the summer school more geared towards vocational students who finish earlier?
  6. Wanted for intermediate foundation exam - black. Thanks
  7. ImgyA

    Black Capezio leotard - child L

    Sold. Can't work out how to delete posts!
  8. Brand new. Please message for photos. £11. 50 each Inc. Postage to UK.
  9. In brilliant condition. Black. £13 Inc. Postage to UK.
  10. ImgyA

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    I'm shocked that schools are grouping by age and not ability. My DD has done 7 yrs of ballet and has been the top score in the school in every exam, however she has just started tap and is now dancing with 7 year olds (she's 13). She loves learning at the right level and the younger girls think it's great to be able to help her! Definitely change schools. This one just wants you to fit in with them- they should be offering a G1 class if that's the level your daughter is starting at, regardless of how many students are or aren't at the same level.
  11. ImgyA

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    I've just tried the Indian ink method--they look great and still so shiny! Thanks for the tip x
  12. ImgyA

    Cecchetti grades as compared to RAD / ISTD

    DD does Cecchetti and is currently studying grade 5. Her other teacher who is RAD said she would put her into the Interfoundation class if doing RAD. When DD did an RAD Associate course last year, there seemed to be a disparity of a couple of grades between the two. E. G. DD was working at grade 3 and was put into class with girls doing RAD grades 5/6.